Saturday, September 6, 2008

From The Ground Up: Pacific Names

The five markets with the most votes, to be included in the Pacific Division of our fantasy hockey league are final. Over 11,000 individual votes were cast in the poll.

In this post, I'm outlining those markets (alphabetically) along with the acceptable locators (listed below) for your team name nominations — which I'll begin accepting today by comment only.

  • ANCHORAGE, Alaska
    Alaska | Anchorage

  • LOS ANGELES, California
    California | Los Angeles | Anaheim | Long Beach

  • PORTLAND, Oregon
    Oregon | Portland | Salem

  • SEATTLE, Washington
    Washington | Seattle | Tacoma | Olympia

  • VANCOUVER, British Columbia
    B.C. | Vancouver | Burnaby | Victoria


Submit your team name nominations by leaving a comment below. Email submissions will be discarded. I will accept nominations for one week at which point new comments on this post will be closed. All name submissions that fit within the following parameters will be included in the name selection process which will begin next weekend.

If you want your submission included, DO NOT:
• use the name of any current or past NHL or WHA team.
• use the name of any current AHL or ECHL team.
• use the name or close variation of any current or past professional sports team within the same market or geographical area.
• use the name of any team from Project: IHA.
• use any name that would be considered vulgar, obscene or in any way inappropriate. (Sorry, this is my call.)

If you decide to use a locator not already on the list above, be prepared to have it discarded. I'm not setting that in stone as a restriction, but I'm also not guaranteeing I'll include anything not on the list. Sorry for all the restrictions but sometimes you have to "guide" originality.

Late addition: I'll also probably be weaning out some of the more ridiculous and absurd names. I don't mind fun ones, but I think you guys know what I mean.

It was suggested by a reader (ogre39666) that when submitting names you also submit a short reasoning for that name. I won't require that but I will recommend it since it might help your submission get votes later on if folks know where you got your idea.

Don't forget to make your submissions for the Central Division. You have until September 13.

Start submitting!


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Anonymous said...

i'm a little disapointed that las vegas didn't get a team. But i sure am glad Anchorage did!

Anonymous said...

Anchorage Blizzard, Los Angeles Lions, Portland Storm, Vancouver Vipers...I don't have one for Seattle though

Sabres Persuasion said...

Seattle Thunder

Anonymous said...

Alaska Whiteout, Tacoma Torrent, Los Angeles Rage, Salem favorite is the Tacoma Torrent

Resist The Machine. said...

Alaska Frostbite

Los Angeles Ice Zealots

Portland Riptide

Seattle Billionaires or Warhawks

Vancouver Mounties

Anonymous said...

i really like the Tacoma Torrent and the Alaska Frostbite or Whiteout

Jefferi said...

Alaska Giants

LA Rush

I agree with the Portland Riptide

Seattle Gang Green

Vancouver Burn

Anonymous said...

-Seattle Grunge: after the 90's music movement that began in Washington.

-LA Gangsters: after the gang violence there.

-Portland Tridents: after the famous portlandia sculpture welcoming people to the city.

-Anchorage Icequakes: after the 1964 earthquake there and its really cold there so instead of earthquakes, it's icequakes.

-Vancouver Elements: after the city motto of them prospering on sea, land, and air (the elements of matter).

I agree Las Vegas should've been chosen instead of portland or LA. My name for that city would've been the Las Vegas Card Sharks.

paploo said...

Here's a blog I found when doing research for the team names. It's how the NHL teams got their names... not sure if its entirely accurate but its worth looking through.

I thought it might inspire the thought process on choosing what you think the team names should be, and maybe looking into stuff before spouting off names with nothing behind them... although there seems to have been a lot of contests to pick names in the NHL.

Anonymous said...

Alaska Ice

Portland Riptide is great.

L.A. Blitzkreig

Seattle Rain

Vancouver Jackals

Mykl said...

Alaska Drillers(oil industry)
LA Stars?(celebs)
Portland Volcanoes?
Seattle Bucks(like starbucs(colours green, brown)
Vancouver Tribe(or some native type name)

Anonymous said...

Anchorage Huskies- Fairly obvious. Alaska is known for dogsledding, and a more fitting name for Alaska's largest city couldn't be found. Klondikes would also work, but doesn't have the same ring to it.
Portland Cascades- The state of Oregon is famous for Mt. Hood and the Cascade Mountains that run down the center of the state. Therefore, the Portland Cascades are a logical choice.
Vancouver Orcas- The famous orca whales that cruise the waters of the Pacific Northwest are the first thing that comes to mind when considering a team name for Vancouver. I could imagine a nice Haida-based logo.
Seattle Emeralds- The Emerald City is known for its green appearance, so there you go. Also, green looks great on hockey sweaters.
Los Angeles Lions- I like the alliterative ring of L.A. Lions, and gold comes to mind when I think of Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

Los Angeles Snapshots: after the paparazzi taking photos of celebrities there and also after the type of hockey shot.

Pav said...

Vancouver Vanquish

Mike said...

