Sunday, October 5, 2008

IceHL North: Final Names

The final names for the IceHL's North Division are in! Hundreds of you made your voice heard by rating the finalists for each franchise. So here are the winners.

  • Calgary CAVALRY
    average rating 3.36/5 by 303 people

  • Edmonton KODIAKS
    average rating 3.74/5 by 312 people

  • Regina RENEGADES
    average rating 3.6/5 by 286 people

    average rating 3.24/5 by 258 people

  • Winnipeg WINTERHAWKS
    average rating 3.81/5 by 298 people

Based on these names, your task — should you choose to accept it — is to brand the franchise. You choose the color scheme and design primary, secondary and script logos around that. Additional logos may or may not be included in the voting process.

Submit your logo art by email to me at Do not post links to artwork in the comments. They will be deleted and not considered for use in this project. I'm also outlining guidelines for submissions below. I'm taking them a little more seriously than I did for the IHA. If you don't follow them, your work will probably not be included.

North logo submission deadline: October 25

If you want your submission included, follow these instructions:
  • DO NOT STEAL ARTWORK. Logos copied or adapted from professional trademarked logos will not be permitted.

  • Submit three (3) logos: primary, secondary and script. Use a white background. If your logo requires a white outline (think Lightning or Capitals), then use a gray background with the white outline included. ALL 3 LOGOS will be used in the voting process. If you leave out one, your work may be disqualified.

  • Submit vector art if possible. I will accept .ai, .psd and .pdf files. If you cannot submit vector art, you must be able to provide high quality images in .jpg or .png files ONLY. All other file types may be disqualified.

  • You must include your credit within the graphic itself as well as the email. This can be your real name or a pseudonym. I need them in both places so I can easily search my email to find your artwork and email address. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

  • By submitting your own original artwork to any Icethetics email address, you agree to grant permission of its use for online or print publication by Icethetics. Do not watermark your logos or they will be disqualified.

  • No jersey concepts, please. That will be a later step in this process.

I tried to be specific here but I'm happy to answer any additional questions you may have via email. I was very clear about this but keep in mind that if you do not properly follow the instructions above, your work will likely be disqualified. So read them carefully.

Just so everyone is aware, when it comes time to choose a logo for each team, the process will work basically the same as the name ratings. Logo rating pages will be posted for each team and up to 20 logo submissions will be available to rate. I'm sorry I can't include more but this assures that all worthy submissions will get a fair shake.

The difference here is that once the rating period has ended, there will be a vote on Icethetics of the top 3 rated logos for each team. This assures that we choose the logo everyone wants.

Start submitting your logos!


Ogre39666 said...

Some really good names hear. Kind of disappointed with the Sharpshooters but whastevs, it could still inspire a good logo.

sens fan said...

i don't like how 4/5 have both names starting with the same letter

Dare said...

Holy alliteration Batman!

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of having blizzard and ice as options for every city, they're never gonna win and they're unoriginal and don't deserve to be up as options. I can't believe the best name for ny, the new york empires, isn't even an option for that city but very general ones I mentioned are.

Anonymous said...

Calgary Cavalry, now there's a mouthful.

Guilherme said...

the initial, why the same initials?!?!?!?!?

and Calgary name sucks... heck, I rated it 1 star at home, at work, at college, my girl's house... and it still won???


Ksy92003 said...

"Winterhawks" seems awkward since we already have a Blackhawks, but that's my opinion. I don't think Winnipeg should have a team: the city just sounds funny to me.

Guilherme said...

may be the worst division so far..

"'dat division does drag... doesn't it?"

Big Papa said...

I still don't know how Saskatoon Loons didn't make the cut.

timhuntersnose said...

i liked all the other divisions, i wish calgary were the sharpshooters as itd be a good bret hart reference whoooop

Canis said...

Wow, so many comments to comment on.
"I'm sick of having blizzard and ice as options for every city"

Add to that Warriors
"heck, I rated it 1 star at home, at work, at college, my girl's house... and it still won???"

Uh, this seems like proof that the whole voting process is tainted...but oh away I will
"'Winterhawks' seems awkward since we already have a Blackhawks"

Well, it is played on the ice ;P
"I still don't know how Saskatoon Loons didn't make the cut."

Or Goons, like I submitted ;D

a snowballs chance.... said...

woohoo, my name for Saskatoon won!

cptjeff said...

Add to that Battalion, tanks, infantry and all of the other same military sounding crap that's in every post. Unless it has a really really strong connection (minutemen in the Boston area for example) It's just annoying. Sports is not war and should never be considered such. To call it war is quite frankly an insult to those actually fighting in one.

Generics like Speed and Energy annoy me- they never get high ratings from anybody, why include them?

All I want is for more of the area specific names to be included- and if there aren't enough of those to make 25, have less names then 25.

Jason New Era said...

The winterhawks are a CHL team. Hahaha thats kinda funny it went unnoticed. I haven't been on for awhile and didn't see it.

JacketFan58 said...

Why is it necessary to constiently borrow a dozen or so names from the MLS. Speed, Energy, Fire, Mystique, etc...they're all garbage. Leave them to soccer or the WNBA.

Also, I love the Montreal Rockets, however, that was once a CHL name when Montreal was given a team in the early 2000's.

And Toronto Blizzard were a soccer team way back when, not sure if that matters or not.

Leafers LP said...

Man, I hate lazy, long names like Winterhawks and Sharpshooters.

I submitted Montreal Marauders for the Northeast Division and it didn't even make the cut? I'm sorry, but it pisses me off to see names like Blizzard, Explorers, Mohawks, Magicians, MALLARDS, MYSTIQUE, and OLYMPIQUES in there when a much more professional name is offered. Some very undeserving names are winning here. Here's the five worst so far:

Vancouver Lumberjacks
California Wave
Minnesota Lagers
Saskatoon Sharpshooters
Winnipeg Winterhawks

There's no such thing as a winterhawk!
Personally, I think so far the names have either been spectacular, or absolutely horrible.

Leafers LP said...

Also, by the way Chris, Montreal Olympiques should be disqualified as there is a team in the QMJHL named the Gatineau Olympiques. I knew I recognized that name.

Anonymous said...

The canadian hockey leagues don't count in this competition so you can steal all the names you want from the IceHL like the Chicago Hitmen stole from the WHL calgary team.

timhuntersnose said...

chicago hitmen and saskatoon sharpshooters in a tag match against THE LEGION OF DOOOOOM

Vlad said...

First of all, this has got to be tough on Chris... 30 teams is way too many.

But, I second the notion that the same generic names are being thrown onto every poll, while more place-specific names are being excluded.

Too late to fix it now. Maybe someday we'll have a league contraction... and then re-expansion. ;)

admin said...

Damnit! I missed the deadline!

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