Friday, August 22, 2008

Project: IHA Central

First, if you have no idea what the Icethetics IHA Project is then click here to get caught up.

Second, I apologize for the delay in getting you the final division. I've been a little preoccupied what with working at a television station that did 14 hours of continuous live coverage of Tropical Storm Fay. The worst is past us now but it just keeps dropping tons of rain here. Quite an ordeal.

Now, you've seen the Atlantic, West, Northeast, Pacific and Great Lakes Divisions. Today we move on to the final division — Central. Remember, your job is to take the name and colors and create an identity for a hockey team from scratch. Have fun with it!

You guys have been coming up with some great logos as you've seen with the first few divisions. This week we've been voting on Pacific Division logos. Next week will be the Great Lakes. I may wait an extra week before doing this division just because I posted the names and colors so late.

Here are the final five teams of the IHA!


CHICAGO TIGERS / Chicago, Illinois
yellow (ECB90A), blue (0A58A0) and grey (CCCCCC)

MANITOBA THUNDER / Winnipeg, Manitoba
white (F0F0F0), navy (03055C) and dark grey (404040)

MILWAUKEE CRUSADERS / Milwaukee, Wisconsin
yellow (E2A500), red (AA0606) and white (F0F0F0)

MINNESOTA MILLERS / Bloomington, Minnesota
brown (90906A), green (037703) and black (202020)

ST. LOUIS SPIRIT / St. Louis, Missouri
blue (465FA8), red (B40000) and white (F0F0F0)

I've supplied colors in hexadecimal format. Should you need RGB conversion, here's a decent resource. By the way, you aren't tied to the exact colors here. Feel free to alter them a little if need be. But please shy away from the standard colors like total black or total white or total red. Remember, be different! As similar as it might be to the NHL, it's not the NHL!

Once again, follow these guidelines when submitting your original IHA artwork or it probably won't have a chance at being a finalist (there, I said it):
  • Don't steal artwork. You guys have gotten better about this but I'm still saying it. This is supposed to be where you let your own creativity shine through. Send in something original!

  • Submit three (3) logos: primary, secondary and wordmark. Use a white background. If your logo requires a white outline (think Lightning or Capitals), then use a gray background with the white outline included.

  • Submit vector art if possible. I will accept .ai, .psd and .pdf files. If you cannot submit vector art, you must be able to provide high quality raster art in .jpg or .png files. No .bmp files, PLEASE!

  • Try to stick to the assigned colors. Change them only if you deem it necessary and then explain why you made the change. Remember, the "fans" chose these colors and they're who you're working for in the end.

  • Email them to with IHA in the subject line. Please include your first and last name (it will not be posted). Please also submit your nickname which will be public if you don't want your real first name used.

  • By submitting your own original artwork to the email address above, you agree to grant permission of its use for online or print publication by Icethetics. Do not watermark your logos or they will not be considered.

  • And finally, be prepared to accept feedback and criticism of all kinds!

As always, you can email me questions directly or post them in the comments area. Start designing your logos! I look forward to seeing what you all come up with!


Sukhraj said...

The team names are alright. My favourite one is Manitoba Thunder! Cant wait for that team.

Mykl and Kevin said...

coool coool like the names

and it should be spirit of st louis

like the might ducks of anaheim

Anonymous said...

Swap Milwaukee with Buffalo and rename the Great Lakes: the Military Division.

Sabres Persuasion said...

CC, if buffalo were the crusaders, I think I might have to kill myself.

I am content with being the Bison, thank you very much.

Jason New Era said...

Manitoba Thunder
St. Louis Spirit

I'll be coming up with something for those two if I have time. Love the names!

What the hell is gonna be made for the Millers? A beer can? Ugh...

Crusaders? I'm done with the war theme.

Chicago Tigers isn't bad, but I wouldn't know what to do with them...

