Sunday, September 21, 2008

From The Ground Up: South Names

The five markets with the most votes to be included in the South Division of our fantasy hockey league are final. Over 4,000 individual votes were cast in the poll.

Here, I'm outlining those markets (alphabetically) along with the acceptable locators (listed below) for your team name nominations — which I'll begin accepting today by comment only.

  • DALLAS, Texas
    Texas | Dallas | Fort Worth | Irving

  • DENVER, Colorado
    Colorado | Denver | Boulder

  • HOUSTON, Texas
    Texas | Houston | Beaumont | Galveston

  • NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana
    Louisiana | New Orleans | Baton Rouge | Shreveport

    Utah | Salt Lake City | Salt Lake


Submit your team name nominations by leaving a comment below. Email submissions will be discarded. I will accept nominations for one week at which point new comments on this post will be closed. Up to 20 name submissions that fit within the following parameters will be included in the name selection process which will begin next weekend.

If you want your submission included, DO NOT:
• use any name that has already been selected for this project.
• use the name of any current or past NHL or WHA team.
• use the name of any current AHL or ECHL team.
• use the name or close variation of any current or past professional sports team within the same market or geographical area.
• use the name of any team from Project: IHA.
• use any name that would be considered vulgar, obscene or in any way inappropriate. (Sorry, this is my call.)

If you decide to use a locator not already on the list above, be prepared to have it discarded. I'm not setting that in stone as a restriction, but I'm also not guaranteeing I'll include anything not on the list. Sorry for all the restrictions but sometimes you have to "guide" originality.

It was suggested that when submitting names you also submit a short reasoning for that name. I won't require that but I will recommend it since it might help your submission get votes later on if folks know where you got your idea.

Don't forget to make your submissions for the Southeast Division. You have until September 27.

Start submitting!


Mykl and Kevin said...

Dallas Cyclones
Denver ?
Houston ?
New Orleans Gators
Utah Hornets/Sting

Canis said...

Texas Trix (aka, Hat Tricks)
Texas Twisters (Tornado alley babee)
Texas Steers (lol, think Full Metal Jacket)

Colorado Bighorns (for the indigenous sheep of the Rockies)
Denver Dynamo
Boulder Flatirons (for the rock formations of the area)

Houston Shooting Stars (cosmic reference plus state symbol)
Houston Orbits (another cosmic reference)
Houston Heralds (why not? sounds cool)

New Orleans Aces
New Orleans IceGators
Shreveport Sharks
Baton Rouge Brass

Salt Lake Surge
Utah Union

Impulse83 said...

Dallas Brahmas
Denver Alpines
Texas Selects
Louisiana Leprechauns
Salt Lake Mountianeers

Arenacale said...

Dallas Matadors
Dallas Bullfighters
Denver Mountaineers

Houston Apollos

New Orleans Brass
Louisiana Delta Force

Utah Bonnevilles
Salt Lake Speed

Skizzy McB said...

Texas/Houston/Dallas Armadillos

There are so many in texas that they call them the texas speed bumps)

Skizzy McB said...

...In my opinion "Houston Armadillos" sounds the best but I wanted to give all three options.

Marc said...

Texas Longhorns
Denver Goldiggers
Houston Astronauts
Louisiana Bayous
Utah Pilgrims or
Utah Extreme (for the Mountains)

David said...

Texas University Longhorns.

David said...

Ft. Worth Assassins
Colorado Miners (I like Goldiggers, but think about young women with old men...)
Houston Tycoons (2nd most Fortune 500 companies in the U.S.)
New Orleans Flood
Utah Polygamists (What else do they have going for them?)

motleybrent said...

Dallas Armadillos
Houston Hurricanes
New Orleans gators

And can we please not put the word "ICE" in front of every team nickname like the CHL does down here. Austin Ice Bats, Corpus Christi IceRays.....those are stupid names. Almost as stupid as teams whos nicknames dont end with an "S".

ben said...

Texas Outlaws

Denver Mountaingoats

Houston Saturns (named for saturn IV rocket)

New Orleans Riverboats

Salt Lake Swish (skiing reference)

ben said...

sorry i meant saturn V rocket

Bulldogx2010 said...

Dallas Stampede

Denver Yetis

Houston Hornets

New Orleans Masquerade (after Mardi Gras)

i got nothin for SLCity

John Gagnon said...

Texas Sheriffs
Colorado Wake
Houston LoneStars
New Orleans Royals
Utah Miners

Canis said...

I would agree with you motleybrent but in the case that I suggested "IceGators" it is a bit more than Ice(fillintheblank)...Do I really need to spell it out? OK, I will just in case "iceskaters" "ice-gators". Do you need more?

