Thursday, August 14, 2008

IHA Poll: Ottawa Capitals

Cast your vote and leave a comment about your decision. Then tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Starts Thu Aug 14
Ends Sun Aug 17


Anonymous said...

#1 has the most style IMO.

#2, while being a half decent logo, I just can't see a Canadian team, using a star in it's logo... especially when it's larger than the maple leaf.

#3, sorry, but I'm just not a fan.

Resist The Machine. said...

I went with #2 probably b/c I'm a geography geek. It's creative for atlases but not so much on a sweater.

#1 will probably take the poll.

Also, glad to see no more non-finalists; that'll end the squabbles.

Josh said...

I voted for #2 because it is basically the same as the design I submitted, though mine was red and white.

cartello said...

silentnoise1780... it's the New World Order taking over Ottawa.

Mike Phoenix said...

Haha Cartello

chanuck said...

Option #4 none of the above. What up with the leafs colours?

Mike Phoenix said...

( * SIGH * ) at Above.

Anonymous said...

Nothing here really resembles a good sports logo. I may have to jump in on this when I have some free time. I think the color scheme needs to be rethought as well. Kind of dull and boring. Out of the current logos I'd choose #1 for its stylized "O" with the leaf protruding although none relay the msg of "Capitals".

Resist The Machine. said...

@chanuck, check the post about the Northeast teams:

Yes, the originator of the IHA has switched the NHL's Ottawa and Toronto teams colors.

MrDolomite said...

No vote.

ogre39666 said...

Voted #1 mostly because of the inclusion of the "O", and the leaf seemed to "pop" more then the others.
They were all done well though imo.

@ MrDolomite:
Have you voted for any of the IHA polls? lol

Mike said...


I am only speaking for myself, but I know that we all appreciate the work you put into this hobby that's a passion for us all. I am personally sometimes quick to whine, for that I apologize. I'd like to spearhead the no complaining movement here @ Icethetics. I for one visit every day and love to submit art work to add to the collective, we need you Chris! You rock man!


Josh said...

@ Mike

The issue is that it's hard to define what is "complaining" and what is "criticism".

In each IHA division announcement, Chris makes sure to put that everyone should be "prepared to face criticism of any kind" or something along those lines. This is because he appreciates criticism.

In doing so, he also invites criticism upon himself, which is a good thing. Therefore this "no complaining" movement wouldn't work because criticism is welcomed here whereas complaining isn't. When I post something that some could call complaining, I simply see it as criticism. Criticising something like the IHA project is generally constructive, as it gave birth to the upcoming "ground up" contest. Also, it could help Chris to come up with a better system than picking three winners himself and making the rest non-finalists, since that caused the most issues. Maybe now we will get to help pick the finalists, then vote on them? This would make more people happy and also save Chris from this so-called "complaining"

So therefore, I am against this "no complaining" movement, simply because its impossible to differentiate between complaining and criticism, and criticism is a good thing.

Mike said...


So someone complaining that their logo didn't make the top 3 is a form of criticism? If this project or future projects are affected negatively by a few people this is a problem. I just think that at this point Chris needs our support.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm Nicolas, the reader that contributed with Icethetics to create the project.

First, you may have noticed that I have yet to comment on any of the previous posts. The reason is that we had decided that Chris was to have full control over the project and that I would therefore remain behind.

With that said, I have decided to give you the chance to contact me if you have questions/comments/complaints on the IHA. Therefore, if you have any feedback, feel free to email me at and I will do my best to answer.

Even though the comments have mostly been negative, I think that the project has been going well. The quality of the logos is very good and most importantly, it has been very fun to follow, and that is the main purpose.

I will not comment on Icethetics again. You have my email, and I will gladly answer any respectful feedback. The project is not over yet, but I will take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated and helped make it so interesting. Most of all, I want to thank Chris for his fantastic work and dedication.


Resist The Machine. said...


Since you won't post here again and you'll probably be flooded with emails, I just want to say that this project has been fun but has had a lot of shortcomings. I can't wait until this is over with and hope that Icethetics does not go through this process again. On the contrary, I am looking forward to Icethetics fantasy hockey league though as we, the blog readers, will have more input than what was handed down to us.

- Resist The Machine.