Alaska Blizzard - Like the sound of "Alaska Blizzard" over "Anchorage Blizzard"

Los Angeles Riot - Probably a low point (or points) in LA history, but would give the team an identity.

Portland Voyagers - A synonym for "trail blazer", sortof plays on the idea (from an outsider, anyway) that Portland was a hub for early settlers in the West.

Seattle Aviators - Seattle was an aviation hub that served as Boeing's headquarters for a long while and still is home to manufacturing plants.

Vancouver Mounties - Love the patriotism of that suggestion, and one doesn't really associate Mounties with other municipalities in Canada.

PThind said...

Vancouver Voodoo
Vancouver Vision
Vanocuver Velocity
Vancouver Vandals
Vancouver Vikings
Vancouver Venom
Any of these soud good?

Umar S said...

Anchorage Bears - big black bear population in Alaska

Long Beach Lizards - known lizard population

Portland Speed-or-Portland Speedsters - named after the Portland International Raceway

Seattle Jets - former home of Boeing

Vancouver Tribe - many Aboriginals live in and around Vancover

Matt in NYS said...

Seattle Matrix (alluding to software industry)

Vancouver Dragons (recognizing many Vancouverites' Chinese heritage)

Anchorage Aurora (for the Northern lights)

Oregon Lumberjacks (working heritage)

Los Angeles Majesties (thinking of Purple Mountain Majesties; is this different enough from Kings?)

Corky said...

california gold rush (after the gold rush of the mid-1800's)

california redwoods (the state tree)

california terminators (after the governator)

california grizzly bears (the state animal)

CrossoverT said...

Alaska Blizzard
Compton Cop Killers
Portland Pariahs
Tacoma Thunder
B.C. Bobcats

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ compton cop killers.

ogre39666 said...

thanks for the shout out Chris

paploo said...

I like the idea of naming a team tribes... but I think its better suited for Seattle, which is based where the Duwamish tribe lived... and I don't think anyone wants to name a team Duwamish... so here's my suggestions

Seattle Tribe or Tacoma Tribe-for reason stated above. (if that fails I like logocruncher's Seattle Emeralds)

Alaska Rush-the Gold rush, being a big part of the history there and in the Yukon.

B.C. or Victoria Mounties-(I liked the mounties idea, but I want this to be as different from the NHL as possible) That and the fact that the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) are our Provincial Police force being that we don't have our own.

Long Beach Surf or Long Beach Tide-California being one of the hot spots for surfing, and again trying to make it different then the NHL so not going with LA.

And I don't have on for Portland so I second the Cascades.

To Logocruncher Although I like the idea of the Vancouver Orcas, I think it would be too similar to the Canucks current logo, it already being an orca in a stylized Haida art. But outside of that your names are the best so far (seeing as I promoted two of them already). props to well thought out names instead of what may sound cool but has no relevance whats so ever.

paploo said...

Oh, and to all those posting teams with thunder as the name Stockton Thunder is in the ECHL being one of the band leagues. It doesn't take very long to do a quick search of the leagues to see what can't be used. Although I do realize that its easy to miss one or two, I did too, I wanted to suggest Seattle Chiefs but I had missed Johnstown Chiefs until the last second, which sucked cause I liked the name. So not trying to bash anyone, just do a little more research on what you can't use.

Michael said...

Alaska Frostbite (it's so cooold up there)
Long Beach Doggs (Snoop Dogg's hometown)
Oregon Slushers (known for its heavy rain, plus rain on ice makes slush)
Seattle Invaders (Space Needle-could have a UFO theme)
Vancouver Sasquatch (believed to appear around these parts, plus one of the mascots for the 2010 Winter Olympics)

bw said...

B.C SeaKings or Superhawks ( Canadian military helicopters)

CrossoverT said...

paploo youre also forgetting the Spokane Chiefs

Daniel said...

Alaska Anchors. Guess why.

Warrior19 said...

Alaska Denali

Los Angeles Conquerers

Portland Pioneers

Seattle Stealth

Vancouver Millionaires (technically was never an nhl team)

cptjeff said...

Alaska Ice was one I cam up with too- Anchorage Ice doesn't sound bad either.

Seattle Evergreens
Seattle Rain
Seattle Rainers (after the mountain)

I've got nothing for the rest.

paploo said...

CrossoverT true I did miss them... good thing I only needed one to cancel the idea.

Anonymous said...

Seattle Downpour after the city being rainy.

Anonymous said...

Alaska Inuit
Los Angeles Looters
Oregon Trailers
Seattle Salmon
Burnaby Burn

Anonymous said...

Anchorage Aces
Los Angeles Lions
Portland Pirates
Washington Warriors
cant think of one for vancouver

nu said...

Oregon Trail

Portland Cascades is nice, but I don't know how close they close they actually are, so...Oregon Cascades?

I like Seattle Downpour,
but can we PLEASE make an exception for the Supersonics?

or "Seattle Soundbreakers"
or "Tacoma Hypersonics"

California Wayne (does anything else say "hockey in Cali" to you?)

California Waverunners

BC Green

Anchorage Antlers (the moose share the city with the people)

I think "Alaska Aurora" sounds nice too.

