Friday, August 22, 2008

IHA Poll: Vancouver Dynamo

Cast your vote and leave a comment about your decision. Then tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Starts Fri Aug 22
Ends Mon Aug 25


VHL 94 Development Team said...

#1 by far. It's the best out of the 3 and it represents Vancouver, and BC with the mountains. :)

PRC. said...

These are some of the best, most original logos we've had for a team in this contest. Kudos to the designers.

Anonymous said...

#3 actually is a dynamo

roccot said...

thanks PRC... mine is option #1

The other ones are very good as well. Good job to those that did them.

Thehurricane said...

hey chris how come we didnt get a new division this week

Jason New Era said...

#1 is good looking. I choose it cause I won't vote for my own. (#3 awesome I made it in two polls! Other one being the comet that made people think of Miami Heat. Sorry it did...)

The only thing is I think it will be hard to put on a jersey. But that's just me.

#2 I mean I get it, but it's kinda boring. No offense to whoever created it.

cartello said...

I think #2 should be the leader in this race! One of the best logos so far!

Hockey Week said...

um...these are some of the WORST logos so far.

none of these, with PERHAPS the exception of #3 is a Dynamo.

I think i would know, my high school's team name is the Dynamos, i grew up with that word.


Anonymous said...

#1 is absolutely fabulous. #2 would make a great second logo also

roccot said...

Hockey Week..

Wiki.. A dynamo, originally another name for an electrical generator, now means a generator that produces direct current with the use of a commutator.

So how is the lightning in #1 not have anything to do with a dynamo?

Sorry about your luck with the brutal team nickname you grew up with.

Hockey Week said...

those are lightning bolts? black and blue lightning bolts? i guess i just completely missed the boat on that one. i wouldn't have seen lightning bolts unless you said something. even tampa bay always has the lightning in white.

you're going to have to explain #2's relevance also. the ship in the D is genius...but i see no connection to the name.

as for my team's name, we're always included in "weirdest high school nicknames" lists, so we like it. considering we're an itty bitty town that powers most of western PA, it fits us.

Sukhraj said...

awww logo didnt make it, oh well. All logos look great, but i went with number 1.

Endless Mike said...

I voted for number 3 because it actually shows a dynamo.

jondp_83 said...

I thought that these were some of the best logos thus far. I like #2; I think it looks nice and has a tiny bit of a retro feel (Sometimes I get sick of all the logos of whatever latest trend is passing through). I voted #1 though because I thought it better represented a team called "Dynamo." Sorry, but #3 just doesn't do it for me visually.

S.D. said...

#2 is a fantastic logo for a team that isn't called "Dynamo". Given the team name, though, I just couldn't vote for it.

As for #1, I know what it's supposed to be, but what it actually looks like it a pair of breasts painted on the blade of a circular saw.

#3, on the other hand, actually has a Dynamo. It's not a great logo, but it's about the best that you can do given the name. So I went with it.

canucklehead said...

I voted for #3. I didn't have anything against #1; I just thought that #3 would look better on a jersey with it's simpler design which I thought gave it a stronger look.

Drew Bar-Fridge said...

2nd logo reminds me of molson export

Anonymous said...

I saw #1 and instantly saw waves and mountains.

#2, like someone else mentioned, I get the idea and it's well laid out, but a little drab

#3 is nice and simple, and yes it's it a dynamo, but at the same time, a little lack-luster IMO. Great secondary though.

... for me it's #1 all the way.

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