Guilherme said...

well, now I'm sad... okay, Chris is tired of the site (understandable), so he's going to post less... right

but to change the voting system just like that? maybe Chris should warn us first... but it's okay, I'm not complaining

it's just that, being an amateur in design, I'd hope to hear some comments on my PowerPoint-made logo, which looks dull but I think it have a nice idea

here it is, if you could comment, please

(sorry for the english, I'm from Brazil)

Resist The Machine. said...

Guilherme, you're joking right? Your logo is amateurish at best. A few flaws: The text in the circle, is way off and why use the Canadian flag when it does not match the specified colors?

Chris, I really hope that this is not a recurring trend where people STILL post their logos that didn't make the top three.

Mike Phoenix said...

Guilherme. Sorry man but i have to say that i dont really like your design. To me i feel like just putting diffrent images together is the CUT & PASTE of the digital art world. but Given that you are just starting. I just really have one thing to really lead you in the right direction and that is to Get out of Power Point and get into Illustrator Or even Corel Draw. Power point is for Business people that think they know how to design yet have not a clue what there doing. I work for a printing company here in canada and everytime i get a PPV file it makes me wonder how am i going to get this printed right. anyhow keep working at it and one day you will notice your getting better and push your self to make more complex stuff.

Stefan said...

I just have to say a few things. First I understand a bit what Chris is going through. I run a fantasy hockey league with many of my friends. It's a keeper league which means each year people keep 6 players on their team. It is suppose to be a fun little competition between friends. However, each year there a many complaints about some thing or another, and only this last year has marked the first in league history that the last place team hasn't quit saying "I don't like it anymore" even though they may have gotten first the year before.
Also, there is a difference between criticism and complaining. Criticism should be constructive. Although, negative it should be intended to inform someone or some party how to improve their actions. Where as complaining is being negative for no other reason then to vent, or just negatively impact the emotions of a third party. That being said I think we should be allowed to criticize some aspects of what is displayed on this site. However, we should not just complain or flame the forum because we personally do not agree with the colour choice, or final version choice that has been presented. This is a fantasy branding so the teams are NOT the NHL teams, so STOP commenting on their colours and how they do not match the cities because they are not suppose too. I love the Canadiens, their symbol, and their colours. However, if I was making up my own team name, colour and symbol, for a team in Montreal I wouldn't just stick to them just because the NHL does it a certain way.
That's my two cents.

Guilherme said...

@Mike Phoenix: thanks for the advice. it's my first design, so I really didn't hope to be complimented, and opinions and advices like yours is what I'd hoped to get

@Resist The Machine: I would thank you, but you express your opinions awfully. you didn't like it, ok, but you didn't have to be so rude. that's really not a way to comment on somebody's first work, as ugly it might be, it really desencourages people to try again. and for the Canadian flag, well, it's called the Capitals, isn't it? man, I'm not joking, my design was not just "goof around", and you think twice before posting, 'cause your comment is for a real person on the other side of the web

sorry for the long post, and thanks for the comments. I didn't post it because I thought I could be a finalist, but because wanted to hear some opinions
(sorry for the bad english, I'm from Brazil)

Resist The Machine. said...

Guilherme, I stand by my comment and criticism of your logo even if it means pointing out the finer errors on your concept.

S.D. said...

I haven't done this before, but this time I'm going to have to echo MrDolomite and say "No Vote". The idea of a maple leaf for the Ottawa Capitals seems very uninspired to me, and since there are no other options, I don't feel inclined to vote for any of them.

Part of the problem is that the name "Capitals" doesn't really lend itself to very good logos. Consider the NHL team in Washington. The only really good logo they've ever had was the capitol dome logo they had on their black jerseys before the most recent change (the eagle logo would have been good for a team named the Eagles, but not for a team named the Capitals). I'd suggest a logo based on the Capitol building in Ottawa, but I don't think it's as iconic as the Capitol building in Washington. The only noteworthy feature on it is the clock tower, and that just looks like a Big Ben wannabe.

Still...surely someone submitted a logo for the Ottawa Capitals that wasn't just a maple leaf and an O? It would have been nice to see one.

Anonymous said...

That 3rd one looks really familiar. I thought it was Baseball Canada ( ), but maybe not. I thought I saw it in the Olympics.

FYI: I thought the maple leaf was a crutch but Canada Basketball's leaf is interesting:

Otherwise, try something alluding to Parliament Building or the guards.

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