Monday, September 1, 2008

New Sabres Logo On Merchandise

The guys over at 3rd Man In allegedly stumbled across some Buffalo Sabres merchandise today with the new third jersey logo on it.

They snapped a couple of pics. Here's one of them.

credit: 3rd Man In

To see the other one, check out their blog. By the way, these are not pictures of the jerseys, obviously. I think they said they were t-shirts.

I have no reason to doubt the veracity of these pictures. Notice the silver outline around all of the elements of the logo. That's really the only thing that makes it "new." Otherwise it's just the old logo from the Sabres' early days.

So it's not conclusive evidence, but one more reason to believe that 18 days from now, this is the logo we'll be seeing on the Sabres' new third jersey.


Axis said...

they bought the shirt, and all they can manage is a crappy camera-phone pic?

oh well, i always like the royal blue, and the new slug yellow is too close to school-bus orange for my liking.

then again updating a classic logo seems like a half-ass move to me.

Derek said...

Nothing makes you happy, eh? I'll see if I can get better pictures then.

motleybrent said...

What is the white line under the buffalo?

Derek said...

Those lines have been there since 1970. Theres one at the top right as well. My guess is that it shows the buffalo "in motion"

carpandean said...

Axis: as someone who owns both jerseys, the yellow on the slug is almost identical to the original jerseys. It looks a little different next to the navy, but sitting side-by-side, they look the same.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new jersey and, even without seeing it, I hope it will become the primary jersey soon.

Derek, that new link isn't working for me.

James said...

My theory about the white lines was always that they were two slash marks from the swords :)

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