Sunday, October 26, 2008

Era Of Change For Hockey Uniforms

There's an article in today's Newsday talking about the lack of originality in hockey uniforms over the last several years. The column, written by Mark Herrmann, comes a day before the New York Islanders are scheduled to reveal their new third jersey.

It's an interesting enough read for anyone who's a fan of Icethetics. But the cool thing is Icethetics gets a mention and I'm even quoted in the piece. But give it a read and see what you think.

And try to look past the first paragraph which mentions the Blackhawks winning the THN logo tournament. It was actually the Canadiens, but the point about red taking over the league still stands.

By the way guys, I just wanted to address the lack of posts this weekend. Not only did I have a lot of plans, but I've been hard at work on the new Icethetics web site and all that goes with that. Hopefully all of this work will pay off and you guys will appreciate Icethetics' new home. We'll even have our own domain and everything like so many of you have been asking for!

I plan to make an announcement some time this week so keep checking back.


mwll223 said...

I really miss the sidebar on NHLToL that had all the NHL teams and linked to posts that had information about those specific teams. Hopefully that will make a return on the new site.

NHL News said...

How Random. The links are in the Tag-Cloud.

arossi417 said...

Ugh, just because there's 30 teams doesn't mean we need 30 different team colors.

NHL Jeff said...

I agree, but having all 30 in some form of red, black, or blue is pretty boring.

cptjeff said...

And if it's blue, It's a dark navy. Very few teams are left that use royal.

Same with green- the only team that uses it uses a dark forest. What the hell is wrong with kelly green? And orange- the NHL used to have much more color.

Interesting article, would have been interesting to hear their thoughts on more teams though. Go down the list with a few guys and get their opinions on each team's set...

Ksy92003 said...

The writer of the article was right on as to the reason why teams wear black jerseys: the fans love it. I own six hockey jerseys, five of them dark. Three are black (all Kings), one is purple (Kings), another dark blue (LB Ice Dogs), and the sixth is white.

I will own another black jersey, assuming the Kings' alternate jersey is black (which I've been told from a reliable source that it is), on November 23, the day after they wear them on the ice, when all season-ticket account holders receive an alternate jersey at an event at Dodger Stadium (autographed by Dustin Brown, for what it's worth).

It's a fact: fans feel they look better wearing a black or dark-colored jersey.

I wonder if Marian Gaborik would look nice in a black Kings jersey, as well.. (

Adam said...

Sort of started when the NHL went NFL style - wearing colors at home. Now it sorta seems like the white unis are getting more original sometimes. But it's a sign of the times - dark is in. In anotheer 20 years, light will be back in. Some teams will change, some won't. It's the ebb and flow of time and fashion and sports all intertwined. And if you can't tell who's playing, you're not trying at all.

Daniel said...

@ NHL Jeff,

Thank you!!! Finally someone else has noticed that there's more to this problem than just black. Almost every jersey in the league is either black, white, red, or blue. You always hear people griping about the invasion of black, but there's just as big a problem with red and blue.

What this league needs is more orange and green and purple and yellow and different shades of colors and things like that. And there's no law that says road jerseys have to be white. Yellow works just as well.

That's why I have to give some credit to Atlanta. Even though their jerseys range from strange (the pale blue one) to perfectly hideous (the new 3rd), they're trying new colors and shades and I appreciate that.

Moosehabs said...

I will never understand the fascination with black jerseys. The few teams that wear lighter colors have much more of an identity. You see Red with a blue stripe, you know it's the Habs. Black and gold, you know it's the Bruins. Blue and white, Leafs. Red and white, Detroit. Black....uhhh...could be Tampa, Dallas, LA, Carolina now, etc.

Praise the hockey gods for the scoreboards at the top of the screen, otherwise sometimes it takes a second to figure out who's playing. I like jerseys that identify teams instantly.

nsaltzy74 said...

I would like to see the NHL go more towards European soccer kits.. You see more unique patterns and colors that link a team to its city thus creating that sense of pride, instead of uniformity. I completely agree about the lack of originality in uniforms and I think bringing vertical striping and unique patterns might bring a bit more variation in teams and create a more unique sense of pride to each team and city.

Obviously the original six wouldn't/shouldn't change but newer teams such should shift something newer. The all black is boring and a cop-out in my opinion. I think there should be a bigger resurgence towards yellow/gold. Have your team standout more. Be unique

Bartholomew said...

This is a baseless article, the same could be said about the other sports. How many alternate jerseys are there in basketball? Am I supposed to know the Lakers are playing when they wear throwbacks that say "MLPS" across the front?

In baseball, Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City, New York (both Mets and Yankees), Seattle, Minnesota Tampa Bay, Texas, Toronto, Atlanta, Chicago Cubs, LA, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, San Diego and Washington all have blue in their uniforms. There are 14 teams that have red. Thats more than half of the league having at least blue or red yet its the NHL getting mentioned.

