Sunday, September 14, 2008

From The Ground Up: North Names

The five markets with the most votes to be included in the North Division of our fantasy hockey league are final. Over 7,000 individual votes were cast in the poll (which is strange since its sister poll had more than 3,000 more.)

Here, I'm outlining those markets (alphabetically) along with the acceptable locators (listed below) for your team name nominations — which I'll begin accepting today by comment only. This is interesting because we're staying squarely in Canada for this entire division.

  • CALGARY, Alberta
    Alberta | Calgary | Lethbridge

  • EDMONTON, Alberta
    Alberta | Edmonton | Red Deer

  • REGINA, Saskatchewan
    Saskatchewan | Regina

  • SASKATOON, Saskatchewan
    Saskatchewan | Saskatoon

  • WINNIPEG, Manitoba
    Manitoba | Winnipeg


Submit your team name nominations by leaving a comment below. Email submissions will be discarded. I will accept nominations for one week at which point new comments on this post will be closed. Up to 20 name submissions that fit within the following parameters will be included in the name selection process which will begin next weekend.

If you want your submission included, DO NOT:
• use the name of any current or past NHL or WHA team.
• use the name of any current AHL or ECHL team.
• use the name or close variation of any current or past professional sports team within the same market or geographical area.
• use the name of any team from Project: IHA.
• use any name that would be considered vulgar, obscene or in any way inappropriate. (Sorry, this is my call.)

If you decide to use a locator not already on the list above, be prepared to have it discarded. I'm not setting that in stone as a restriction, but I'm also not guaranteeing I'll include anything not on the list. Sorry for all the restrictions but sometimes you have to "guide" originality.

It was suggested that when submitting names you also submit a short reasoning for that name. I won't require that but I will recommend it since it might help your submission get votes later on if folks know where you got your idea.

Don't forget to make your submissions for the Northeast Division. You have until September 20.

Start submitting!

I've been reading some of the submissions and it's a little pathetic. I think a lot of you are trying too hard to find a name that "means something" to the point where you're losing sight of the fact that we're trying to name sports teams. Forget about trivial nonsense and suggest some names you'd want to chant in an arena of 20,000 people. Just something to think about when making your nominations.


Glovesave29 said...

Calgary Leathernecks
Edmonton Chill
Regina Royals (Regina is latin for queen, but the Regina Queens just left the door open for too many wisecracks if you rhyme Regina)
Saskatoon Rapids
Winnipeg Trappers

Mykl and Kevin said...

a team in sasketchewan should be the prairie dogs
calgary outlaws?
edmonton rockies

llp02 said...

Regina Caribou

Warrior19 said...

Saskatoon Bridges (nickname is bridge city)
Regina Victorias (regina is latin for queen)
Winnipeg Hornets (huge air force area, could be the insect or the f-18 hornet)
Edmonton Tornado (there was a huge tornado there that did some big time damage)
Calgary Cowboys

Anonymous said...

Calgary Colts
Edmonton Inferno
Regina Rebellion
Saskatchewan Sharp Tails
Winnipeg Harlequins

Don Cristobal said...

Saskatoon Wendigos
Manitoba Maneaters
Calgary Regulars
Edmonton Wolverines
Regina Royals

Canis said...

Calgary Calamity
Calgary Colts
Calgary Canines

Edmonton Edge

Regina Razorbills (another name for the Great Auk, an arctic bird)
Regina Renegades

Saskatoon Goons (of course)
Saskatoon Baboons
Saskatchewan Sasquatch

Winnepeg Wolly Bullys

Manitoba Mastadons
Manitoba Maniax

Can I suggest two cities that are within the same area of two of these awarded regions? If so, I submit the following:

-Medicine Hat Trix
-Moose Jaw Breakers


NHL Jeff said...

Calgary Spurs

Edmonton Albertans

Regina Crowns



a snowballs chance.... said...

Calgary Rampage
Edmonton Blades
Regina Manifesto
Saskatoon Sharpshooters
Winnipeg Blizzards

Marc said...

