Monday, October 13, 2008

IceHL: Pacific Preview

The IceHL project is really starting to get interesting. Last night I accepted the final logo for submission for the Pacific Division. I'm very impressed with some of what I've seen. In all, 42 eligible logo sets were submitted. Today I'm going to give you a sneak peek at all of them.

Below are the primary logos from each set. When the ratings begin, you will see the entire set of logos in full detail along with the artist's credit.

ALASKA HUSKIES (12 eligible logos)

CALIFORNIA WAVE (9 eligible logos)

PORTLAND PIONEERS (6 eligible logos)

SEATTLE AVIATORS (10 eligible logos)

VANCOUVER LUMBERJACKS (5 eligible logos)

Obviously the Huskies were the most popular team to design a logo for. I'm not sure if that's because of its name or because it was first on the list. The Lumberjacks got the fewest entries. But overall, I feel each team has at least one or more very strong potential logos.

Starting this weekend, there will be a week long rating period — just like the name ratings — followed by a week long poll of the top 3 rated logos. This way we can make sure the logo you guys really want gets used.

If you do not see your logo here, one of two things happened. Either your submission was ineligible based on one or more of the reasons I outlined when I began taking submissions — or your email failed to get to me. I will entertain questions via email. Questions in the comments area will be ignored.


bpc89 said...

that first Seattle one looks bad ass!

a snowballs chance.... said...

here's the ones i like:

11th huskies
1st wave
5th pioneers
1st aviators
3rd lumber jacks

xtrarant said...

Am I the only person who absolutely HATES teams who make their name an abstract concept rather than a plural of something?

The "wave"? the "extreme"? the "thunder"? The XFL called - they want their lame back. Those sorts of names always sound so bush league to me.

Looking forward to seeing these logos though. I do love me some good graphic design. Should be fun!

Hockey Week said...

ok, ok, crazy idea here. now that these logos are unveiled, people are going to get more ideas. now, extend the deadline for one week, and allow new submissions, so we can get something perfect

Vic DiGital said...

--- "The XFL called - they want their lame back."

Heh. Brilliantly said.

JacketFan58 said...

I have to say, although I hate the name Wave, the logos are sharp. The 3rd and 5th are excellent. Overall, they might have the best bunch.

Love Huskies #2, Seattle #1, and Vancouver #4 (but not a fan of the color.) I really like Portland #5, but that doesn't say Pioneer IMO.

Chris said...

ok, ok, crazy idea here. now that these logos are unveiled, people are going to get more ideas. now, extend the deadline for one week, and allow new submissions, so we can get something perfect

Wow. Tell me you didn't just suggest I extend the deadline so that people who put time, thought and effort into this can have their work ripped off by less imaginative people.

I know that's not what you're saying, Hockey Week, but that's how it comes off. Not even a remote possibility. These sets are final. Ratings will begin this weekend.

bw said...

The last of the Portland ones is the Pittsburgh Pirates "P" with a Davy Crocket hat. Don't know if that counts as ripping off another logo. And I hate bringing it up, because it is one of the best in that group

Also, the fourth Lumberjacks one, looks like an attempt at the Vancouver Giants logo, in my opinion.

a snowballs chance.... said...

I hope that the logos submitted for the Pacific Division will inspire others to join in the creation process as well so we'll have more to options to choose from. I look forward to what people will develop by the 25th for the Chicago Hitmen, Detroit Motorheads, Milwaukee Lagers, Minnesota Mammoths and St. Louis Archers.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it'd be better if he said you should extend the deadline only for the people who already submitted logos chris and they can slightly alter their own logos from icethetic reader comments and suggestions before voting time. But even that tampers with the idea of creativity/originality.

Jason New Era said...


It looks very similar but it isn't. There isn't as many spikes as the Pirates logo.

Can't wait to see them larger though. So hard to see detail with them so small.

Awesome sets guys!

Anonymous said...

First and Fourth Huskies are really nice but the first one looks like the NIU Huskies logo sort of.

The first and fifth wave are totally B.A. designs they are nasty.

Fifht pioneers

Last aviators.

Idk for the lumberjacks i wish there were more to choose from...

Marty said...

It's interesting how all the Huskies designers picked more or less the same colors (black, white, blue/purple) and that all but one of the Pioneers designers based theirs around orange. I like the fourth Jacks logo--it does remind me of the Vancouver Giants but it also reminds me of the Johnny Canuck logo the Canucks sort of use.

cptjeff said...

I like the 9th Huskies,
7th wave
Pioneers I won't say since I submitted a logo for that one,
1st Seattle
4th Lumberjacks

Anonymous said...

My choices:

the 1st huskies (love the star touch to the top left of it's head)

the 3rd wave logo (trident is a nice touch)

the 5th pioneers logo (one of the best I've seen)

the 1st aviators logo (it's freakin cool)

the 2nd lumberjacks (not to many to chose from)

cptjeff said...

5th pioneers logo is very cool looking, but way too complicated to be a good logo if you ask me. But then again, I am biased against it.

Seeing the whole sets should be fun though.

The Kyle said...

Jason New Era...

Yeah, it is the exact same P from the Pirates cap.

Good to finally see some logos for this thing. I couldn't bring myself to rate the names for every team, it was so boring and after a while they all sounded so bad. Only mustered off rating the Detroit names.

Anonymous said...

I need to see enlarged versions to truly pick my favourites.

Anonymous said...

Even if that "P" is the same as the Pirates' logo, that still wouldn't disqualify it (courts have rules over and over again that you can't trademark the alphabet or any fonts-or any combinations). Otherwise, the Chicago Bears and Cincinnati Reds would have a LOOOOONG court case.

Mark said...

These are all for the most part excellent, excellent logos.

