Wednesday, September 17, 2008

IHA Final Art: Central

Two weeks ago I began unveiling the winning logo sets for each team in Project: IHA. You saw the final artwork for the Atlantic, West, Northeast, Pacific and Great Lakes Divisions. Last week you voted on logos for the Central Division. The polls are now closed and this is officially the final step of the project.

Below are the logos you selected for the IHA Central. On the left is the team's primary logo. To the right is the secondary and the wordmark is beneath it. Under the graphic is the designer's credit.

Chris S.

Chris S.

Chris S.

A. Thompson


I wanted to mention that the designer of the Tigers, Thunder and Crusaders logo is not me — despite sharing my name. I'm was impressed that these were the first designs he submitted for the project and all of them won their respective votes. Because of that, I thought I'd show you guys a logo he submitted late for the Great Lakes Division. Click here to see his Buffalo Bison design.

To all the winning designers: If you would like your credit changed or a link added, please don't hesitate to let me know. Since you aren't being compensated in any other way for all your work, the least I can do is offer a link to your web site, blog or online portfolio — just in case certain eyes are looking. You never know. However, if you would like to remain anonymous, that's fine too.

And so ends Project: IHA. It was fun, if not controversial at times. We got to see some incredible artwork. I look forward to seeing more from our talented designers for the next project!


JacketFan58 said... was that Bison logo not a finalist. It's smoking!

Chris said... was that Bison logo not a finalist. It's smoking!

Yeah, maybe a little more reading. It was a late submission. Sent in after the final logo had already been determined. But it was good and that's why I mentioned it here.

Mike Phoenix said...

Wow. I'm very glad that you sent stuff in Chris. I knew you would like this site. i cant wait to see your stuff for the upcoming Ground up league.

Jason said...

Strange, I like all the secondaries better than the primaries save for St. Louis.

Wozniak said...

i second Jasons comment.

Anonymous said...

Now way, that bison logo looks closer to GFB's devil's concept than to a bison. It also has the slug tail. I don't like it.

So is there nothing left for the IHA project, or was there a point to all of this and the logos are going to be used somewhere for something?

s-m said...

how about a single page where ALL the logos would be posted (instead of a page for each division) ???

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving us this opportunity, Chris! That process sure was fun!

Hopefully Nicholas is going to be giving us a few updates as to how the league is going in cyberspace-I'd sure like to check up on that!

GoSabres21 said...

chicagos primary looks alot like hartfords but reversed.

Chris said...

how about a single page where ALL the logos would be posted (instead of a page for each division) ???

Right here.

Anonymous said...

Columbus Brigade and Vancouver Dynamo are my favorite two logos out of all the finalists. Most of them are all pretty awesome, especially this division's.

kevin4peace said...

I looked back at all my favourite logos and they were ALL by Roccot. He is my hands down favourite designer for the IHA.

Nathan said...

I agree with kevin4peace. Roccot has the best set of logos of the IHA designers. The only one I think he slipped up on was the Denver Mountaineers. However, it still won so what do I know.

Impulse83 said...

Drop the tail and give that Bison logo to New Jersey.

Matt said...

Chris, does the IHA have a website so we can see how all of these designs are used in the end?

roccot said...

thanks for the props guys!

I disagree with the Mountaineers being my slip up, that honour has to go to my LA Saints one. I feel bad for the guy that gets stuck with that logo for his fantasy team. Maybe I should send him a new one.

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