Calgary - Cattlemen
Edmonton - Derricks (for oil...)
Regina - Icehawks
Saskatoon - Revolt or Rebellion (Louis Riel's Métis rebellion)
Winnipeg - Wolverines (does NCAA counts?)

Umar S said...

Calgary Cowboys - paying tribute to the Calgary Stampede
Calgary Colts - relates to the Calgary Stampede

Regina Blizzard - representing the harsh winter conditions

Saskatoon Ice - representing the amount of ice formed in winter

Winnipeg Shield - representing the Canadian Shield
Winnipeg Blades - Winnipeg has the world's longest skating rink
Winnipeg Blitz - large German population
Winnipeg Hornets - relates to Canadian Forces Base in Winnipeg
Manitoba Militia - has a Canadian Forces Base in Winnipeg

Troz32 said...

Winnipeg Sky (for the Canadian Forces Base)
Winnipeg Reds (for the Red River)
Edmonton Tornadoes
Edmonton Energy
Calgary Bulldoggers
Calgary Broncs (both references to rodeo)
Saskatoon River Kings (someone already took bridges, so I only have one)
Regina Armory (for the WWII armaments factory)
Regina Mounties

nogoodbye said...

Calgary Bowmen (Calgary is located on the Bow River)

Edmonton Klondike (the Captial EX festival was formerly known as Klondike Days)

Saskatoon Isotopes (Univ. of Sask. is home to the Sask. Isotope Laboratory, which studies environmental/climate change)

Regina Floreat (the city's motto is 'Floreat Regina' which means 'Let Regina Flourish')

Winnipeg Wind (Winnepeg is known as the 'windy city')
Winnipeg Mint (Winnepeg is home to the Royal Canadian Mint)

Anonymous said...

Lethbridge Transport
Red Deer Hunters
Regina Royalty
Saskatoon Loonatics
Winnipeg Freeze

Marty said...

Calgary Highlanders (after the military division stationed in the city for almost 100 years)
Edmonton Boomers (oil boom)
Regina Royals
Saskatoon Packers (meat-packing)
Winnipeg Railers (railroads and a pun--"to rail against" means to protest, a nod to the city's labor movement)

.bob. said...

Sorry if I repeated anything from anywhere else...

Calgary Calvary (Sounded interesting and relates to the extensive military and equine history of the region)

Edmonton Energy (Relates to massive oil industry in the region)

Regina Riot/Rioters (Refers to the Regina Riot of the 30's and its significance to Canadian history as part of the On-To-Ottawa Trek)

Saskatoon Source (Refers to Breadbasket of the World, largest producer of uranium, and also the Canadian Light Source- Canada's largest particle accelerator)

Winnepeg Warriors (Reference to Native tribes, the outpouring of volunteers for WWII, the General Strike against oppression, endurance against extreme weather - floods, tornadoes, etc.)

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ Canis.... Winnipeg Wooly Bullys. That TOTALLY has my vote.

Calgary Cowtowners

Edmonton Storm (for the F5 tornado that touched down here in 1988)
Edmonton Explosion (no real meaning)

Regina Renegades (no real meaning)
Regina Bones (Regina began as life as a site called "Pile-of-Bones")
Regina Rebellion (for the "Northwest Rebellion" the area was a part of in 1885 that saw Louis Riel hanged)

Saskatoon Fighting Babcock (home to Wings coach Mike Babcock... I just thought it would be entertaining if nothing else)

Winnipeg Ice (they've get some wicked winters because of their location at the bottom of Lake Winnipeg)
Manitoba Manipogo (snake-like monster said to be living in Lake Manitoba - Manitoba's version of the Loch Ness Monster)

Shane said...

Calgary Cannibals (Reference to Calgarians tendency to eat each other)

Edmonton Shoppers (They have a big mall, takes up a lot of their time)

Regina Equestrians (They have a lot of horse shows, my mom always goes to them. And really, whats more intimidating than a horse that knows the difference between a trot and canter?)


