Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bruins LEAK Third Jersey!

UPDATE (10/28 11:05 AM): Some of the information in this post has changed. This "unveiling" was technically a leak by the team. The official release date for the Bruins' third jersey is November 24. Click here for more info...

According to, the Boston Bruins unveiled their new third jersey tonight at the State of the Bruins event.

The jerseys are basically what was expected — black with the secondary logo on the front and the primary logo on the shoulders. Sound familiar? It's exactly what we saw in the preview back in February.

Here are some pictures from Chris at of Milan Lucic in the new sweater.

credit: Chris @

I find it a little strange that this news comes without any big fanfare. I guess the Bruins wanted to treat their season ticket holders to something special before taking it to the rest of the world.

My thanks to Chris at for the heads up on this news and for posting the great pictures.

When the Bruins post something official on their web site, I'll be sure to let you know.

UPDATE (9/11 9:48 AM): Still no official pictures of the jersey from the Bruins, but they do have a quick little bit on their web site. In an article discussing the State of the Bruins event was the following.

A very special surprise came at the end of the festivities when Milan Lucic walked onto the ice to unveil the Bruins new third jersey. ... A touched Lucic said, “I love you, too” after being lauded by the crowd when he entered the rink.

And despite having a photo gallery from the event online, there are no pictures of Lucic in the third jersey. Still waiting...

UPDATE (9/12 10:20 AM): I've added a photo gallery for the Bruins' new third jersey. Because the Bruins have yet to post anything official, the gallery is currently made up only of photos from Chris at

I'll post more as I find them.


Josh said...

cool! i love days like these :-)

Arenacale said...

I preferred the gold stripe at the bottom, but this by no means looks bad. I'll try to pick one up this year if I can.

Actually, to some extent it would have been cool to have the regular jersey's striping along the bottom, giving it a "Neely/Bourque" era look.

NHL Jeff said...

"I preferred the gold stripe at the bottom, but this by no means looks bad." -Arenacale

Exactly what I was thinking

Anonymous said...

Sweet jersey.

mike2slts said...

Don't like the jersey. Reminds me of those cheap rip off jerseys you buy at like Wal Mart.

Too plain and nothing special about them. Given there regular jersey I think this one falls short.

Chris are you going to do reviews on the jerseys like last summer? I hope you do!

carpandean said...

Kinda ... meh. Nothing exciting. I'm not a fan of that logo and it looks unfinished with no markings (horizontal or vertical striping, etc.) on the body.

Anonymous said...

i think it'd look better with the bear logo from their old thirds personally...i like that they kept it pretty basic and didn't try anything drastic.

Ogre said...

I don't mind anything except the career ending asshole modeling it.

opiatedsherpa said...

This is going to be one hell of a year for third jerseys...

Anonymous said...

"I preferred the gold stripe at the bottom" - I was hoping for no stripe at the bottom...with the black pants it looks pretty slick

I don't really like the B's on the shoulders though

"...the career ending asshole..." - Ogre explain

Glovesave29 said...

To me, all of these jerseys without waist stripes look silly. They remind me of pajamas. If they are going to try to look old school, go all the way - make the middle white stripe a bit thinner than the yellow ones as the team did back in the glory days of Espo and Orr. If they were to do that, these would be fantastic new duds.

Ksy92003 said...

To me, it's nothing truly special and unique. It's nothing that hasn't been done before.

It's not bad, but I'm not a fan of a team bringing in an alternate jersey that's the same background color as a jersey from their regular set. Third jerseys are a chance to re-invent the team's look, and this jersey doesn't do it for me.

s-m said...

the guy who said it looked like fake walmart jerseys captured the concept beautifully.

a yellow line at the bottom would have helped a lot.

considering the bruins had the best edge jersey by far, this is a disapointment.

Anonymous said...

color me unimpressed

Resist The Machine. said...

"This is going to be one hell of a year for BLACK third jerseys..."

Fixed it sherpa :)

carpandean said...

They really missed an opportunity to jump on the word-mark bandwagon by bringing back their yellow 1940-1944 jersey with "Bruins" written across the chest. Given the current trend, it was way ahead of its time.

Seriously, though, since this is an updated version of their original logo, they could have gone with something in gold, brown and white, like their original jerseys. Unlike these, there would have at least been something unique about them.

a snowballs chance in hell (formerly Resist The Machine.). said...

Side topic, wonder if TML will have some stripes at the bottom of their 3rds.....