PointMeAtTheSky said...

I agree with the following suggestions:

Seattle Emeralds. Gives the team it's colour, and it just sounds nice...

Vancouver Sasquatch, I just love this name, it fits very well, it opens the door to some nice logos, maybe combining Native and Chinese art?

And I suggest:

Anchorage Glaciers

Los Angeles Angels, it is the "city of angels" heh.

Portland Privateers. Privateers were pirates hired by the government to rob ships from other nations. Ships rest in a PORT. One famous Privateer was Sir Francis Drake, who explored the Pacific Northwest, which is obviously where Portland is.

Anonymous said...

Seattle Snowcaps (Cascade Mountains nearby, they get a ton of snow)

Portland Loggers (Top exports of lumber)

Eh that's all I can think of for now.

PRC. said...

Alaska Denali - the highest peak in North America.

California Kodiaks - The state flag (you know, the one with the bear) could easily be used in designs.

Portland Pioneers - Inspired by the Oregon Trail.

Seattle Rinkrats - Always loved this as a possibility for a team name; Seattle just seems like such a great fit, especially with all of the "wildlife" in the city's underground.

Vancouver Totems - A recognition of the area's aboriginal history.

ogre39666 said...

@ bulldogx2010
although there based out of Maine and not Oregon, there's already a Portland Pirates of the AHL

bw said...

Seattle Pike
Seattle Fishmongers (yes, this will likely get thrown out)

in recognition of the Pike Place Fish Market

Zach said...

Anchorage IceQuakes
California Kodiaks
Portland Privateers
Seattle Thunder
B.C. Riptide, or Breakers

Tony said...

Portland Pioneers

Seattle Settlers

Alaska Malamutes

Tony said...

Umm people, Thunder has already been used in the IHA project... Plus Thunder is not that common in Seattle...

Edger said...

Alaska Tuskers (Walrus logo)
Oregon Victory (in honor of Nike)
LA Scene
BC Kermodes (a specific type of Bear found only in BC; thank you wikipedia!)
I like Seattle Salmon

Matthew1995 said...

Vancouver Vikings For sure and The Tacoma Towers in way of the Space Needle which is a form of tower

Baller Blog said...

Alaska Huskies
California Bears
Portland Scouts
Seattle Argonauts
Vancouver Mounties

Baller Blog said...

Vancouver Vikings... I like it.

cr3we said...

Vancouver Northmen

robfrules said...

Alaska Frontiermen
Los Angeles Skyliners
Portland Explorers
Seattle Volcanoes
Vancouver Traders

cr3we said...

Los Angelas Avengers
Portland Beavers

Baller Blog said...

c23we... LA Avengers is already an AFL team. And the Oregon St. Beavers play College Football... did you already know that?

Baller Blog said...

Alaska Salmon

Long Beach Walrus

Portland Explorers

Seattle Orca

Vancouver Vikings

Mattstro Disastro said...

Alaska Mystery
L.A. Rush
Portland Pirates
Seattle Schooners
B.C. Warriors

Burzum said...

Anchorage Aleutians - (Aleutian Islands)
Anchorage Berings - (Bering Sea)
Anchorage Highpeaks - (Alsaka's many mountains)

Los Angeles Empire - (center of industry)
Los Angeles Tremors - (earthquakes)

Portland Miasma - (fog)
Portland Volcanics - (volcanoes in oregon)

Seattle Sounders - (Puget Sound)
Seattle Stormfront - (Seattle's inclement weather)

Vancouver Needles - (pine needles, abundance of conifers/temperate rain forests)
Vancouver Shoreliners

Matt in NYS said...

Mattstro: Not only are the Portland (Me.) Pirates an AHL team, but as an Albany River Rats fan I hate them. Alaska Mystery more than makes up for it, so great post! Best hockey movie EVER!

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to point out one of my favourite name submissions, by Zach:

Anchorage IceQuakes
California Kodiaks
Portland Privateers
Seattle Thunder
Vancouver Riptide

They really sound like actual team names, rather than just stating the location's significance. Chris, I really think you should consider using all five of these names.

Tony said...

what is so hard to understand that Thunder is already used in the IHA and cant be used again....

Do people not know how to read?

Michael said...

I liek Riptide, Aviators, and Voyagers. I suggest L.A. Condors, or is there a ECHL team named that?

Baller Blog said...

I like Burzum's submissions more than my own.

And might I add that California Kodiaks makes no sense as a team name, seeing that Kodiak Bears are native to KODIAK ISLAND, AK and are found no where else on Earth in the wild.

Alaska Kodiaks would work, but all we have here in California are Brown Bears.

That being said, California Bears would be a cool name with the CA state flag as a tertiary or secondary logo. It kind of makes sense geographically too, as we have bears less than an hour east of LA and Orange Counties in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Baller Blog said...