Winnipeg Pyros (Maybe they have a big ass arson rate, but who really gives a crap. Its a cool name and could have a cool logo)

Yea, only Calgary and Winnipeg are serious names for consideration. The rest were poking fun at people trying to their names more meaningful than a promise ring

Canis said...

LOL, silentnoise1780 and believe it or not theres a bar in Edmonton called Woolly it

cr3we said...

Winnipeg Northmen

Bryan said...

Winnepeg Bombers is too close to CFL team there Blue Bombers and Royals was used in IHA.
Also, Moose Jaw is 40 minutes from Regina, so i feel that should be allowed.

Moose Jaw Macs- in honour of Mac the Moose, local icon

Saskatoon Storm- it storms in Saskatchewan lots, often bad storms

Calgary Cougars- There are cougars in the mountains, which are visible from Calgary

Edmonton Eagles- sounds super awesome

Winnepeg Whiteout- gets very cold and snowy over the winter

Saskatoon Combine- hail referred to as big white combine by prairie people

Regina Rampage- sounds cool, rampaging gophers

Moose Jaw Goldcoats- the pesky goldcoated gophers inspired this

Manitoba Naturals- theres lots of nature and prairie in Manitoba

Chris said...

Calgary Calvary (Sounded interesting and relates to the extensive military and equine history of the region)

Ha! Calvary is actually where Jesus Christ was crucified. I'm assuming you meant Cavalry. I'll enter that into the submissions list.

admin said...

Calgary Cruise
Calgary Crush
Alberta Aces
Alberta Astros
Calgary Huntsman
Calgary Calvary
Edmonton Naturals
Edmonton Geysers
Edmonton Drillers
Regina Royals
Regina Racers
Regina Thunder
Edmonton Knights

admin said...

In response to the Regina Bones name

Regina Wraiths

Ksy92003 said...

For the four people that suggested Regina Royals (and the one that suggested Regina Royalty), that name can't be used because it was used in the IHA (Boston Royals).

Vlad said...

Edmonton Drillers
Edmonton Boomers

both oil related
both sound awesome

Visage said...

how about the Saskatoon Red Hawks (since there are red tailed hawks indigenous to the area) I know that is similar to blackhawks but and could be taken the same way as there are also alot of natives in the area, but red tailed hawks is too long of a name. so maybe red tails. i dunno. just a suggestion.

Tyler 26 said...

calgary cowboys
edmonton enforcers
regina rampage
saskatoon slashers

winnipeg rebellion - refering to winnipeg general strike way back in the day.

Anonymous said...

Calgary Broncos (another Calgary Stampede reference)
Edmonton Toolpushers (head of an oil field, kinda like Generals for the army or Admirals for the navy)
Regina Reign (keeping the royal theme without risking a lawsuit from the Boston IHA team)
Saskatoon Soldiers (keeping with the theme that their WHL Blades has)
Winnipeg Missiles (keeping with Jets and Blue Bombers)

BTW, Edmonton Drillers CANNOT be used-it's the name of an indoor soccer team that plays there.

NHL News said...

Edmonton Oil Boom
Winnipeg Lakes (lake winnipeg)
Saskatoon Acceleration (just sounds cool)
Regina Cyclone (from the 1912 cyclone that hit)
Calgary Sandstone (The Sandstone City)

NHL News said...

Edmonton Oil Boom: the oil boom that hit edmonton in the 1940s
and the regina cyclone was the deadliest tornado in canadian history

The Animal said...

Edmonton Bears (or Edmonton Polar Bears),

Winnipeg Whiteout (as previously mentioned or the Winnipeg Hammers

Saskatoon Shooters, Saskatoon Miners,

Regina Royals, Regina Regals, Regina Cats

Calgary Fighters, Calgary Marksmen

The Animal said...

Saskatchewan Miners or Alberta Miners would also be appropriate for the Potash and Diamond mining, as well as for the Oil Sands.

Adam said...

Saskatoon Sea Dogs.

crazycanuck_d said...