NHL Jeff said...

* DALLAS Desperados

* Denver Summit

* HOUSTON Hornets



timhuntersnose said...

New Orleans Spirits- Voodoo n all that jazz

Dallas Giants- Everythings bigger in Texas, you could incorparate "Big Tex" the texas state fair mascot into the logo , itd be pretty dang cool

Houston Apollo- named after the Apollo project
its a gnarly name and could have a wicked logo

Denver Prospectors- After gold prospectors during the gold rush , those little chubby guys with cool hats and a pick axe.
or the Denver Rush- After the gold rush

Utah Buzz- The Beehive State!

.bob. said...

Dallas Danger
Dallas Destiny

Colorado Cliffs

Houston Heat

Louisiana Lobsters
Louisiana Liberals
Louisiana Liberties

Rafay said...

Dallas Devils
Denver Icedogs
Houston Hornets
New Orleans Jazz
Salt Lake Serpents

Bill said...

Texas Twisters
Denver Yetis
Houston Bucks
Louisiana Levees
New Orleans Beads
Utah Ta-Ta's

Marty said...

Dallas Steers
Denver Rush
Houston Cosmos
New Orleans Zydeco (musical style)
New Orleans Streetcars
Salt Lake Honeybees

Artibeus said...

Utah Rocky Elks

paploo said...

Denver Big Foots
Denver Sasquatch - although it normally is referenced to BC and stuff, I think it still works with Colorado... it makes sense with the lay out of the state, with the Rockies and large patches of forests.

mburmy said...

Dallas Doom
Dallas Dragons
Dallas Dynamite
Dallas Shooters
Fort Worth Blaze
Fort Worth Phoenix
Fort Worth Riders
Texas Traction
Texas Xtreme (TeXtreme for short)

Boulder Breakers
Boulder Bulls
Boulder Stampede
Colorado Chill
Colorado Conquest
Colorado Condors
Denver Diesel
Denver Demolition
Denver Impact
Denver Dynamo

Houston Captains
Houston Cadets
Houston Galaxy
Houston Invaders
Houston Voyagers

Baton Rouge Bengals
Baton Rouge Bombers
Louisiana Dauphins
Louisiana Lancers
Louisiana Lions
New Orleans Blues
New Orleans Cajuns
New Orleans Gumbo
New Orleans Jesters
New Orleans Mystic
New Orleans Battleships
New Orleans Fleet
(the above two because my dad's a Navy veteran-he served aboard the USS New Orleans)
Shreveport Buccaneers
Shreveport Swashbucklers
Shreveport Ratchet
Shreveport Shavers

Salt Lake Sting
Salt Lake Swarm
Salt Lake/Utah Oxen
Utah Elders
Utah Mission

Warrior19 said...

mountaineers and miners were iha names.

im gonna puke if the colorado teams locator ends up being boulder

dallas drillers
colorado bighorns (maybe rocky mountain should be added as a locator??? what do you guys think)
houston problems
shreveport sharks is good or maybe new orleans cajuns or something with the french theme

jesse111 said...

Dallas Dessert Dogs
Denver Hills
Houston Heat
New Orleans Storm Watchers
Utah Steam

rugbysevens said...

Fort Worth Regulators
-I'm a native of the Dallas-Fort Worth area and have always wanted to see a team named this. It was the name Billy the Kid's group went by in the Lincoln County (NM) War.) Also works: DFW Regulators, North Texas Regulators, Dallas Regulators, Plano Regulators (Plano is a city of 250,000+ in Dallas and my hometown). Fort Worth is the preference though because though Dallas is the larger city of the market (the market being the 4th largest in the country by population), Fort Worth itself is a top-20 city population wise and a much nicer city culturally.

Denver Pronghorns.
-According to wikipedia, "Pronghorns were brought to scientific notice by the Lewis and Clark Expedition" and are "native to interior western North America."

Houston Generals.
-Would be named for Texas Revolutionary General Sam Houston, who was also a multi-term President of the Republic of Texas.

New Orleans Spirit.
-Name invokes imagery associated with the mythical spirituality of the Cajun lowcountry and can alternatively be used as reflecting the 'spirit' of the region in coming back from Katrina.

Salt Lake City Exiles.
-'Exiles' is a popular name for teams in rugby, hockey's ultra-physical cousin in the sporting world, and can be used to reflect the nature and history of the Mormon settlement of Utah, as Mormons were 'exiled' from mainland America only to build the strong state of Utah today.

