Sunday, September 14, 2008

From The Ground Up: Northeast Names

The five markets with the most votes to be included in the Northeast Division of our fantasy hockey league are final. Over 10,000 individual votes were cast in the poll.

Here, I'm outlining those markets (alphabetically) along with the acceptable locators (listed below) for your team name nominations — which I'll begin accepting today by comment only.

  • BOSTON, Massachusetts
    Massachusetts | New England | Boston | Worcester

  • MONTRÉAL, Quebec

  • NEW YORK, New York
    New York | New York City | New Jersey | Long Island

  • QUEBEC CITY, Quebec
    Quebec | Quebec City

  • TORONTO, Ontario
    Ontario | Toronto | Hamilton | London


Submit your team name nominations by leaving a comment below. Email submissions will be discarded. I will accept nominations for one week at which point new comments on this post will be closed. Up to 20 name submissions that fit within the following parameters will be included in the name selection process which will begin next weekend.

If you want your submission included, DO NOT:
• use the name of any current or past NHL or WHA team.
• use the name of any current AHL or ECHL team.
• use the name or close variation of any current or past professional sports team within the same market or geographical area.
• use the name of any team from Project: IHA.
• use any name that would be considered vulgar, obscene or in any way inappropriate. (Sorry, this is my call.)

If you decide to use a locator not already on the list above, be prepared to have it discarded. I'm not setting that in stone as a restriction, but I'm also not guaranteeing I'll include anything not on the list. Sorry for all the restrictions but sometimes you have to "guide" originality.

It was suggested that when submitting names you also submit a short reasoning for that name. I won't require that but I will recommend it since it might help your submission get votes later on if folks know where you got your idea.

Don't forget to make your submissions for the North Division. You have until September 20.

Start submitting!

I've been reading some of the submissions and it's a little pathetic. I think a lot of you are trying too hard to find a name that "means something" to the point where you're losing sight of the fact that we're trying to name sports teams. Forget about trivial nonsense and suggest some names you'd want to chant in an arena of 20,000 people. Just something to think about when making your nominations.


Mykl and Kevin said...

New York Empire
Quebec Harfangs
Toronto Blizzard

Gingerbread Mann said...

1st, Let me suggest New England as a Boston team locator.

2nd, I am very surprised that Quebec City is in and no Pennsylvania team is. Come on guys!

Boston (New England if you change your mind) Wickies (lighthouse workers)
Toronto Towers
Quebec Nationales

Montreal Frenchies
New York Ports/Port Authorities

llp02 said...

Boston Sons of Liberty
Quebec City Owls (Province bird)
Toronto Cloverleafs (might be too similar to the Maple Leafs)

Anonymous said...

Worcester Romans
Montreal Monarchs
Long Island Avengers
Quebec City Cavaliers
Hamilton Huron

Warrior19 said...

i think maybe new england should be a locator for boston instead of worcester, but whatever.

i love the name new york empire, some dont like names that dont end in "s" but i think it works for the lightning and avalanche

Chris said...

I've added New England to Boston.

Anonymous said...

I didn't like this setup in the voting, too many cities that should have teams in this cdvision, but oh well.

New England Clam Chowdah

Montreal Quebecois
Montreal Underground
Boston Shamrocks
New York Applecore

Anonymous said...

1st, of course quebec city gets a team over pennsylvania... Canada deserves as many teams as possible.
2nd, please do not bring politics into this and use the name Quebec Nationales, and don't be insulting and use Montreal Frenchies, and toronto pretty much never gets blizzards...

Quebec Voyageurs (french fur traders)
Quebec Bastions
Quebec Fortress
Quebec Saints

Réal Montreal
Montreal Royals
Montreal Mont Royal (all 3 play upon the original name of Montreal, Mont Réal which means Mount Royal in middle french)

Toronto Yorkers (named for the original name of toronto, york)
Toronto Bluffs
Ontario Tomahawks
Upper Canada Glengarrys (named for the original name of ontario, and one of the canadian infantry units made of canadians in the war of 1812... teams colours would have to be green for this)

Anonymous said...

I realized the applecore is a Junior team.

Jason New Era said...

Boston Revolution - Revolutionary war influence

Toronto Iroquois - Native Tribe
Toronto Sky - Skydome? I thought it sounded nice.

Montreal Metros - The Metro? Duh.
Montreal Royals - Named after the mountain.