JacketFan58 said...

The logo is sweet. The stripes on the arms could be thinner and there needs to be stripes on the bottom. Without it, it looks like a practice jersey.

cptjeff said...

Way, way too boring. No interesting design elements, no stripe at the bottom- of any sort, something that makes things look a whole lot better if you're doing the monotone look... I don't like the Logo as a primary. Great as a secondary shoulder patch, but not as a primary.

If the Bruins wanted a great third, they should have gone back to the Yellow one they wore in the 60s. Those would be sweet.

Anonymous said...

I think it looks pretty good. I think their regular jerseys are so good, that this one doesnt look as good in comparison. If it had the yellow stripes on the bottom, it would be too similar to the current home jersey. They only thing different would be the switched logos and no yellow on the collar. If they stayed with a yellow third jersey, i think this design would work well, but i like the black.

Leafers LP said...

A snowballs chance in hell - I was wondering the same thing at least a month or so ago. I really hope the Leafs change up the jersey structure a bit, but not making the bottom empty.

I think the Bruins were looking to go for something safe. Although this looks very EDGE, I think they were trying to stay away from too EDGE, hence the removal of the gold stripe. I preferred the stripe as well.

The stripes that are on the arm of this jersey should have been at the bottom, maybe just a white and yellow stripe side by side, touching.

Ogre said...


Lucic likely ended Brian Pothier's career with an elbow to the side of the head.

Gingerbread Mann said...

Well I approve of this jersey. I think it was kind of safe but taking that into consideration, I am duly impressed. Here's to a future Winter Classic appearance and the birth of a brown and yellow alt.

cptjeff said...

Gingerbread Mann, this jersey will probalby stifle any hope of a brown and yellow alt for many years... You realize that right?
And safe it may be in the RBK edge era, but safer would have been a retro uniform. This:
would have been safe, not to mention good and a nice change of pace.

I simply don't see what people like about that Uni. If I was a boston fan, no way I'm buying that thing, especially when the other uniforms are among the best in the league.

carpandean said...

@Gingerbread Mann - I made a brown and yellow concept jersey as a possible third. If Chris doesn't post it, I'll link it here.

mike2slts said...

I think this one would have been sweet. Classic and fits in with the current jersey set:

Gingerbread Mann said...

Carpandean: yes I do. I can dream though, right? :)

IDK, I don't think it looks bad. As I said I do think they could have done a lot.

I don't really love either of those retro sets. Carpandean, I made one too. I'll probably submit it too but it's up now on the Creamerboard if you want to see. I'd like to see yours as well, but basically I think they can make a modern 3rd while keeping pure simplicity and using brown to pay homage to the past. Just my opinion.

carpandean said...

The link that I posted to that third disappeared, so either Chris doesn't like links to other forums or he is planning on posting it.

(I also said in that post that I believe Gingerbread Mann's first comment was supposed to be directed at cptjeff, not at me.)

Gingerbread Mann said...

It actually wasn't directed at anyone. :)

carpandean said...

I meant the first comment in your last message: "Carpandean: yes I do. I can dream though, right? :)", not you first post. ;)

Anonymous said...

meh...just OK

But then again I loved the old Yellow ones they had with the bear on the chest.

I think im the only one

Brian said...

jealousblues: you ARE the only one who liked the pooh bears.

I've seen the concept art for these jerseys and I can say, wait till the finished product is revealed. The numbering and lettering on the back is supposed to be significantly different and makes the overall jersey cooler looking. The official "debut" of the jersey is the Bruins game on november 28th (black friday matinee), but there *should* be an official media "reveal" sometime before then.
It was (after much debate) indeed "leaked" at the state of the bruins event to give something special to the season ticket holders, but it wasn't meant to be the official unveiling.

Peter said...

Interesting logo, but I concur with others that it's too plain, definitely needs the striping along the waist and maybe even contrasting shoulder bars...

Dalen Coolio said...

Not a fan of the logo...

Anonymous said...

anyone who doesnt like jersey is a fool. and whoever said they shouldve put the bear on the fron is an idiot. they did that already and it was disgusting. and if you dont like the logo then you not an old time hockey fan. because it was their original logo from the 20's. why dont you all learn a little about the sport before dumping on the jersey's of the best original six team.....

Anonymous said...

and the dumbass who ran their mouth about lucic. yea i think his name is"ogre" stop being jealous that you cant have a big hitting play whos young and can score goals on your home team

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