*NOTE* I tried to pick names uncommon in the 'Big 4' of American sports and their respective minor leagues to produce a unique feel for the IceHL. Also, I've been creating imaginary teams, leagues, names, etc. as a hobby my entire life and can help with any organizational aspects needed. I've also served as a sports tournament director, commissioner, and organizer in my public life.

jacklegjack said...

Dallas Drakes

Denver Boulders

Houston Space Cowboys

Louisiana Barons

Utah Regalia

thetruespider1 said...

Dallas Rattlers
Denver Icecaps
Houston Hellhounds
Baton Rouge Battalion
Salt Lake Smiths

flyersk27 said...

Texas Rattlesnakes (stone cold steve austin reference) for both dallas and houston doesn't matter, applies to both.

flyersk27 said...

Louisiana Zydeco - folk music that originated in southern louisiana, saw a movie in German class where a fat guy that was a fan of the music traveled to LA from Germany to experience the culture. I see this name as very fitting for this state.

PThind said...

Houston Hard Hats

Guilherme said...

New Orleans Revival
(Creedence Clearwater Revival song Proud Mary, talks about NO / the obvious Katrina reference)

Houston Buffaloes
Houston Submarines
Houston Hunters

Guilherme said...

Louisiana Pelicans

markcanderson said...

Dallas Outlaws
Devner Ice
Houston Scorpions
New Orleans Dukes
Salt Lake City Blizzard

Russell said...

Colorado 14ers

Because Colorado does have the most 14ers... and if you don't know what they are, well they mean the altitude of the peaks of mountains

rugbysevens said...

Colorado already has a team called the Colorado 14ers. They're in the NBADL.

Srini said...

Irving Mustangs (Account of the mustang statue in irving)
or Texas Rattlesnakes

Gulf Coast Admirals (its basically all of houston)

Colorado Corporals

Louisiana Freedom

Salt Lake City Slickers

llp02 said...

Texas Outlaws
Denver Pinnacle
Houston Launch
New Orleans Jazz

seejay14 said...

Dallas Destroyers
Denver Demons
Houston Hornets
New Orleans Blues
Salt Lake City Scorpions

Anders Åke Albin Sandström said...

Texas Chainsaws

Denver Mountainlions

Houston Vipers

Dallas Highjackers

Boulder Crocs

New Orleans Storm

Louisiana Millionaires

Utah Bombers

Salt Lake City 21's

Salt Lake City Blackjacks

Texas Hold Em's

jealousblues said...

* DALLAS, Texas
Texas | Dallas | Fort Worth | Irving

(the Texas barbwire, the Texas T (tea?), the Dallas dime, the Irving ivy, the fort Worth fringe, the Texas panhandlers)

* DENVER, Colorado
Colorado | Denver | Boulder
(the colorado redrocks, the Denver dudes, the Denver the last dinosaurs, the colorado river, the Colorado square states)

* HOUSTON, Texas
Texas | Houston | Beaumont | Galveston
(the Houston Houstonians, the Beaumont Beau's, the Galveston Galvinizers, the Texas Wranglers, the Houston rustlers, the Beaumont cow poke, the Houston Texicans)

* NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana
Louisiana | New Orleans | Baton Rouge | Shreveport
(the New Orleans crypts, the Louisiana voodoo, the Baton Rouge bastions, the Shreveport shrimp, the New Orleans creole crawdads, the Shreveport steamers, the Louisiana big daddies, the new orleans cajuns)

Utah | Salt Lake City | Salt Lake
(the Utah flats, the salt lake city settlers, the salt lake salt dogs, the utah stranglers, the salt lake slashers, the Utah raptors, the SLC strikers, the Utah dry heat, the Utah transcontinental, the Utah Continentals, the Salt lake city pike, the utah trappers)

Puddleglum81 said...

Colorado Cannons
Denver Peaks
Colorado/Denver Stallions
Denver Dynamite

Forth Worth Wildcatters
Dallas Demons
Dallas Dynamite
Dallas Stallions

Houston Wranglers
Houston Storm
Houston Hellcats

New Orleans Crescents
New Orleans Armada
Baton Rouge Beasts

Salt Lake Slope Skiers
Salt Lake Stingers
Utah Hive

Drew said...

- Dallas Rustlers

- Colorado Headwaters

- Houston Smog

- New Orleans Flood

- Salt Lake Mormons
- Salt Lake City Saints

Mattstro Disastro said...

Dallas Stampede
Denver Dreadnoughts
Houston Challengers
New Orleans Snappers
Salt Lake City Fightin' Mormons (I got nothing.)

Resistance09 said...

New Orleans Nightmare
Houston Surge
Dallas Rattlers
Utah Raptors
Denver Reapers

Adam said...