Quebec Nationals - The major political party I guess.

New York Dukes - Namesake. I couldn't think of anything that wasn't already taken.

Anonymous said...

Massachusetts Minutemen: Boston's historic roots make for a great name. The minutemen were the citizen-soldiers who responded to the call for muster at a minute's notice during the Revolutionary War
Montreal Quebecois: The pride of Quebec province comes through in the name Quebecois.
Toronto: Can't think of a good one!
New York: Ditto
Quebec Frontenacs: The Chateau Frontenac is the defining symbol of Quebec City.

Sebastian said...

Quebec Fleurs
Montreal Saints
New England Conquerors
New York Urbanites
Ontario Mariners

cassidytheexplorer said...

Boston Pride
Montreal Combat
Long Island Crash
Quebec Force
Toronto Horseshoes

cassidytheexplorer said...

Oops forgot the descriptions:

Boston Pride: Boston is a big American city, very proud of their American spirit and pride.

Montreal Combat: Combat is French for Fight.

Long Island Crash: Long Island has many beaches, and the Crash is like the crashing of a wave.

Quebec Force: Don't really know the reason behind it, it just sounds cool.

Toronto Horseshoes: Toronto is part of a very populated region in Ontario that people call the Golden Horseshoe. So the team could be the Toronto Horseshoes with gold as part of the color scheme.

Krach911 said...

Boston Rebels

Montreal Mohawks
Montreal Rebelles
Montreal Patriotes

New York Yellow Cabs

Quebec Explorateurs
Quebec Grenouilles (for french frogs)

Toronto Square Heads (joke)
Toronto Metropolitans
Toronto HC (hockey club)

Mykl and Kevin said...

ok guys, stop saying montreal royals
Project IHA borston royals
how about toronto metros? skylins?

Don Cristobal said...

Boston Minutemen
Les Baleines de Montreal (whales of Montreal)
New York Privateers
Quebec Iroquois
Toronto Towers

Anonymous said...

New England Colonials (erm, obvious)
Montreal Royals (Mount Royal duhh)
New York Freedom
Quebec City Citadels
Hamilton Blast (blast furnaces)

whoever said Hamilton Huron....Hamilton isn't even close to lake huron, the name makes little to no sense at all :)

Ksy92003 said...

I do this all the time. Going through the submissions, here are names I see that can't be used, and for what reason:

Montreal Monarchs- AHL Manchester Monarchs
Boston Shamrocks- NBA Boston Celtics (Irish theme)
Montreal Royals/variations- ECHL Reading Royals/IHA Boston Royals
Boston Revolution- MLS New England Revolution

Here are names that are too similar to other sports teams, but I'm not sure they can't be used.
Toronto HC- MLS Toronto FC

I'll be keeping a running list.

Anonymous said...

New York Heros

I like colonials for New England/Boston

I like Toronto Towers, nice alliteration

Quebec should just be Quebec, not Quebec City.Maybe Quebec and Montreal should have a french nickname. But I dont speak much french.

I just want to point out there there is no French word for fight.

I'm told that there are 67 words that mean surrender though.

Sad there is no Buffalo.

Mykl and Kevin said...

ty for saying that ksy92003
i also saw saints(project IHA los angeles)
i think montreal should be a team that uses HC
HC Montreal

Gingerbread Mann said...

Ben: Lighten up man, Frenchies is a joke. I honestly have no idea what they should be named but that would be awesome. Plus I hate the Habs :P
As far as I know Nationales is just the region they are in in Canada, nothing more. You probably know more about Canadian politics than me.
And I would think Pittsburgh or Philly should get at last one team between them, given their combined history, passion, and love of hockey. I think Canada can sacrifice Quebec City, especially since they already have all 5 North teams Plus Montreal and Toronto.

logocruncher: Massachusetts Minutemen is the name of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, which is a big college in Mass.

Marc said...

Boston - Shamrocks
Montréal - Voyageurs
New York - Cosmo
Québec - Fleur-de-lys
Hamilton - Steelcats

NHL Jeff said...

BOSTON Collegiate (the area has over 300,000 college students)

MONTRÉAL Patriotes (Patriots in french, right?)



Marc said...

Québec could also be called Fleurdelysés, fleur-de-lys is the French symbol, Montréal Voyageurs (Montréal used to be to starting point of a lot of expeditions for fur trade or for land exploration)

I don't thnik Canada can sacrifice Québec, even if they aren't part of today's NHL they a certainly a hockey market, especially in a fantasy league...