But the Lumberjacks are rather middling...but given the name, I guess that's just how it's gonna be.

Anonymous said...

These are amazing logos. Great job to all who participated.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, what programs are used to create these logos, or are these just drawn and then scanned.

cptjeff said...

I use gimp, other use photoshop or illustrator. It would be virtually impossible to draw then scan something and make it look this professional.

Anonymous said...

well actual designers use adobe illustrator for logos. They need to because it is the only worthwhile vector based program. Gimp and Photoshop produce crappy raster based images which means they pixelate when blown up.

Anonymous said...

I would have to say, the 5th pioneers logo might be my favorite out of all 5 teams. I really love it, and props to the creator.

Leafers LP said...

Great logos. And that's without even seeing a detailed version. I've got to start making logos myself for the upcoming divisions. I think I'll vote for the logos and sets that could even fit in to the NHL. Classy looks usually work.

Chris, I know I already did this before with Montreal, but I feel I need to do it again. I'm only asking for your true opinion and I'll be fine. I submitted names for the Salt Lake City team earlier, and those were Salt Lake City Ghouls and Salt Lake City Phantoms. I find it hard to believe that "Speed", which has been been used dozens of times already, is a better quality name, or even Extreme, Fog, Blizzard, Oxen, or Union. No offense to any of the creators of those names.

I just don't get it, that's all. Just when I think I've thought of something original that works, some other mediocre name makes it through, but not mine.

Again, good looking logos up there, can't wait to see the full sets.

!!OILERS!! said...

how do you design logos??

!!OILERS!! said...

oh nvm

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think the first Huskies may be ripped from the NIU Huskies logo here

I was going to vote for it cause i like the star but not anymore.

Ian said...

Yeah, that one Lumberjacks one is a total rip off of the Vancouver Giants

Anonymous said...

all really good logos. but they have nothing to do with hockey. i can see them on other sports logos exept a hockey jersey

Ogre39666 said...

@ mountymatt81:
you're entitled to your opinion, but tell me, what is it about the Red Wings, Canadians, or Blackhawks logo (all widely regarded as the best in the NHL) that scream "hockey" to you?

Ksy92003 said...

all really good logos. but they have nothing to do with hockey. i can see them on other sports logos exept a hockey jersey

A logo doesn't have to incorporate a hockey stick or puck to be a good hockey logo. In fact, I don't like teams like the Sharks and Panthers that think that to be a good logo, their mascot has to break a stick in two.

Ksy92003 said...

@ Ogre39666

I was about to comment about the Red Wings, Canadiens, and Blackhawks logos myself until I saw you did. Some of the best logos have nothing to do with hockey. I think the Blues are also worth noting in that conversation. I would say the Avalanche as well, but they do have the puck hid there in such a subtle manner.

Anonymous said...

Really good logos here. What programs were used to make these, do you know?

Wozniak said...

Huskies: 1 and 9
Wave: 1, 2, 5, and 7
Pioneers: 5

Aviators and Lumberjacks, none really stand out

!!!Oilers!!! originally asked how to design a logo...its like designing anything else. Take the name, consider all imagery that would go with it. Take the city and any team history and consider the imagery from that as well. Do some research and sketches to get a more refined ideas. Narrow it down do a couple and just tweak things till it looks right.
Colors are more or less a toss up and will often direct what design you choose. Look for 2-3 colors + white and pick colors that work well together (theres a whole lot of color theory behind that) and give you a good contrast.

it seems easy and for some logos it will be. you'll have that instant lightbulb turn on and you'll fly through it. others will take a while and require a good deal of research to get something that's workable.

As for Programs, i recommend Adobe Illustrator. its pretty easy to pickup the basic stuff.

Fanboy Dave said...

Wow Tim Hunter is one angry dude.

The requirements were very straight-forward, and Chris usually mentions something when he receives the art.

Looking forward to seeing all the logos enlarged.

Damme said...

My faves:

Huskies #11
Wave #4
Pioneers #5
Aviators #1
Lumberjacks #2

roccot said...

Be nice if they were displayed with a much lighter shade of grey for the background. All the logos across the site loose their 'pop' when displayed this way. I don't think we get a true representation of the colours with the special effects added to the logo itself. The shadow is good but the emboss/highlight not so much.

Great logos... especially the ones for the wave. #5 likely the best of the division.

Ronn Roxx said...

I wish the logos were bigger, so I could see them better, but...

Alaska Huskies - favorites are; 1, 6 and 10

California Wave - favorites are; 2, 3 and 5

Portland Pioneers - favorites are; 5 and 6

Seattle Aviators - favorite is 1

Vancouver Lumberjacks - No real favorite, but 2 is kinda funny

*and I agree, Vancouver Lumberjacks logo 4 reminds me a log of the Vancouver Giants

eRay said...

I will obviously wait to see all of these blown up, but I am starting to pull out some of my favorites. As a designer that has 2 logos in this crop, I must say everyone did great. Some of my favorites aren't the same as everyone else's, but we all have different tastes. These are the ones that I think would work the best, again. judging just off these thumbnails of the primary logo only.
Huskies-#2 or #11
Wave-#2 or #5. In #3 I just wish the Trident had been used to form more of a ‘W’, but maybe in a secondary.
Pioneers-#1 is one I will be waiting to see larger. I think it could be really interesting.
Aviators-#8 it is really clean and simple. I love it.
Lumberjacks-#...I can‘t choose. If nothing else I will just vote for my own. Is that bad etiquette?

Erik said...

2nd Wave, Subtle but deserves do be put on a jersey, and that blue is perfect

The Kyle said...

If anything ever looked like a toilet flushing it's that 2nd Wave logo. 5th Wave logo is the best in the divsion no contest.

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