# DALLAS, Texas
Texas | Dallas | Fort Worth | Irving

Dallas Desperados

# DENVER, Colorado
Colorado | Denver | Boulder

Colorado Snow Cougars

# HOUSTON, Texas
Texas | Houston | Beaumont | Galveston

Houston Marauders

# NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana
Louisiana | New Orleans | Baton Rouge | Shreveport

Baton Rouge Boomers
Louisiana Lightning

Utah | Salt Lake City | Salt Lake

Salt Lake Sea Dogs

admin said...

Sorry Adam, the Dallas Desperados are our arena football team.

D-Town gets a team! Hell yeah! Sorry, that's my hometown.


Dallas Metros (unless that was used in IHA, can't remember)
Dallas Marshalls
Dallas Enforcers
Dallas Texans (old name of the KC Chiefs but I don't think anyone is using it now)
Dallas Destroyers
Dallas Roughnecks
Dallas Daredevils

New Orleans Jazz (which is what the Hornets, should be called)
New Orleans Revival (rebirth after Katrina)

Houston Sattelites
Houston Universe
Houston Galaxy
Houston Sun
Houston Liftoff
Houston Rockets (oh wait...)
Houston Tycoons
Houston Oil Barons (I like the concept of the name but there's a better way to say it...)

Utah Bees
Utah Hive
Utah Swarm
Salt Lake Serpents
Salt Lake Monsters (get it Salt Lake...Lake Monsters?)

admin said...

New Orleans/Shreveport Casino
New Orleans Jackpot
New Orleans Royal Flush

Louisiana Pelicans

admin said...

@ Rugbysevens
Yeah, I'm from Plano too. Plano East graduate and whatnot.

Dallas Panthers. (Go East!)

EPOCH said...

Dallas Freeze
Dallas Burn
Dallas South Stars
Dallas Lone Stars
Dallas Blades

Houston Blast off
Houston Blast
Houston Orbits
Houston Apollo's
Houston Launch

New Orleans Blues
New Orleans Rhythm
New Orleans Dice
New Orleans Flush
New Orleans Jacks
New Orleans Gamblers

Salt Lake City Golden Eagles
Salt Lake City Friars
Salt Lake City Fog
Salt Lake City Wake

Denver Frostbite
Denver Windchill
Denver Frost

Daniel said...

Dallas Dragons
Denver Flyers
Houston Hammers
New Orleans Gators
Salt Lake Lancers

admin said...

@ Epoch

Dallas Burn was our soccer team, before they beacame known as FC Dallas.

admin said...

If no-one minds, I'm going to list out the names that CANNOT be used for the Dallas francise

Dallas Cowboys (NFL)
Dallas Mavericks (NBA)
Dallas Stars (NHL, but you guys new that right?)
Dallas Desperados (AFL)
Dallas Burn (MLS)
Texas Tycoons (ABA)
Texas Rangers (MLB)

...Sorry if I sound a bit...asshole-ish. But that should help prevent us wasting time on names that can't be used.

admin said...

Dallas Revolution
Texas Defenders (supposed to invoke Alamo but...)

Houston/Dallas Strikers
Houston Invaders (space invaders)

Baton Rouge Bandits
New Orleans Gamblers
New Orleans Luck

Madri Gras Themes!
New Orleans Party
New Orleans Jesters
New Orleans Jokers
New Orleans Magic
New Orleans Rhythm
New Orleans Blues

If I repeated myself. I'm sorry.

Big Papa said...

Houston Apollos

Dallas Metroplex

New Orleans Crawdads

Utah Wagoneers

Denver Dynamos
Colorado Ospreys

Troz32 said...

Dallas Bandits
Dallas Highwaymen
Salt Lake City Wanderers
Salt Lake City Cougars
New Orleans Voodoo
New Orleans Zombies
Denver Milers
Colorado Apex
Colorado Zenith
Houston Starships
Houston Supernovas

a snowballs chance.... said...

Dallas Wrath.
The Beasts of Boulder.
Houston Explosion.
Louisiana Swamp Things.
Salt Lake Pelicans.

Leafers LP said...

Dallas Renegades (Western, but not too western)

Denver Peaks

Denver Pinnacle (The Rocky Mountains)

Colorado Turbines (Colorado is the site of three Air Force bases and the United States Air Force Academy)

Houston Geminis (This definitely has to work. Read the history of the MCC and you'll realize why:

Houston Orions (The name of the upcoming mission in 2010. Also, it's a constellation (how fitting) and a Greek mythology character. Orion was a hunter, and slain by Artemis, then put in the sky as a constellation. a perfect logo would include a constellation of a hunter)

New Orleans Founders (Inhabited by the Chitimacha)

New Orleans Bayous (Small streams in an abandoned channel. New Orleans and Louisiana has numerous bayous)

Salt Lake City Ghouls

Salt Lake City Phantoms (Salt Lake Temple, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, ghosts, ghouls, phantoms, etc. Might be a dumb idea)

Ian said...