Canis said...

New England Neptunes
Massachusetts Makos
Boston Blue Claws (for the rare Blue Lobsters)

Montreal Independents
Montreal Neanderthals
Montreal Gargoyles

New York Emperors
New York Freedom (might be too obvious, sorry)

Quebec Wreckers

I love the offering of Hamilton Hurons by Jacklejack

Toronto Torpedoes

Gingerbread Mann said...

Maybe I underestimate quebec, I am from the states after all and I can't vividly remember the Nordiques' existence, but I guess my point is far more pro-Pennsylvania than Anti-Canada, and I would guess that Montreal and Toronto, Boston, and NY are locks so Quebec is the odd man out.

that's what I'm trying to say.

a snowballs chance.... said...

Boston Colonials
Montreal Quebecois
New York Freedom Fighters
Quebec Bombardiers
Toronto Fortress

Umar S said...

New England Energy - known for being energy efficient
Boston Sprinters - representing Boston Marathon
Boston-or-New England Liberty - known as "The Cradle of Liberty"

Slavomir said...

New York Emperors
Boston Irish,Shamrocks,Celts,Clansmen :P
Ontario Braves
Montreal Dukes
Quebec Musketeers (Mousquetaires)

Marc said...

I understood your point Gingerbread, that's fine with me... The way the division is made makes it akward, I agree. But Canadian hockey fans like their national sport, lol.

And of course, they don't need to have a French name, but since they are the only French speaking places (a case could be made for Québec, as Montréal is pretty bilingual), with certain parts of Maritimes and Louisiana, it gives a certain twist to the names.
Some suggestions for Montréal and Québec surprised me: I've seen Neanderthals (I don't know what to say, are people really perceiving French as... must be a joke), Grenouillles (Frogs? why not Pea Soups? another nickname the French got form the British rulers), Baleines (??? you can see some way up North in the St-Laurent, way past Québec City, near Tadoussac).

Keep on the good work guys

Troz32 said...

Boston Crucible
Montreal Crusade
Montreal Red Army
Toronto Blue Wave
Toronto Nationals
Quebec Carcajous (wolverines)
Quebec Guerriers (warriors)
New York Firefighters
New York Brigade

Erik said...

New England Minutemen
New York City Cabbies
Ontario Originals
Quebec Ice

Canis said...

For the record my suggestion of Neanderthals was not in any way, shape or form a jab at the fine people of Montreal or Canada. And just a reminder, this is for entertainment purposes only...let's try to remember that and not use this as a forum for political comment...Christ!

Anonymous said...

New Jersey Turnpikes

Anonymous said...

New England Pilgrims
Montreal Riot
Long Island Lighthouse
Quebecois de Quebec
Toronto Towers

Marty said...

Boston Irish
Montrèal Olympiques
New York Empire
Quebec Carnaval
Toronto Skyline (or Skyliners, if you must)

admin said...

Boston Massacre
New England Rebels
Masschusettes Midshipmen
Boston Clippers
Boston Battleships
New York Empire
New York Titans
New York Gunners
New York Mafia
Toronto Maple Leafs (
Toronto Terror
Toronto Raptors (oh, that won't work either...)
Toronto Thrill
Toronto Thunder
Montreal Royals
Montreal Crowns
Montreal Legacy <-- I like that one
Quebec Wolves
Quebec Strike
Quebec Burn
Quebec Chargers
Quebec Power
Quebec Crusiers

That's all for right now!

Pas said...
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.bob. said...

Sorry if I repeated anything from anywhere...

Boston Battalion (a reference to the storied military background of the area)

Montreal Majesty/Majesté (Reference to Mont Royale and the city's stature in the country)

New York Nationals (One of the most famous cities in the US)

Quebec Habitants (A reference to the French homesteaders)

Toronto Tanks/Tankers (No reason really...)

Stefan said...

New England Rebels (Boston Tea Party)
Boston Party (Same as above)
Boston Liberty

Quebec Plains (for the Plains of Abraham)
Quebec Fleur-de-lys (current symbol of French Canada)
Quebec Beavers (original symbol of French Canada before taken over by the English)

New York Mafia
New York Dutch (for the original colonists)
New York Mohawks (For the native tribes that once lived there)
New York Empire (Empire State)

Montreal Royals
Montreal Explorers (For Jacques Cartier)
Montreal Kanadica (For those "part of our heritage" commericals)

Toronto Business (Business part of Canada)
Toronto Lakers (City on Lake Ontario)

Ogre39666 said...