Burzum's names:

Anchorage Aleutians - (Aleutian Islands)
Anchorage Berings - (Bering Sea)

(Both of these are cool for Alaska)

Los Angeles Empire - (center of industry)
Los Angeles Tremors - (earthquakes)

(I like both of these for LA, but I would add California Bears)

Portland Miasma - (fog)
Portland Volcanics - (volcanoes in oregon)

(Much better than Pioneers, Pirates, Explorers, etc. Although I'd go with Volcanics because the Cascades go through Oregon)

Seattle Sounders - (Puget Sound)
Seattle Stormfront - (Seattle's inclement weather)

(Don't like either of these. Sounders was a soccer name if I'm not mistaken and Stormfront sounds too minor league.)

Vancouver Needles - (pine needles, abundance of conifers/temperate rain forests)
Vancouver Shoreliners

(I'd go with Shoreliners over Needles. I can't imagine a hockey team pulling a "Stanford" with the whole Pine Tree bit.)

Nice job on the submissions overall IMO.

Ksy92003 said...

I liek Riptide, Aviators, and Voyagers. I suggest L.A. Condors, or is there a ECHL team named that?

There is an ECHL team, the Bakersfield Condors.

CrossoverT said...


Tony said...

Washington Olympians (for the mountain range)
Seattle Gulls

Anonymous said...

Alaska/Anchorage Huskies - as previously stated

Los Angeles Coast
Portland Thorns
Seattle Stealth - i didn't notice Warrior19 did this one too, but i like it.

Vancouver Timber

Anonymous said...

Washington Olympians (for the mountain range)
How about the Olympia Olympians? Lol...

Yeah, I'm glad used already used Thunder as an IHA name, Seattle fans already hate the name 'Thunder' because of the OKC Thunder. It's a very WNBA name, or in this league, very ECHL.

Bach said...

Los Angeles Fit

(when I think of LA, I think of where body building began to take prominence plus I think someone can come with with a pretty intimidating logo)

Seattle Anglers

(I think of a lot of fishing when it comes to Seattle)

Portland Brewers

(well known for their beer)

what do you guys think?

vince said...

Los Angeles hotshots (because very one in la thinks thier cool)

Anchorage northen lights (because thats where you can see the northen lights)

Baller Blog said...

I like Gulls for Seattle. Reminds me of the old San Diego Gulls, which I always thought was a cool name.

California/Oakland Golden Seals was cool too.

Alaska is harder than I thought...

Alaska Kodiaks
Alaska Huskies
Alaska Walrus
Alaska Whales/Whalers
Alaska Eskimos (or is this already a name?)

Rob said...

someone stole my idea for the alaska mystery

anchorage alaskans?
alaska tribe
seattle monarchs
los angeles pistols
portland inferno
vancouver destroyers

Rafay said...

Anchorage Ice
Anaheim Rage
Portland Roses
Seattle Snakes
Burnaby Bears

Anonymous said...

Anchorage Crabs
Los Angeles Terminators
Portland Explorers
Seattle Silver Seals
Vancouver Lumberjacks (or Jacks)

Adriel said...

Anchorage/Alaka - Grey Wolves

Portland- Bears

Seatte - Stealth

Los Angeles - Golden Tides

Vancouver- Thunderbirds

raj_b99 said...

Vancouver sasquatch(previously Said)
seattle snipe
portland pirates
Alaska Mystery(the movie)
L.A. Vikings

raj_b99 said...

someone said LA avengers, they're a Arena football team

plus portland riptide is a sick name

thomas-hood said...

Anchorage Igloos

LA Terminators(in honor of Gov.Arnold)

PORTLAND Roses(portland is the host of a large rose festival every year)

SEATTLE Space Needles(See Sleepless in Seattle)

VANCOUVER Cedars(some of the biggest trees located in Vancouvers Stanley Park)

Tony said...

why are people saying Huskies? I think Malamutes is a more natural fit. Alaskan Malamutes is the dog breed, not Alaskan Huskies...

Arenacale said...

Well, there goes the "Knights of Silicon Valley" name I've been thinking of all week...

Alaska Kodiaks

(Los Angeles) Hollywood Blockbusters

Oregon Trail Hunters

Seattle Vendetta (for the Sonics deal)

Vancouver Edge

skullcap said...

B.C. V's
Victoria V's

Ksy92003 said...

You know, I live near Los Angeles, and I don't think a stereotypical name should be used. Names like "Hotshots" because everybody thinks they're so cool is ridiculous.

Also, the Cop Killers and the Gangsters is just plain stupid. I'm sorry, but that's a very mean and very stereotypical.

Anonymous said...

Seattle Storm...Plenty of stormy weather there and it just sounds good.

bruinbxr5791 said...

Anchorage Tundra
Los Angeles Cyclones
Seattle Storm sounds good banditj13
Vancouver Edge sounds good arenacale
Portland Riptide is godly

Kyle said...

Vancouver Westleys (West Coast anyone?)
Seattle Sea Devils (SEAttle, coastal city)
Alaska Eskimos
Los Angeles Lions
Portland Padres

W said...

vancouver warriors
seattle sound (reference to music scene from seattle in the early 90's)
anchorage arachnids
california cougars
portland winterhawks

mwchad said...

