Sunday, October 19, 2008

Phunny Photos

I was going through photo galleries from last night's games and came across some pictures that, while not all that relevant to Icethetics, were pretty funny so I thought I'd share them anyway.

This one looks normal enough.

Now enlarge the picture and look just above Mike Richards at the woman wearing green.

Miikka Kiprusoff appears a little vulnerable.

His eyes don't show it.

The Oilers' web site credits Steve MacIntyre's fight last night with changing the momentum of the game.

I wonder if his facial expression helped at all.

I got a kick out of those. Hopefully you did too.


Anonymous said...

the A on the Calgary Flames helmet sticker looks like the old Atlanta Flames logo

Ksy92003 said...

Poor Kipper.. doesn't look like he made the save, either. Adding insult to injury, huh?

bpc89 said...

LOL!!! I loved it!!!

Ms. Conduct said...

*sigh* The Kipper picture pretty much tells the tale of my fantasy team. Suck.

Eduardo said... i sense something new coming this way? perhaps now and then fans could send in funny hockey pics?

not sure if that would end up being too much work though cause like you said this blog is just for fun anyways

TBL4VINNY said...

lol the kipper pic is hilarious

Drew Bar-Fridge said...

sure looks like rhett warrener and his kids are front row in the 1st pic lol..

Jason said...


wade little said...
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