Also Chris, if you're reading this, are you going to show the winners like you did with the first division for the others? I didn't know if you forgot or just decided to wait.


NHL Jeff said...

So, Jason, you think it is easier to make a logo for a team called the thunder (an intangible) than for a team called the tigers? uh...ok.

Leafers LP said...

Someone wanna explain the Minnesota Millers so that it actually seems like a good choice? I don't get it.

I like St. Louis Spirit and Milwaukee Crusaders a lot.

Jason New Era said...

NHL Jeff,

Not that I can make one easier or anything, I just meant I got a lot of ideas.

Tigers are Tigers... It's been done. And what do Tigers have to do with Chicago?

*Shrug* I just got more ideas. That's all.

Anonymous said...

A miller is someone who does mill work right? Like a cabinet maker, doors or windows?

Resist The Machine. said...

Here you go Leafers:

Make of it what you want, this one's a head-scratcher.

ali said...

NHL jeff, u jst made my day

llp02 said...

I live in the Twin Cities, and the name makes a bit of sense. There ARE a bunch of flour mills on the Mississippi River.

Anonymous said...

so... AMERICAN, STARS, PATRIOTS, CAPITALS, AND NOW THE SPIRIT??? wayyyyy tooo many patriotic teams imo.

Webhamster said...

@ mountymatt81

I wouldn't take St. Louis Spirit as a "patriotic" name per se. Charles Lindbergh flew the first solo trans-Atlantic flight in a plane called "The Spirit of St. Louis". I hope somebody does a logo reflecting that as the source of the name. I would be crazy not to.

Anonymous said...

I like St. Louis' name. I hope the winning logo has something to do with Lindbergh's flight as well Webhamster.

Leafers LP said...

Anyone notice that the Millers would be playing in Bloomington, Minnesota? I'd expect Minneapolis or St. Paul's way before Bloomington, which I've never heard of.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the St.Louis Spirit is a refrence to the old ABA team Spirits of St.Louis? Just a thought

carpandean said...

With all of the talk before his extension signing, I figured we'd see the Michigan Millers:

CammaD said...

Hey Chris, im just wondering when you are going to unveil the final logos like you did for the atlantic for the west.

llp02 said...

Leafers, Bloomington is the city the Mall of America is in. It's just in between Minneapolis and St. Paul, and about 20 minutes (about 15 miles) driving distance from the Xcel Energy Center, so it's a very reasonable place to put it.

Zach said...

Also, Leafers and llp02, the old Met, where the North Stars played was located in Bloomington, coincidentaly, where a secondary parking lot for MoA is now located.

HockeyLister said...

I submitted a logo for the Manitoba Thunder. It's hard to try and do something different, like stay away from Zeus or Thor (gods of thunder). And with the preset colour scheme it's hard not to think of the Tampa Bay Lightning. We'll see what happens.

Kirky said...

I did Manitoba too,
and i got a little "canadian" inspiration, if you will, from the Manitoba Moose logo (not copying it)

Vlad said...

Minneapolis originally grew around the grain milling industry. Bloomington is a suburb just south of Minneapolis proper. But the mills are NOT in Bloomington because it's not on the river. However, the teams called the Minnesota Millers (not Bloomington Millers) so it's OK.

Jason New Era said...

I am going to submit my Manitoba logo as well. I think it takes a little of the TB Lightning, but I am trying to make something out of an Intangible like NHL Jeff said. So it's there, but not the most promenant thing in the logo.

Jeff said...

Minneapolis' nick name is "The Mill City" hence the old Minor League baseball team from before the Minnesota Twins named "The Minneapolis Millers"...they played in Bloomington where the Twins eventually made their home.

Also, the North Stars stadium was in Bloomington, where the Mall of America is now.

Leafers LP said...

Interesting how there's only two teams with a state/province name, and they're both in the same division.

Scott said...

Hopefully the Manitoba Thunder will do better than OKC Thunder. HORRIBLE New logo!

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