@ Marc:
NY Cosmos can't be used since there was a NY City Cosmos soccer club in '70s (famous for signing Pele).

@ admin:
NY Titans are a National Lacrosse League team.

New York City Silence: famous Blackout in '77 and also the phenomenon where people get so used to the city noise, they are uncomfortable in silence.

New York City Suits: professionals/businessmen wear suits...

New York Exchange: NY Stock Exchange

Long Island Aviators: long aeronautics history including Lindberg's and Earhart's taking off points, Grumman Factory which produced F6F Hellcat, and the defense contractor Lockheed Martin who produced the F-22 Raptor

I would also suggest the addition of the locater "Hudson Valley" to New York

Bryan said...

New England Warlocks

A reference to the Salem witch trials in colonial Massachusetts

Ogre39666 said...

Long Island Airmen: same reason as "Aviators" but since other cities are getting sugguestions for "Aviators" I thought I'd change it up a little

Bryan said...

How about kitchener, waterloo or guelph, which are all closer to Toronto than london

Quebec Frontenacs- chateau frontenac big icon

Montreal Ore- ore means gold, which is colour of gravy on the popular poutine (its that or Montreal Jaune, for cheese being yellow, or Montreal Frites for the fries covered in cheese and gravy on poutine)

Guelph Rebelion- mennonites of the area rebel against modernization with horse and buggy

New England Redcoats or Reds- England and the red coats from wars past

New York Speed- All new yorkers like speed, right?

Boston Bradys- just kidding

admin said...

New England "Cant-Win-A-Super Bowl-Without-Tom-Bradys".

Boston "Can't beat da Rays"

Joke names obviously.

CrossoverT said...

Massachusetts Massacres
Montreal Maniaks
New Jersey Garbage
New Jersey Trash
New Jersey Overkill
New Jersey Municipal Waste
New Jersey Joyzees
London Tea Leafs

the shawn said...

Boston Clovers
Montreal Raiders
New York Bombers
Quebec City Nomads
Hamilton Hitchhikers

Vlad said...

Boston Brawlers
Montreal Blizzard
Toronto Cannotwins
Toronto Alwayslose

Anonymous said...

New York Authority (port authority, transit authority)
New York Choppers (Motorcycles or helicopters)
Long Island Sounds (Long Island Sound)
Boston Dropkicks (Dropkick Murphys)

Any of these cities would work with Nor'easters too.

Anonymous said...

Boston Brawlers (good alliteration, plus an homage to their large Irish-American population)
Montreal Lions (Montreal=Royal Mountain, plus the lion is the king of beasts)
New York Heroes (homage to NYPD, FDNY, and everybody who helped handle 9/11)
Quebec Voltigeurs (warrior-like reference)
Toronto Ravens (darker play on Bluejays)

Shawnn said...

toronto trappers, trackers, muckers (the city was known as muddy york), titans, toros (popular amateur team name), crimson kings (playing around with the name of a type of maple tree).

people please stay away from the towers and skyline stuff. the cn tower was completed in the 70's it doesn't have that much of an impact on the city's mind set anymore. it no longer defines us although people associate it with the city but above all it's a junk hockey name and even worse logo.

Shawnn said...

boston danglers (stolen from the world pond hockey champs who were referring to the boston strangler)
montreal rockets (maurice richard)

Anonymous said...

i definately second that notion... please stop making any referance to the CN tower when giving Toronto a name

Umar S said...

New York Demolition
New York Emperors - "Empire State"
New York Force
New York Militia - naval base

Quebec Orage - "storm" in french

Toronto Trailblazers - Toronto having a long hockey history
Toronto Pioneers
Toronto Majors
Toronto Warriors

The Animal said...

Boston Horsemen/Boston Cavalry/New England Horsemen. The connection to Paul Revere (New England Midnight Riders) would be perfect for the Boston/New England Franchise.

I like the New York-Empire connection. The New York Empires or New York Emperors would work best. If you want to go in another direction, the New York Monsters may work for the many connections between NYC and Monster movies.