In the NFL there are 21 teams with blue or red. The NHL gets too much bad publicity because people think its cool to hate on the league. Its as simple as that.

johnny griswold said...

There's nothing wrong with a black jersey. I personally like the Flyers' to switch to orange jersey and make the black one the third jersey. That being said, if fans love black jerses, then the clubs are gonna make black jerseys. It's not like the NHL has a major tv contract. Clubs need to make money any way they can to keep up with contracts. So if they can make an extra nickle by selling black jerseys, that's what they're gonna do.

Like someone said earlier, it's the ebb and flow of fashion and trend. Things rarely stay the same in the NHL as far as uniforms go.

Would you rather the mid 90's colors and designs?? Good god!

ben said...

I wish a team would use the "double blue" color scheme, like the toronto argonauts in the CFL, or even green and gold like the eskimos.

Amazing, the CFL manages to use twice as many color schemes as the NHL with less than a third the amount of teams.

howsmikesdriving said...

Thank God ! Someone is as nutty about jersey colors as I am !

It's so true -- for as diehard an NHL fan as I am, I think this is the truth:

MLB : Classic uniform designs, simplicity reigns supreme. Neat button-down uniforms work. Having every team with mostly a white home and a grey road is part of the simple charm of the sport. Negatives -- too many teams have blue or red...There is very little difference in colors. Pick a team. It's almost a guarantee it's blue ... or red...or...egad...a combo of them both. How original. I realize baseball is 'cursed' by its roots (maybe back in the day they weren't too creative.)

NBA: Positives - have some great uniform identification and distinct colors. Everyone knows the Lakers' purple and gold. I find it to be an achievement when teams can only use one color (besides white). The Celtics' use of only green is something to behold. There is not an oversaturation of blue and red. There's purple, teal, etc. Negaties -- who looks good wearing an NBA jersey ? Their design is purely functional. You can't wear one and look 'cool.' YOu look like a fool. And besides the colors, just having the words and a number is kinda dull.

NFL: To me, and i'm not an NFL fan really (mostly NHL, MLB), the NFL has the best uniforms because they are simple and vibrant in color. Everyone can ID the Jets (only one color ), Giants, Packers, Steelers, Cowboys at the very minimum ! Negatives -- it may be an over simple design with helmets and the like, and teams don't experiment too much with having graphics on their uniforms.

NHL: Positives - jerseys are simply the coolest. Whether they're 'sweaters' or new-style, they look damn good. There is a just a great look and feel to a hockey jersey. You can rock one with jeans, it looks great out when you're ice skating or playing pick up games on the street. WHen I rock my jersey at work for game days (a Rangers one !), people who are not even hockey fans will stop and say - those are sweet. Negatives - very few teams have any bright or vibrant colors. To the guy who said you don't need 30 colors, AGREED. I think it hurts when you have a cool team like the Stars lose their identity with Green (you can tell it's being phased out). And the sad thing with teams like the and black is a terrific combo. It's intense and mirky at the same time. Missed the boat there. Wild had a nice green one. That should return. I think if in the coming year or two, we get a Philly uniform with some vibrant orange (thank Gawd), a Wild or Canucks jersey that is green, a great icey blue throwback Pens jersey, great original 6 jerseys (and a sweet Toronto third that should become their regular) to go with the other classics like Buffalo and St Louis, I think that boads well for the league. We're not saying the league has to be a circus but that SOME color makes a return.

americn said...

Lets see how the Darkening of the NHL has gone, I'm sure the trend follows all other major sports. Dark colors are bland...

Let's review:

Anaheim: Switched to a black base color

Buffalo: Switched from royal blue to black to navy blue

Calgary: Added black.

Carolina: Added a black third

Chicago: Added a black third

Dallas: Made black more prominent than green

Edmonton: Darkened their blue and orange.

New Jersey: Green switched to black

NYI: Switched to a darker blue.

NYR: Added a third with navy blue(until rbk edge era)

Philly: Switched from orange to black as primary base

Pitsburgh: Darkened up yellow to gold.

St. Louis: Went from blue to navy

Sharks: Premiered a black third

Washington: Switch from red&blue to black, then to a red&blue that is still darker than original.

arrowcat11 said...

I've said it before. Bring back home team wear white. I'm tired of Pens(blk) v. Rangers(wht), Pens(blk) v. Devils(wht), Pens(blk) v. Redwings(wht), Pens(blk) v. Sharks(wht). Bring back color to the game. Pens(wht) v. Rangers(blue), Pens(wht) v. Devils(red), Pens(wht) v. Sharks(teal). I wish the Pens would go back to yellow gold. That beige color they have now sucks. The Flyers should go back to having an orange jersey. Can't wait til the Reebok contract ends and hopefully CCM will bring us back our beloved jersey's

Ogre said...

Home team SHOULD wear white. Also - the new Caps Red White and Blue is darker than the original, because it's more vibrant and bold on the ice. The lighter shade just doesn't pull it as well. Oh well.

One of these days.

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