Alaska Athabaskan - (Athabaskan peoples of Alaska)
Long Beach Shipmen - (Shipping industry in Long Beach)
Salem Cherries - (City's cherry fame)
Olympia Wind - ("There are windstorms that occur every year that bring power outages to Western Washington. The windstorm season runs from about the middle of October through the middle of March." HOCKEY SEASON!) (Taken from Wikipedia)
Surrey Future - (Surrey is part of 'Metro Vancouver.' I hope it may be used. The city's motto is "The future lives here.")
Burnaby Freemasons - (Robert Burnaby, discoverer of Burnaby, was a freemason)

I really hope Surrey can be used as a locator, because I'm a bit more proud of the Surrey Future than the Burnaby Freemasons.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Alaska Conquest (It's referred to as the last frontier)

Los Angeles Surf (i think of the beach and surfing and douche bags when i think of LA)

Portland Hatchet Men (Oregon makes me think of logging.)

Seattle Torrent (a torrent is a rush of river water or a strong down pour. I know I'm gonna get crap about the Pontiac SUV.)

Vancouver Harbor (It's a shipping town in west Canada.)

Tony said...

The Seattle Storm is a WNBA team....

Ksy92003 said...


There already is a Seattle Storm: WNBA. So per the third rule, that name can't be used:

"[Do not] use the name or close variation of any current or past professional sports team within the same market or geographical area.

Ksy92003 said...

Other names suggested that can't be used:

Seattle Rain- similar to Storm, WNBA team
Seattle Dounpour- similar to Storm, WNBA team
Seattle Thunder- similar to Storm, WNBA team, and IHA name
Seattle Stormfront- similar to Storm, WNBA team
Seattle Orca- too similar to Vancouver Canucks, very close to Seattle
Los Angeles Angels- already an MLB team
Los Angeles Avengers- already an AFL team
Alaska Whalers- former NHL team (Hartford)

Ksy92003 said...

Seattle Torrent also sounds too similar to "Storm", although it's a pretty awesome name.

Anonymous said...

Vancouver Escorts (to honour the large escort business in Van City.)
Seattle Mist (in reference to the climate where they get little rain, but it falls as mist which gives the appearance of constant rain)
Alaska(n) Mammoth (after the State Fossil)
Los Angeles Capitols (Capitol tower, bad i know)
Oregon Craters (after Crater Lake)

Tony said...

you can Seattle Sound to that.

Seattle Sounders FC is a soccer team there.

Going to be MLS soon.

Srini said...

Alaska Frontiersman (From the nickname The last frontier

California Bears (Bear on the state flag. However, University of California are called the Golden Bears)

Portland Craters (Crater lake)

Seattle Steamrollers (Steam from Starbucks coffee but steam doesnt sound that scary)

Vancouver Whalesmdv

Andrew Harkins said...

Alaska Blizzard/Blizzards
Alaska Eskimos

Anchorage Sled Dogs (from the Iditarod Race)
Anchorage Mushers

Los Angeles Golden Stars (based on their entertainment industry)

California Grizzly Bears (since I can't suggest Grizzlies)
California Bears (although this is the informal name of Berkeley, they're not a pro team)

Long Beach Waves/Tsunami
Long Beach Captains (based on their shipping industry)
Long Beach Internationals (from the city's nickname)

Oregon Beavers (the beaver state, and OSU is not a pro team)

Seattle Rockets (loosely applies to the nickname jet city)

Vancouver Lumberjacks (for their forestry industry)

Anonymous said...

Alaska Aleutians
L.A. Earthquake
Portland Beavers
Seattle 757s
Vancouver Caribou (Cariboo)

Silver said...

Anchorage ICE


Portland PITTBULLS (BULLS for short)

Seattle STINGRAYS (Either RAYS or STING for short)

Vancouver TIDE

Chris said...

It hasn't been 24 hours and it looks to me like we're already running out of good ideas. Good being the operative word there. To cut down on superfluous posts, let me make a few suggestions.

Read the rules before posting names. If you post an ineligible name, you're just wasting my time and your own.

Don't post a comment just to second someone else's idea. If it follows the rules, it'll be included. You can show your support by voting for it when the time comes.

If you're not sure whether your idea has already been posted and you don't want to read through ALL the suggestions, do a quick search of the page. Almost every browser has some sort of page search feature. Try the menu under Edit > Find. Works wonders.

Also, because of the incredible response in less than a day, I'm going to have to set a new limit on these naming nominations, unfortunately. We're probably averaging about 30 to 40 eligible names for each team. That's absurd.

I'm going to have to set a limit on the number of names available in the selection process. I'm thinking I'll pick the 20 or 25 names that seem to have the best chance at being finalists and you can pick from those.

I hate to do that because I said I'd include them all but I wasn't expecting so many submissions — and just within the first 24 hours. This would be an insane amount of work for me and I just simply don't have the time for it.

Mark said...

Anchorage Harbor - play on the term anchorage
LA SWAT - Named after the world's most famous police force
Portland Trail - Oregon trail
Seattle Aero - The presence of Boeing and other aeronautics in the Pacific Northwest
Vancouver Express - The termination point of the Trans-Canada railway

nu said...