For Quebec, you definitely have to go with a french name. I don't know any French but L'Orage du Quebec (i don't know if that's grammatically accurate) I really liked the following names:
Quebec Voyageurs (french fur traders)
Quebec Bastions
Quebec Fortress
Quebec Saints
Quebec Nationals (don't care if its scandalous or controversial) would be good too. Just make sure that the nickname is in French.

Montreal without the Maroons/Expos/Canadiens would just be pointless. Those are three classic names that will not be beaten.

Toronto Thunderstorms? ugh i'm so disappointed in myself.
Toronto Wildcats
Toronto Climbers? I really have nothing.

Ontario's such a huge province, and although most of the population resides very close to Toronto, it wouldn't be fair to name the team after Ontario when you're going to have Ontarians closer to Winnipeg or Montreal.

Rafay said...

Boston Battalion
Montreal Might
New York City (yes, City being the name :P)
Quebec Cross
Toronto Titans

Rob said...




Jefferi said...

New England Shipoopi (Family Guy Reference)
Montreal Zenith (Top of a mountain)
New York Insomniacs (City that never sleeps)
Quebec Owls (Avian Emblem)
Toronto Hogs (Toronto is known as hogtown)

Anonymous said...

Boston Boozers
Montreal Men 'O' War
Long Island Fish Sticks
Quintessential Quebec HC
Toronto Turdburgers

FlyersGuy said...

I promised myself that I wouldn't be one of these people, complaining about an imaginary league, but here I am. I think that it's pathetic and disgraceful that there are no Pennsylvania teams in this league. I'm getting really sick and tired of people's obsession with original six and canadian teams. Yes, I understand that hockey is a canadian sport and people like tradition, but give me a break. You vote for TWO Quebec teams and TWO Alberta teams, but ZERO Pennsylvania teams? Where's the justice in this? Not to mention that Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are two of the proudest franchises in the league and you just discard them? Ridiculous. (Who the hell am I going to root for? lol)

Now, having finished my rant, these are my name nominations:

New England Colonials (I was going to go with Yankees, but I don't think Red Sox fans would like that too much.

Montreal Patriots (is that legal? I think it's probably been the name of a minor league team, but I'm not sure.)

I'm not going to nominate a New York name because I hate New York teams (not the city, the sport teams).

Quebec Igloos (sorry, couldn't think of a better one. Well, the Nordiques logo was an igloo...)

Toronto Barracudas (barracuda is just a cool name)

Kyle said...

Boston Rebels
Toronto Lakers
Montreal Olympics
Quebec Frontiacs
New York Mowhawks

Anonymous said...

Worcester Sauce (terrible joke)

New England Swamp Yankees
Montreal Fleurs
New York City Liberty
Quebec Merisier
Toronto Rebellion

FlyersGuy said...

And there are two Saskatchewan teams, too? What the hell? This league is far too Canada-heavy.

Daniel said...

boston pirates...
done and done.

Cory said...

New England Privateers
Montreal Rapiers
New York Spirit
Quebec City Royals
Toronto Falcons

Arenacale said...

Boston Transit
Mass. Transit
Boston Midnight Riders
The Brotherhood of Boston
New England Nor'easters
Worcester Worms
Worcester Engineers (fight 'em WPI!)

Montreal Richards

New York Empire
New York New Yorks

La Resistance de Quebec

Toronto Torrent

Sir Barbeton said...

Boston Minutemen
(a tribute to the members of the American militia who, during the American war of independence, vowed they would be ready for battle against the British within one minute of being alerted)

Montreal Clochers / Belltowers
(Montreal is often nicknamed as "la ville aux cent clochers" or, in English, "the city of a hundred belltowers" because of its numerous cathedrals, churches, etc, so the nickname would be appropriate, either in French of English)

Quebec Citadelles / Citadelles de Quebec
(in addition to the name being francophone (which is pretty important, considering it's Quebec), the name is in reference to the well-known fortress walls that surround the old part of the city of Quebec)

New York Skyscrapers
(in reference to its skyline dominated by numerous skyscrapers, obviously)

Toronto Yorks
(in reference to the former name of the city of Toronto, which was called York before being renamed in 1834)

HockeyLister said...

Boston Stranglers (is this even appropriate?)

Montreal Metros

Quebec Gladiators (After all they would play in Le Colisee [The Coliseum])

The New York Empire

Toronto Timbits (Tim Hortons donuts. You have to be Canadian to get this. Tim Horton used to play for the Leafs and I would love to see a Timbit on a jersey. I think in the US they are called donut holes)

Anonymous said...