Regina Rifles
Regina Rapids
Winnipeg Wendigos
Manitoba Marauders
Edmonton Empire
Saskatoon Sprites (not Spirits)
Saskatoon Spectors
Calgary Chinooks
Saskatchewan Currents
Alberta Argives

Rafay said...

Calgary Rodeo
Alberta Aces
Regina Regent
Saskatoon Sasquatch
Manitoba Might

Jefferi said...

Calgary Roughnecks (Calgary Oil Boom)
Edmonton Red Deer (Put the cities together)
Saskatoon Sasquatch
Winnipeg Assault (A lot of Jets)

Anonymous said...

Regina Monarchs/Royals

Anonymous said...

Calgary Cowtippers
Edmonton Eels
Regina Wrath
Saskatchewan Sasquatches
Winnipeg Windigos

SkizzyMcB said...

Lethbridge Surge
Lethbridge Hornets
Lethbridge Cyclone-lots of wind in lethbridge.
Lethbridge Rampage

Edmonton Surge
Edmonton Sting
Edmonton Energy

Winnipeg Storm
Winnipeg Force

Calgary Blaze

Saskatoon Avengers

Anonymous said...

Calgary Rodeos (Cowboy content in CGY.)
Edmonton Fringe (World's second largest fringe festival)
Regina Royals (Regina means queen..)
Saskatoon Miners (HQ to numerous mining companies, and mines)
Winnipeg Twisters (Canada's first F5 tornado)

FlyersGuy said...

Calgary Bushy Moustaches (GO LANNY!!!)
But seriously, Calgary Infernos.

Edmonton Drillers (Oiler reference)

Saskatoon Blades (skate blades)

Regina (give me a break. Regina?) Royals

Winnipeg Concordes (a Jets reference)

paploo said...

Alberta Highlanders- now this could work for either Calgary or Edmonton, it was a military division that was based out of Alberta, I forget where, in the world wars and still today. I found it out through doing research for a team I designed a logo and jersey for called the Nova Scotia Highlanders, and since Halifax is out well it would be could for the name to still make it.

TO CHRIS- since Halifax is out, would you be willing to post my design, I'm curious to see what people think.

Marty said...

paploo--it was the Calgary Highlanders.

Anonymous said...

Canis..... yup, been to Wooly Bullys too. It's right off Whyte Ave. I live in Edmonton.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I should probably mention that "Edmonton Drillers" used to be used by a soccer team that was here in town.

Anonymous said...

Change my suggestion -

Regina Imperials (that's the only royally-related name not taken)

Calgary Cowboys (was a WHA team there)
Calgary Spurs (WHA Denver team)

Edmonton Blades (Blades was the name of Baltimore's WHA team-so that's out)
Edmonton Chill (name of an IBL basketball team)
Edmonton Drillers (name of an indoor soccer team)

Regina Reign (ECHL Ontario team)
Regina Royals (ECHL Reading team)

Saskatoon Blades (WHL hockey team)

Winnipeg Blades (do I need to say it again?)
Winnipeg Bombers (variation on CFL team, plus Bombers is the name of Dayton's ECHL team)

Just so you know.

Anonymous said...

Winnipeg Daggers

seejay14 said...

Calgary Crusaders
Alberta Broncos
Regina Rebels
Saskatchewan Storm
Winnipeg Winterhawks

Anonymous said...

Calgary Herd (for it being known as a "cow town")

Edmonton Klondikers (the gold rush)

Edmonton Gateway or Thresh or Horizon (all names for being "The gateway to the north")

Winnipeg/ Manitoba Spirits (Manitoba comes from the algonquin word spirit)

Saskatoon Miners (mining companies have there home offices there)

Regina Bones (taken already but it fits good and it sounds awesome)

Regina Buffalo (the bones were buffalo bones)

Vlad said...

Saskatoon Sasquatch,
Winnipeg Warriors have my votes.

Caper88 said...

Calgary Harts-->Home of the famous Hart Wrestling Family

Alberta Hornets-->Near by Cold Lake is home to most of Canada's CF-18 Hornet fighter Jets

Saskatchewan Silos-->Gotta have some talk about the wheat feilds and crops


Manitoba Bison

Mattstro Disastro said...