Alaska Pipeline (it's the biggest thing coming out of that state)

-Though I would definitely take Malamutes over Huskies

-and Anchorage Alaskans is kind of funny. And works at least as well as Montreal Canadiens.

Alaska 49ers (for being the 49th state)
Alaska 59ers (for being admitted in 1959)

Pav said...

Vancouver Vanquish

Seattle Sorcerors

llp02 said...

California Grizzlies - California's state animal is the California Grizzly.
Portland Lumberjacks - Posted for other cities, but works for Portland too.
Seattle Deluge - Known for its heavy rain.

Ksy92003 said...

If we're going with Anchorage Alaskans, I might as well suggest Alaska Aleutian.

cr3we said...

Portland Lumberjax is an NLL team...i think lol

Mark said...

whoops, forgot express was used in the IHA, my bad.

Vancouver Dominion - After the major rail route that runs through Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal

Anonymous said...

Anchorage Assassins

Just an intimidating team name, and I'd be curious to see what kind of awesome logo somebody could come up for it.

Anonymous said...

LA Revolvers - for the wild west in 19th century and lawless reputation in first half of 20th century

Anchorage Golden Stars - for the Alaska state flag

Portland Pioneers - for historical reference (alternate name if not acceptable: Settlers)

Seattle Launch - inspired by the space needle, if nothing else, and aeronautical history (Boeing)

Vancouver Lumberjacks - I think represents the area and/or northwest. originally a small lumber town

Tony said...

Alaska Majors (for Ursa Major, the constellation on the Alaskan state flag)

Anonymous said...

"LA Revolvers - for the wild west in 19th century and lawless reputation in first half of 20th century"

I forgot to mention bank robbery capital of US :-)

Mattstro Disastro said...

Matt in NYS: Oh wow, I can't believe I didn't change that. I actually remember acknowledging that the Pirates already existed (why it came to mind so quickly) and I could have sword I'd changed it to the Portland Pistols. I probably typed it into some chat window and disturbed a friend of mine.

Gocubs2212 said...

LA Arsenal (nicknamed LAX because of the airport)

Portland Eruption (Near Mt. St. Helens)

BC Monarchs (Britan=Monarchy)

Seattle Haze (known for their rain)

and I agree with Anchorage 49ers

Anonymous said...

tedmlevine: Zacks all 5 entries were so good because they were already submitted by other people first.

Griesmonkey said...

I went for team names that match the letters that the city/state start with, because i like teams that are named that way. So i've come up with.

The Long Beach Lunatics

The Vancouver Vanguard

The Washington Warriors (not an entirely unique name, but prolly could do something cool with the logo involving local tribes and stuff)

i like the Portland Pioneers mentioned by a few people already

and this is one i really hope gets used, or at least considered:

The Anchorage Axe Murderers

FlyersGuy said...

Alaska Ice - self explanatory

Anaheim Baracade - for their the Anaheim Ducks immovable object in goal, J.S. Giguere

Salem Conjurers - hinting at the salem witch trials

Seattle Torrent - for the torrential rain common in that area

i can't think of a good Vancouver one, but I want the first name to be Vancouver

Damme said...

Alaska Mystery - after the movie
Seattle Sky Captains - after Boeing
Long Beach Steel Sharks - Planes and such, plus water
Olympia Bolts - Olympics were held for Zeus and he was the god of thunder
Portland Wavers - water and the crowd do waves

Bryan said...

Anchorage Blizzard- hmm I wonder
Vancouver Vantage- I just love the 2 names together
Salem Slash- This suggests a ferocious team that will go Happy Gilmore on you
Los Angeles Flash- Flashing cameras
Olympia Overflow- The gods are angry and it floods

Anonymous said...


"Minneapolis Vikings, Minnesota has a rich scandinavian history"

"Los Angeles Angels, it is the "city of angels"..."

...what planet are you from?

I like the originality of team names in this division...not as obvious answers...people are really using their noodles

TheGoon said...

Alaska Anchors

California Choppers

Portland Shock

Seattle Steamboats

Vancouver Orcas

Ksy92003 said...


Of course, there already is the San Francisco 49ers. But San Francisco and Alaska aren't in the same geographical market, so I suppose this one can be used. But it would be awfully hard to create a logo for it. For example, the San Francisco 49ers have just an "SF" in an oval.


You can't use Vancouver Orcas because that's almost exactly the same as Vancouver Canucks, who have an orca as their logo.

Erik said...

Alaska Denali

California Jack Bauers

Portland Thorns, (City of Roses, or something like that)

Seattle Schooners


Anonymous said...

1) Alaska Golden Rush (I think someone else said Alaska Rush, but I think the 2 word moniker flows better)

2) Los Angeles Snapshots
(flyersk27 had an awesome name with L.A. Snapshots.. for their paparazzi and the hockey shot. i say we go with it!)

3) Portland Riptide -- That actually sounds like it would be used as an NHL team's name. I love it. Great job Resist the Machine.

4) Seattle Sonic Boom -- In tribute of their aircrafting heritage.
Otherwise, Seattle Emeralds, that is hands down one of the best sounding names. Good job logocruncher for that one.