Well some of the names I had where already said...

Boston/New England Colonials or Pioneers

New York Empire/Emperors
New Jersey Turnpikes or Interstates (lots of big highways here)
New Jersey Suburbia/Outskirts/Edge (in between the two huge cities of NY and Philadelphia, so NJ could be a compromise for those of you PA people complaining, but then again both PA and NY hate NJ (we all know deep down you love us) lol)

hockeylister: In the US donut holes are mostly known as munchkins because of dunkin donuts, so we would call you the Toronto Munchkins lol.

Anonymous said...

Montreal Bishops (a bishop recommended the founder of Montreal)

Toronto Shield (the city was built as a military post)

Toronto Icerunners (thought it sounded cool)

Quebec Friars (heavy catholic population)

New York Tower (the skyline)

New York Reign (like a kings control, the city itself is the center of the world)

New York/New Jersey Rebels (these two areas had a large influence during the American Revolution)

Boston Redclaws (lobster)

Boston Anglers (large fisherman population)

seejay14 said...

Boston Galleons
Montreal Monarchs
New York Knights
Quebec Griffins
Toronto Ice

Caper88 said...

Boston Beans(Nickname for foston is Beantown)


New York Freedom(Freedom tower on WTC/Ground Zero Site)

Quebec Blizzard(Quebec is famous for their winter carnaval)

Toronto Towers

ben said...

boston revolt (american revolution reference)
montreal rivière (montreal is right on the st. lawrence river)
quebec chateau (reference to the chateau frontenac)
toronto beavers (good canadian theme)
new york metros

CrossoverT said...

Boston Slapshots (Famous hockey/hardcore band)

Anonymous said...

I'm not gonna suggest anymore names since this is getting out of hand. Chris must be glazed over reading all this. Any team name that doesnt end with an "S" is minor league. Most of the time anyway. I dont know why but Lightning and Avalanche dont bother me but Miami Heat, Orlando Magic and now Oklahoma Thunder just make me wanna put a cold revolver in my mouth.

Anyway some stuff I've read that I like:

I like Colonials and Red Claws for Boston.

New York Heros

One Canadian Team should be the Beavers. I like Toronto Towers.

Oh and let me suggest Quebec Flying Penguins since Quebec got a team but everybody knows that Pennsylvania SHOULD have gotten at least 1. At least throw us that bone no?

Stefan said...

All I have to say to the people complaining about no Pennsylvania teams is if D had won instead of A, then it is more likely you would have seen a team in your fine state. D had an all Canadian division and thus your cities would not have been up against all the Canadian ones that eventually won. So if you voted for A then you got no one to blame but yourself, and if you voted for D I feel your pain I wish Halifax or St. John's had gotten a team, but oh well.

Mattstro Disastro said...

Montreal Magicians
Toronto Bulls (can't spell Toronto without Toro!)
Quebec City Guardians
New York Rogues
Boston Bombers

Vlad said...

Quebec Vikings (vikings landed on canada's east coast about 1000 years ago.)

Vlad said...

Boston Militia

jim said...

New England lobstermen
Montreal Expos, yes bring em back!!
New York Force
Quebec quick
Toronto Bulls

Matt in NYS said...

Boston Ironsides (for the U.S.S. Constitution)
Montreal Musketeers
New York Emperors (repeating others, I know)
Quebec City Quasars
Toronto Elk

PRC. said...

Boston Brigade
Club de Hockey de Montreal [or just CH]
New York Scrapers [Skyscrapers]
Quebec Cannons [The fortress city]
Toronto Horseshoes [the Golden Horseshoe]

Rogue Scholar said...

Boston Common
Boston Massacre
Massachusetts Plymouth Rockets
Boston Harbormasters
Boston Tea Bags

New York Turnstiles
New York Graffiti
New Jersey Brain Freeze

Burzum said...

Boston Lantern
Boston Cape
Boston Beacon

New York Hudsonics
New York Pierbuilders

Quebec Armada

Toronto Fathom

Montreal Northwind

Canis said...

OK, my dogs just kicked my ass cause I forgot to suggest their breed for a nickname.

I officially suggest


Ogre39666 said...

New England Ports - Massachusetts is the "Bay State" and ports are basically bays but it sounds better. Would have suggested Massachusetts Ports but that's a mouthful.

