Friday, October 17, 2008

Sun Picks Up Canucks Third

Icethetics and the leaked picture of the Canucks' new third jersey has made it to the home page of the Vancouver Sun this afternoon. Check it out! And here's the full story.

I spoke with the Sun's sports editor earlier today and he told me folks in Vancouver get really pumped over stuff like this. So I was happy to provide a non-watermarked image to them.

For those in Vancouver, I'm told the image may be appearing in print tomorrow. So keep an eye out for it and be sure to buy a copy of the paper!


The Kyle said...

Congrats. You must be a legend in 'Couver by now. First Team 1040, then Sportsnet now the Sun? This site is so much bigger than I thought it would ever be. I used to only come here so I show my friends the Panthers new Edge jersey (good ol' NHLToL days) and now it's probably the page I visit the most.

Ksy92003 said...

Interesting that the posters on the Sun website aren't as sold on this jersey as.. well, everybody on Icethetics.

Sukhraj said...

yeaaa i live in vancouver and i always go on this site! and seeing this site and the canucks new third jersey on team 1040,sportsnet,and the sun was pretty cool!!
thx chris for the leak..we are hyped and thats all what us hockey fans here are talkin about!!!

Moosehabs said...

The comments on that site a bit surprising. No wonder Vancouver has had so many different sweaters over the years, you just can't please their fans.

To me, this more of a tweaking of the current jersey rather than a third jersey. Call it an audition jersey. I really believe the majority of Canucks fans will love this when it's introduced and it will become the main sweater in a couple of seasons.

nf1izthebest said...

lol, you're a fucking legend up here Chris. Congrats on getting mentioned.

Antoine said...

GOod job Chris, you are awesome

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