5) Vancouver Torrent -- I thought the word Torrent was awesome (well done penguinslord67 for suggesting its use for a rainy area) and Vancouver does get a lot of rain as well.. and it seems as though Seattle has more options than Vancouver does for cool names.

J.K.E. said...

Alaska Malamutes - the famous Alaskan dog.

Los Angeles Missions - dual meaning here, a competitive meaning and a historical one.

Portland Bee's - Bee's like roses right?

Seattle Torrent - it always rains here, seriously.

B.C. Captains - referring to the many explorers and adventurers who braved this wilderness.

Anonymous said...

California condors or Cougars

Portland Explorers

Seattle Americans-see note below

Vancouver Canadians- kind of a across the border shout out to what would be an intense rivalry. These names are a package deal though.

Dan said...

I really like one of the ones above, the Seattle Grunge. That's a great name.

L.A. Conquistadors

Portland Babes (as in Paul Bunyon's big blue ox...lumberjacks and all)

Vancouver Mounties

Anonymous said...


I enjoy the blog and the originality showcased. My first post here, so here goes:

Alaska - couldn't think of anything original that wasn't already posted
LA Haze - for the smog, you could go with "purple haze" to get the rock n' roll/glamour feel of the area
Portland Pioneers - local pioneering heritage
Seattle Grind - shout out to the local coffee houses and the sports term to "grind it out" or "grind the boards"
Tacoma Thunderbird - link to Native American folklore
Vancouver Sea Bears - spin on the orca theme, may give more flexibility in logos from the Canucks
BC Chinook - for the Northwest wind, tribe, and salmon; though I think there's a pro basketball team in the region by the same name (Portland Chinooks of the IBL)

Leafers LP said...

Portland Power - Referring to the mighty forests of Portland, where gigantic trees tower.

Anonymous said...

The Alaska Frontier - Alaska being "The Last Frontier"

California Tidal Wave - Waves, beach, surfing.

Salem Warlocks - Ironic.

SEATTLE EMERALDS!!! - Amazing name! The Emerald City. Green looks nice on jerseys, not too many of them. Just perfect for the team.
Emerald is an expensive stone - power and wealth. Emerald is linked to many great powers such as King Charles IX, Cortez, the Tribes of Israel, etc.

Vancouver Sasquatch - Sasquatch has been seen here and surrounding areas.

Tony said...

Seattle Purple Haze
Seattle Distortion
Seattle Experience

all for Jimi Hendrix, who is from the Seattle Area.

Thehurricane said...

Alaska Kodaks for kodak bears

Anonymous said...

apparently Lumberjacks is not OK, since it was already a team in IHL or AHL...

so I will gladly submit Vancouver Victors - to signify victory and also in reference to the name Victoria which has historical relevance in the area

Trevor said...

Burnaby Joe's

FlyersGuy said...

i thought of a name for Vancouver. The Vancouver Vanguards

ogre39666 said...

@ Flyersguy:
Umm... This Salem is in Oregon; the Salem Witch Trials happened in Massachusetts in 1692. Come on dude, Oregon wasn't even a colony, use your head. A simple wikipeadia search would tell you stuff like this.

admin said...

LA Superstars, referring to hollywood and such.

The Seattle Reign or Olympia Heroes (Gods, if no one minds the name.)

Salem Gunslingers.

admin said...

Seattle Aces could go well with the airplane imagery, if we're going for that.

Reid Foose said...

Vancouver Orcas (The immense amount of orcas in the area and the aquarium)
Alaska Ice (The state is icy and it sounds cool)
Portland Rapids (after the columbia river)
Seattle Totems (After totem poles of the native americans)
The California Wave (The whole state is on the ocean)

admin said...

But with a name like the orcas you're bounding to get a bunch of Canucks knock offs.

paploo said...

The Vancouver Aquarium sucks. theres nothing there out side of Otters and Belugas... it used to be ok, but it has never been good. and as Admin said and I have said before Canuck knock off potential (and given the cities picked to not be the NHL I have a feeling that we would get plenty).

jos said...

VAncouver Thunderbirds

jos said...

Vancouver Venom

Anonymous said...

@ ogre3966...

I understand ur comment was to Flyersguy,
but before u say anything about my team name.
"Salem Warlocks"

it was pure irony. (or w/e. probably a better word for it +P)
Opposite side of the country (East vs West)
Naming the team after what tore the city apart (in Mass. at least)
And even using the term 'Warlock' instead of 'Witches'

isk, to be honest. i didnt have much for that team name =P

admin said...

Portland Power-Strong name in general
Portland Destroyers-see above

Oregon Ore-Get it? Sorry, bad joke i kno.

Anonymous said...

Anchorage Crab Kings

LBC Doggs... fo shizzle

Oregon Trail... the jersey is all black with green digital writing on front that says "You died of dysentery"

Seattle Starpucks

Vancouver Valiants

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that thinks Seattle Emeralds sounds awful. It has little to do with seattle and it flows terribly. Big deal if it gives the team its colors, its still a bad name. Please stop posting aces, blizzard, and ice as a team name too, its been used in hockey before and the amount of times its been suggested is rediculous. Plus they are basically lazy name suggestions (well it's cold there so lets call them the snow), be creative.