I must say I really like "New Orleans Jesters" and "New Orleans Voodoo"'s a few more, sorry if I repeated any.

New Orleans Magic
New Orleans Magik
Baton Rouge Bayou Bandits (I'm not sure if "Bandits" works best here, if someone has a better suggestion, feel free to jump from it. I like the idea of "Bayou" in the name though, but I don't think just "Bayou" works as a name by itself)
Baton Rouge Blues

Utah Rattlers/Rattlesnakes (inspiration from Bruce Springsteen's "Promised Land"--"on a rattlesnake speedway in the Utah desert")

admin said...

Again, sorry. New Orleans Voodoo can't be used as that is the New Orleans Arena Football Team.

Richard said...

im also fond of the shreveport brine shrimp

eRay said...

*DALLAS, Texas
Texas | Dallas | Fort Worth | Irving

Fort Worth Herd

*DENVER, Colorado
Colorado | Denver | Boulder

Colorado Coalition

Texas | Houston | Beaumont | Galveston

Houston Sams-Named after Sam Houston

*NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana
Louisiana | New Orleans | Baton Rouge | Shreveport

Louisiana Cajun Kings

Utah | Salt Lake City | Salt Lake

Salt Lake Keepers-Named after Beekeepers

gringobandito2 said...

Denver Altitude
Colorado/Denver Continentals (the Continental Divide)

New Orleans Bourbons

Salt Lake Olympians

Pace said...

DALLAS Ribs (if a team can be named the Chops.....)
DALLAS Smokers


HOUSTON Buffalos


UTAH Diamond Peaks
UTAH Powdercats (it's my favorite, it referes to the tons of powder snowyou can find in Utah and also the snow cats which groom trails.....but italso can feature some kind of wild cat in the logo!)

motleybrent said...

Dallas Freeze was a hockey team in the CHL

When the Stars came the team folded, not because the NHL came to town but because the owner realized that all team names that dont end with an "s" are insipid.

Regulators is the best I've heard.

pdjetfan said...

Dallas Outlaws (Wild, Wild West)

Denver Blizzard (Cold Rockies in Colorado)

Houston Toros (Bull is toro in spanish)

New Orleans Jazz (Jazz and Bourbon Street in New Orleans, LA)

Utah Swarm (Swarm for the Beehive State of Utah)

aflbrigade said...

Baton Rouge Swashbucklers
New Orleans Jazz
Shreveport pirates or Buccaneers

Dallas Outlaws
Fort Worth Rumble

Houston Roughnecks
Galveston Generals
Texas Raiders

Denver Mustangs
Colorado Rainiers

Salt Lake Sting
Salt Lake Eagles

Vlad said...

Houston Horns
Houston Longhorns
Houston Taurus
Houston Bulls
Houston Bullriders
Houston Bullfighters

joke name:
Houston Ramblers
(I don't know what a 'rambler' is but it sounds like something a Texan might say.)

Vlad said...

Houston Skywalkers

Dallas Dusters

Utah Lakers

Texas Westys

New Orleans Ragin' Cajuns
Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns
Baton Rouge Ragin' Cajuns

Baton Rouge Men-O-War (the gulf is full of Man-o-war jellyfish that sting like hell.)

Vlad said...

Denver Swoosh (skiing)
Colorado Silver
Colorado Silver Bullets
Denver / Colorado Tops
Boulder Hammers
Colorado Mountain Lions
Colorado Cougars
Denver Skyline

Texas Cavalry
Dallas Riders

Vlad said...

Houston Mustangs

Ian said...

"Ragin Cajuns" is the name of the University of Louisiana-Lafayette's athletic teams:

Also, the Utah Jazz (NBA Team) was originially the New Orleans Jazz before moving to Utah in 1979.

If no one suggested these yet...
Utah Yellow Jackets
Utah Wasps
Utah Hornets
Utah Killer Bees

Matt in NYS said...

I humbly submit

Dallas Eclipse
Colorado Flight (alluding to the Air Force Academy)
Houston Sidewinders
Louisiana Solar Flares
Utah Juggernauts

for your consideration.

Bryan said...

Dallas Rattlers- welcome to desert country
Denver Incline- mountainous
Houston Heat- its hot
New Orleans Soul- this city has true soul
Utah WhiteOut- duh
Utah Victory- 02 Olympics