Calgary Cougars
Edmonton Prospectors
Regina Silver Dollars
Saskatoon Runners (couldn't think of much besides a Guess Who song)
Winnipeg Wizards

King Aardvark said...

Calgary Olympians
Edmonton Maulers
Edmonton Champions
Edmonton Overlords
Edmonton Edge
Regina Prarie Dogs
Regina Roughnecks
Regina Threshers
Saskatoon Runningbacks (hope the Guess Who don't sue)
I also vote for Sasquatches
Winnipeg Grey Owls

Burzum said...

Regina Revolvers

Calgary Flurryhawks

Saskatoon Squall

Winnipeg Tundra

Edmonton Fuelers

Rogue Scholar said...

Alberta Alchemists

Edmonton Gushers
Edmonton Wildcatters
Edmonton Frost Worms

Calgary Kibosh
Calgary Vista

Montreal Monastics

Winnipeg Legs (think pirate - arrrrgh!)

Regina Imperials
Regina Rottweilers

danman8tsevan said...

Regina Raw
Calgary Revenge
Edmonton Laughter

Canis said...

Just out of curiosity what is the plural of Sasquatch?

Sasqui, Sasquollo, Sasparilla, Sasquentenial?

Anonymous said...

Saskatoon Racoons

Mike said...

Calgary Cannons
Edmonton Ice
Regina Rockets
Saskatoon Cyclones
Winnipeg Warriors

Steenager said...

Winnipeg Wanderers
Winnipeg Wildfire
Winnipeg Wolves

Edmonton Earls
Edmonton Leopards
Edmonton Pilots

Calgary Captains
Calgary Chariots
Calgary Mustangs

Regina Rhinos
Regina Grenadiers
Regina Regents

Saskatoon Mounties
Saskatoon Sawbacks
Saskatoon Dragoons

Matt in NYS said...

Saskatoon Satellites
Regina Goths
Winnipeg Marshals
Calgary Cudas
Edmonton Overlanders

PRC. said...

Alberta Arrows (the city is on the Bow River!)
Alberta Badlands (the area near Drumheller)
Calgary Rawhide

Edmonton Yetis
Edmonton Industry (the city's motto is "Industry, Integrity, Progress")
Edmonton Tamaracks

Regina Vators (grain elevators)

Saskatchewan Foxes

Winnipeg Crimson (the city is on the Red River)

markcanderson said...

Calgary Wrnglers
Calgary Tigers
Edmonton Kodiaks
Regina Redmen
Winnipeg Redmen

Kathryn Worthington Smythe said...

Let's go rhyming!

Saskatoon Blue Raccoons
Saskatoon Screaming Loons
Saskatoon Hot Air Balloons
Saskatoon Silver Spoons
Saskatoon Wheat Tycoons
Saskatoon Pitted Prunes
Saskatoon Monsoon
Saskatoon Typhoon

Kathryn Worthington Smythe said...

More rhymes!

Regina Mynah (like the bird)
Regina Bone China
Regina Forty Nina
Regina Angina (logo could be a goalie clutching his chest)

Hmmm...can't think of any others...

crazycanuck_d said...

Regina Wraiths
Winnipeg Wraiths
Calgary Wranglers

Impulse83 said...

Calgary Condors
Edmonton Elks
Regina Riot (event in 1935)
Saskatchewan Gordies (Gordie Howe was born in Saskatchewan)
Winnipeg Pooh (the city that inspired Winnie-the-Pooh)

Pace said...



REGINA Regents

SASKATOON Green & Gold (it's simple and classy!)

WINNIPEG Bombardiers

admin said...

Calgary Dragons

Calgary Catastrophe

Regina Dukes

Edmonton Steelers
Edmonton Machine
Edmonton Tech
Edmonton Express

Silver said...

Calgary COBRAS

Edmonton ICEMEN


Saskatoon SILVER FOX

Winnipeg WOLFS (note the "F"

Anonymous said...