Arenacale said...

Ogre-you could call them the "Mass. Ports" then, like our local transportation regime.

FlyersGuy said...

I don't think Terriers works for Boston because BU is the Terriers.

By the way, I did vote for choice A.

Canis said...

Hehe I know but don't tell my pups cause they are Tasmanian Devils in disguise :D

Anonymous said...

Boston Bulldogs - Nothing to do with Boston, but then again, what do Red Sox or bears have in relation to boston.

Boston Brigade
New England Minutemen
Boston Warriors
Boston Blue Coats

Montreal Saints
Montreal Mounties

New York Empire
New York Kings

Toronto Towers

Quebec City Sailors

Ogre39666 said...

in lieu of what Arenacale has said I'd like to suggest:

Massachusetts Ports

Anonymous said...

CrossoverT said...

Massachusetts Massacres
Montreal Maniaks
New Jersey Garbage
New Jersey Trash
New Jersey Overkill
New Jersey Municipal Waste
New Jersey Joyzees
London Tea Leafs
Someone is a Rags fan, lol.

Kathryn Worthington Smythe said...

I think that the Montreal and Quebec teams should have either French names or
"universal" names (same in both languages).
Alliteration is always good for a nickname.

Montreal Monarques
Montreal Maraudeurs
Montreal Mystique
Montreal Mutinerie
Montreal Moutons (Sheep)
Montreal Mouffettes (Skunks)
Montreal Moineaux (Sparrows)

Quebec Cavaliers
Quebec Canards (Ducks)
Quebec Cardiaque
Quebec Couteaux (Knives)
Quebec Caustique
Quebec Corbeaux (Crows, Ravens)
Quebec Crevettes (Shrimps - funny, I know)
Quebec Criquets (Crickets)
Quebec Castors (Beavers)

Alliteration for the other cities:

New York Neptunes
New York Nova
New York Newts
New York Nightingales
New York Yellow Jackets
New York Yachtsmen

Boston Buzzards
Boston Bloodhounds
Boston Beetles
Boston Butchers
Boston Buccaneers
Boston Bowmen

Toronto Terriers
Toronto Talons
Toronto Tusks
Toronto Tomcats
Toronto Tigers
Toronto Tornado

markcanderson said...

Toronto Offsprey
Quebec Français

PRC. said...

The Boston Big Digs

admin said...

Boston Barons
Boston Blitz

sacredblue said...

Boston Barracudas
New York Libertines
Quebec Bastions
Quebec Bastilles
Toronto Brûlés

Josh said...

New York Mohawks
Quebec Carcajoux (Wolverines)
Montreal Trappers
Boston Clippers
Toronto Towers

Impulse83 said...

New York Empires
Quebec Castors (Beavers)
Montreal Mystiques
Boston Brawlers
Toronto Maple Trees

Pace said...


MONTREAL Rapides (Rapids)

NEW YORK Battery
NEW YORK Subways
NEW YORK Traders

QUEBEC Regiment
QUEBEC Bataillon (Batallion)

TORONTO IceQueens (I just find it funny, maybe in pink!)

the soft european said...

I love the Montreal Olympics (or Olympiques in french.) It's good because it sounds almost the same in french and english, it's a nice reference to the identity of the city, and it stays away from any political reference. (I think any Montreal team would be particularly cautious not to divide its potential fanbase, and would therefore avoid nationalistic names)
I don't know if this name can be used though, since the Olympiques de Gatineau already play in the QMJHL. Can the english version still qualify?

For Quebec, I think Quebec Vaisseaux could be a very good name. It's the french for Vessel, and it's a strong symbol of Quebec city, as it's already featured on the flag and the logo of the city. It's also an original team name, and I think a great logo could be made out of it.

For the rest of the division:

New England Pilgrims

New York Five (reference to the boroughs)

For Toronto, I have no precise suggestion, but it could be a name related to the diversity of the population living there.

Oil83 said...

Quebec Celtiques

Montreal Revolution

Toronto Giants

Oil83 said...

New York Rush

Boston Rapids

Garrett said...

Montreal Challengers
Montreal Olympique

Explorateurs de Québec (Explorers)

New York Clippers
New York Gothams
New York Skyline or Skyliners

New England Night Riders (Paul Revere)
Boston Shamrocks
New England Commodores

Toronto Yorks
Toronto Towers
Toronto Metros

Anonymous said...

