Monday, October 27, 2008

Isles Unveiling Third Tonight

Just reminding everyone that the New York Islanders will be unveiling their new third jersey tonight at the Islanders Business Club event. They have more information on their web site.

I believe the event is scheduled for 5 PM but photos will be posted online tonight for those who can't be there or at the game afterwards.

The event is exclusive for IBC members, but following the event fans in attendance tonight’s Islanders/Rangers game will get their first look at the uniform.

Once again, the team's description of the new sweaters seems to indicate something more than a throwback but I'm not so sure.

Current and former Islanders will be on hand to unveil the Islanders first complete uniform change since 1996. The Islanders will take the ice in the new uniforms for the first time on Saturday against the Montreal Canadiens. ... They will wear the uniform a total of 15 times this season.

This marks the eighth time since the Islanders entered the league in 1972 that the team has made a significant change to their jersey or complete uniform. The last time the Islanders played in a “Third Jersey” was in 2006-07 when the team donned an orange jersey for a number of home games.

I would consider the 2006 orange third jersey a significant change in uniform, so why they're going back to 1996, I'm not sure. I'm really excited to see what they've come up with now.

I'll have pictures up tonight — probably not right away — but they'll be here. Keep an eye on the Isles' web site.


Andrew said...

I think the big difference here is the use of the word "jersey" or "uniform". The orange jersey was a big difference, yes... but the team had the same pants, socks, helmet and gloves as the regular jersey. My understanding of the first complete uniform change will include socks, pants, gloves...etc. Most likely a combo of the original royal blue and orange... which, to a long time islander fan, will be a welcome change.

Tyler Hetherington said...

boo, just a retro...

Andrew said...

Thank god... with this teams history of disappointment, this is a breath of fresh air.

Captain Hockey Talk said...

Remember the last "Uniform" change back in 1996 to the Sea-Man in front of a net? That was a huge disaster and the team later said they would "never" change the original logo. So I would bet that if it's a orange jersey it may have an Orange helemt, but I can see them changing from Blue pants and gloves. I'm looking forward to this change. There are to many Red and Blue teams, i would like to see more colors used as primary colors, and not including black, since almost everyone has one now. By the way technically Black and White are not colors.
I'm a huge Oilers fan and I wish that they would have used orange years ago, instead of changing to navy blue, copper and red. NYI fan above should not be wlcoming a change, there new RBK edge jerseys that came out last year are in the Top 3 on my list for the league, the highest non-original 6 team for sure.

Captain Hockey Talk said...

I just saw the jersey from the link by Tyler.

What a dissapointment!!!!!!!!! again!

Why do they keep calling these jersey's "new". This was already re-released a couple of years ago, same with Edmonton's retro jersey. I was hoping to see these teams look distinctively different from each other. Now its worse, they will have exactly the same pants, and both have simular looks. You can't tell me these are an improvement from their regular uniforms the last year and a bit. These look dated already.
The Oilers retro re-release at least is a classic and will last forever, but this one just sucks.

Shawn said...

booo these jerseys suck

Hockey Week said...

seriously, you people scare me.

THAT is what a hockey jersey is meant to look like (minus the diaper bottom, but's the best you can do with the RBKrap). hemline stripes, no vertical piping, nice sized logo and very readable numbers. overall, the isles get a 9/10 on this one.

with the basketball jersey the thrashers have as a 3rd, the pro-bowl jerseys that the all-star game has, the college jersey in dallas, and the second blankest jerseys used in tampa bay (which will only be worse when the bolts and butt-logo are added with this 3rd), i'm glad someone has some sense of what the sweater is all about. props to the islanders

Lucas said...

Please give me one valid reason why these suck?

The Islanders are doing this for their fans. The majority of the fans gave positive feedback when the Isles wore a jersey similar to this (it had orange numbers) a couple years ago.

The Isles know they screwed up with the Fisherman jerseys back in the late 90's, and they are paying their fans back.

From my standpoint as a diehard Islanders fan, all I have to say is "Thank you" to the organization. I love these jerseys.

honest_anon said...

Third jersey is up -

its the retro jersey we expected

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