Calgary Colts
Edmonton Bruins
Regina Renegades
Saskatoon Slayers
Winnipeg Warriors

Zahid // zaz-man // said...

Calgary Darkness,
Edmonton Darkness,
Regina Darkness,
Winnipeg Darkness,
Saskatoon Skunks,
Winnipeg Winner,
Edmonton Xpress,
Edmonton Express,
Saskatoon Skins,

Christine said...

Saskatoon Knuckledusters-
refers to ww1 era nickname for a good fighter. Canadian soldiers were renowned in WW1 for there fighting, hence the term CAN-(k), eh?

Regina Threshers or Wheat Kings

Winnipeg Golden Boys-
refers to famous statue on top of Provincial Legislature building

Edmonton Drillers

Calgary Roughnecks

Anders Åke Albin Sandström said...

Alberta Bighorns (provinical animal)
Red Deer Hunters
Saskatoon Bridgers
Winnipeg Greyowls

J.K.E. said...

Calgary Mustangs
Edmonton Behemoths
Regina Harpies
Saskatoon Militia
Manitoba Traders

Oil83 said...

Edmonton Arsenal

Edmonton Avalanche

Calgary Falcons (for the falcon population in southern Alberta)

Oil83 said...

Edmonton Rapids (for the North Saskatchewan River running through Edmonton)

Oil83 said...

The Calgary Roughnecks are the name of a lacrosse team

Oil83 said...

Winnipeg Mercurys (because it sounds cool)

Regina Wheat Kings

Lethbridge Titans

Calgary Wheat Kings

Red Deer Maniax

Oil83 said...

Edmonton Aeros

Calgary Spurs

Anonymous said...

Calgary Broncos
Calgary Rustlers
Calgary Roundup
Calgary Buckaroos

Edmonton Wildcatters
Edmonton Toolpushers
Edmonton Crude
Edmonton Derricks
Edmonton Roughnecks

Regina Regents
Regina Rage
Regina Rays
Regina Radiation
Regina Rhinos

Saskatoon Swarm
Saskatoon Swords
Saskatoon Slayers
Saskatoon Slaughter
Saskatoon Skates

Winnipeg Warbirds
Winnipeg Missiles
Winnipeg Warthogs
Winnipeg Whitecaps

Anonymous said...

-Calgary Alpines (for it's proximity to the -Canadian Rockies)
-Edmonton 47s (1947 was the year of the first major oil strike in Edmonton)
-Regina Cyclone (for the famous Cyclone that tore Regina up in 1912)
-Saskatoon Pioneers (for the original settlers of the city)
-Manitoba rebellion (for the red River Rebellion that took place in the province in 1869)

will said...

Clagary Cougars

Edmonton Rebellion

Regina Warriors

Saskatoon Berries (there's a berry called the saskatoon berry)

Winnipeg Assiniboines (There's a river in winnipeg called the Assiniboine)

Leafers LP said...

Calgary Stallions

Edmonton Emeralds

Regina Rage

Saskatoon Pike

Winnipeg Speed

Publius said...

Calgary Coots - bird logo
Calgary Cranes

Edmonton Elk

Regina Reapers - agricultural. you reap what you sow. Grim logo?

Saskatoon Swans
Saskatoon Loons

Winnipeg Wrens - bird logo
Winnipeg Warblers

Anonymous said...

Calgary Cattle Barons
Regina Buffaloes
Edmonton Drillers
Saskatoon Miners
Winnepeg Rebels (site of the Red River Rebellion which would be a great team name in and of itself)

Anonymous said...

Man I should read the preceeding posts... Edmonton... Derricks, The big towers that are over the oil wells.

S.D. said...

* Calgary Caribou (wildlife)

* Edmonton Maulers (reference to the West Edmonton Mall, formerly the largest in the world and still the largest in America)

* Regina Dwarves (a reference to Regina's small size compared to most other cities in the league)

* Saskatoon Jackrabbits (wildlife)

Couldn't come up with anything for Winnipeg.