Boston Blizzard (blizzard of 78)

CrossoverT said...

InstantClassic19 said...
CrossoverT said...

Massachusetts Massacres
Montreal Maniaks
New Jersey Garbage
New Jersey Trash
New Jersey Overkill
New Jersey Municipal Waste
New Jersey Joyzees
London Tea Leafs
Someone is a Rags fan, lol.
No i just find new jersey a humorous and intriguing place full of boundless stereotypes
btw Overkill is for the band who halls from Asbury "Fog"
the rest of the jersey names come form various stereotypes


Anonymous said...

Massachusetts Minutemen

Yoav said...

Toronto Great Lakers
Toronto Huskies
Toronto Mosaics
Toronto Internationals
Toronto Mustangs (Horseshoe logo)

Anonymous said...

New York Elite

elite for firefighters and police

napalmandsillyputty said...

New England Colonials
New Jersey Revolution
Toronto Falcons
Montreal Racers
Quebec Owls

Anonymous said...

New York Kings
Montreal Mounties
Boston Generals
Toronto Mets
Quebec City Bulls (Bulls as in Bull Moose)

Anders Åke Albin Sandström said...

New England Apaches
Montreal Patriots
New York City Apples
Quebec Firefighters
Hamilton Mustangs

J.K.E. said...

Boston Gaels
Montreal Imperials
New York Skyscrapers
Quebec Capitales
Toronto Moose

Anonymous said...

Boston Harbormen
Boston Breakers
Boston Bravery
New England Militia
Bsoton Blue Claws
Boston Black Magic
New England Freedom
BOSTON Tugboats

Oil83 said...

Boston Blue Crue (or Blue Birds)

Montreal Royals

Anonymous said...

New England Nor'easters - for the type of storm
Boston Blizzard
Boston Rebels

Anonymous said...

Boston Bayhawks
Boston Brawlers
Boston Bullies
Boston Vandals

Montreal Lions
Montreal Lynx
Montreal Majesty

New York Heroes
New York Skyliners
New York Ninjas
New York Freedom

Quebec Orage (Storm)
Quebec Fureur (Fury)
Quebec Chateau
Quebec Frontenacs

Toronto Light
Toronto Sound
Toronto Fishers
Toronto Ravens

Anonymous said...

-New England Riders (for Paul Revere's famous ride)
-Montreal Royals (for Mount Royal in the city)
-New York Guardians (for the fallen of 9/11)
-Quebec Centinels (because it sounds cool)
-Ontario Empire (also because it sounds cool)

Anonymous said...

Montreal Royals was the name of an old minor-league baseball team-so that can't be used.

will said...

Boston Batallion

Montreal Flight

Toronto Raiders

Quebec City Chaos

New York Rush

Anders Åke Albin Sandström said...

Boston Saints
Boston Goodfellas

Montreal Patriots

New York Saints
New York City Liberty
Toronto Goblins

New England Orcas
New England Mustangs
Quebec Ravens

Publius said...

New Jersey Jack-tars. It's a cool name for a sailor that I've never heard any team use.

Hamilton Roughnecks. another name for steel worker.

Publius said...

Long Island Labs. the dog. good logo possibilities. Everyone loves labs.

New York Grays - Whales
New York Gothams
New York Rhinos

Boston Bees. Striped jerseys like the bug.
Boston Silversmiths

Toronto Emperors - a penguin

Montreal Mallards

Quebec City Quails
Quebeck City Cukoos

Publius said...

New York Empires - the empire state

Anonymous said...

Massachussetts Militia
Montréal Remparts
New York Superheroes
Quebec Liberté
Toronto 67's :D

S.D. said...

Apologies if this gets double-posted; I think the system ate my first post. (Plus I made a change or two)

* Boston Brahmins (historical term for Boston's oldest families)

* Les Missiles de Montreal (same name in English and French, an oblique reference to Maurice Richard)

* New York Juggernauts (because NYC is freaking huge)
* New York Monsters (just like the sound of it)

* C.H. Quebec (A European name for one of North America's most European cities...and please note that in French it would be C.H., not H.C.)
* Les Fantomes de Quebec (reference to "Phantom" Joe Malone)

* Toronto Buffalo (I just find it amusing for some silly reason)

Anonymous said...

Hamilton Bloodhounds
Toronto Tritons

Leafers LP said...

Montreal Mauraders