Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Luongo Wears Captain's 'C'

I've gotten a ton of emails about this over the past week. Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo was named captain of his club a week ago. Well that's big news by itself but here's the catch. Goalies aren't permitted to wear the "C" on their jersey.

So how did he get around that rule? That's where it becomes Icethetics news. He put it on his mask.

As you know, Luongo won the goalie mask tournament at NHLToL back in June. I'm considering doing one of those every year. But I'll wait until playoff time. I think I enjoyed that tournament the most out of any we've done.

By the way, the Oilers' third jersey will be up here shortly.


bferrara16 said...

Now if he only took that RBK logo off of it...

flyersk27 said...

It'd look better if he used the canucks logo for the captain C. I crave a mascot tournament really bad. But then again I also want an NCAA logo tourney. w/e plenty of season to do all of those tourneys.

Daniel said...

I was under the impression that the reason a goalie couldn't be captain was because it was time-consuming to have him coming out of his crease all the time to argue a call. Wouldn't that still be an issue?

Ogre39666 said...

@ Daniel
You're right but that's what Mathias Ohlund, Willie Mitchel, and Ryan Kesler are for (they'll be wearing A's). They named Luongo captain because he is the spiritual leader and the biggest locker room presence.

And I love the C on the mask, I feel like it's a big middle finger to the league who, imo, have been unfairly targeting goalies for the last few years.

Bill said...

I don't see any issue with goalies wearing the "C" on their jersey, as long as they understand that they cannot leave their assigned area to argue the ref. The C on the jersey is, well, to put it simply....Icethetics.

Ksy92003 said...

I think this is really clever for Luongo to find a loophole to the rule. Why it has never been brought up before, I don't know.

But one question remains: is he permitted to be an on-ice captain for the Canucks?

uncleben85 said...

good for luongo

but seriously
this whole thing is ridiculous

its only for media attention and all that jazz.

quite silly beyond that.

Bill said...

Uncle Ben.

It may seem that way to you, but the Canucks did this because Luongo is clearly the leader of that team. I think the NHL not allowing him to put the C on is stupid.

hawksg33 said...

Listen to the details of Marty Biron's new mask:

Biron has a new mask that he will unveil early in the season. It plays tricks on the eye because of it's well made art work, but it's being done as an honorarium to the greatest Flyers goalie ever.

Biron's mask is painted like the old Parent mask, which was the inspiration for the mask worn by Jason Voorhees in the slasher film series Friday the 13th.

And, when you look at it from a distance, that's what Biron's mask looks like - The white mask with holes all around to breath, and a simple Flyers logo on the forehead, just like Bernie.

But, a closer look shows a much more intricate design.

For the mask is so well-done artistically, that there are smaller versions of the Bernie mask drawn into the big picture.

It's like that optical illusion with the hourglass and two faces.

Chris, when he unveils this, I suggest you make a post covering it because I can't imagine anything more art/hockey related. I will try to shoot you an e-mail if I notice it when the Flyers open this season.

R.C. said...

Is Luongo goin' to be able to fit that mask over his ever-increasingly swelled head? Are the Canucks begging for a high maintenance goaltender, like Patrick Roy was towards the end of his career. This is coming from a huge habs' fan.

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