Anonymous said...

Anchorage Aurorans

Los Angeles Dukes

Salem Wildcats

Tacoma Ranchers

Burnaby Barnstormers

Shawn said...

Vancouver Carbon - #1E90FF, #7CFC00, #C0C0C0

GeauxColonels said...

Alaska Fishermen

Long Beach Kahunas

Salem Lumberjacks

Tacoma Engineers

Vancouver Gold Rush

Krach911 said...

Alaska Eskimos
California Miners
Portland Lumberjacks
Seattle Rock
Vancouver Totems

canucklehead said...

Vancouver Wave

Portland Castaways

Los Angeles Harlequins

Alaskan Crabs (lol)

Seattle Stormers

Troz32 said...

Alaska Huskies
Vancouver Totems
LA Superstars
Seattle Rainiers
Portland Neptunes

admin said...

Seattle Emeralds is too easy of an identity to create. Let's come up with something with a bit more pizazz.

Anonymous said...

Republic of California Red Bears-yes

Alaska Huskies-c'mon Huskies are sweet and they have the whole dogsledding thing there and its way tougher and more real than icequakes

Vancouver Vikings-tough and gives way for a good logo

Seattle Skyhawks or Tacoma Torrent

Portland Riverkings or Oregon Orangecoats(like tigers)

canucklehead said...

I forgot Anchorage Wanderers

Pete said...

LA Silver Stars
Portland Voyageurs
Seattle Aeros
Vancouver Vampires
Alaska Mountain Cats

Anders Åke Albin Sandström said...

Alaska Dargonflies

Long Beach Lifeguards

Portland Vipers

Seattle Rainshadows

Victoria Warriors

Vlad said...

Grays (the whale)
Sea Lions
Sea Dogs
Harbor Seals

BC Otters
BC Lumber / Lumberjacks

Vlad said...

Portland Tritons

(it's the name of the state sea-shell, but it's also the name of a mythical creature... like a mermaid. It could make for some awesome logos)

Vlad said...

Alaska Malamutes (sled dogs)

Alaska Polarniks
(Alaska used to belong to Russia, Polarnik is a slang word for people who live or work above the arctic circle.)

Vlad said...

Seattle Fish-tossers
Seattle Salmon-chuckers
(both reference the famous fish market)

Seattle Reign (play-on-words for 'rain' and 'rule')

Vlad said...

Oregon Evergreens

Portland Tridents
(reference the "Portlandia" sculpture.)

Vlad said...

Long Beach Surfers

Pace said...

Alaska King Crabs (for the famous Alaskian King Crabs) or Alaska IceCrabs(so we know it's a hockey team!)

Los Angeles Playboys (I would love to see a logo for that!!) (and HughHefner as the owner, imagine the Ice Girls!!)

Portland Rosebuds (tribute to the first professional hockey team in the US)or Portland Brewtopia (Portland is home to more breweries than any othercity in the country)

Seattle Emeralds (It's been proposed before but I like it)

Vancouver Kermodes (The Kermode bear also named Ghost Bear or Spirit Bearcan only be found in BC) or Vancouver Orcas (because we can find Orcas!!!)

Anonymous said...

Alaska Racers (Sled dog theme)
Anaheim Hammers
Portland Jacks (Lumberjack theme)
Seattle Wave
B.C. Black Bears

Vlad said...

Vancouver Gulls / Seagulls
Seattle Gulls / Seagulls
Portland Gulls / Seagulls

LA Hoods
LA Smog
LA Gang
California Lowriders
California Captains (sailing theme)
California Roadrage / Rage
California Traffic (cars and drugs... and people)
California Beaners
California Outlaws / Illegals
California Suns

Vlad said...

Seattle Neptunes
Seattle Poseidons
Seattle Tsunami

Vlad said...

Oregon Otters

Vlad said...

Washington Olympians

Vlad said...

Portland Blasters (Mt. Saint Helen's blast)
Portland Vulcans (same reason)

Vlad said...

Seattle Steelheads (state fish)

Vlad said...

Seattle Sound
(refers to both Puget Sound and the music that people claim is distinctly Seattle.)

Canis said...

Not sure if it's been mentioned but I've always thought Seattle Sockeyes would be a fabulous hockey nickname...multiple meanings

JSeppe said...

Anchorage Steam (relating to railroads, trains etc)

Los Angeles Espanolas

Portland Brewers

Seattle Olympic (Mountains)

Vancouver Foresters

I have picked these names along a theme of geography, economy or history.
Anchorage was built as the centre of the Alaskan railway, Los Angeles started life as a Spanish colony, Portland has a thriving microbrewery culture emerging, Seattle is overlooked by the Olympic Mountains, and Vancouver has been a logging centre for centuries.

Canis said...

Couple more...

California Makos
Alaska Kodiaks
Portland Eels
Vancouver Goal Diggers

Ice_General75 said...

It may not be accepted, but if it is possible to use a regional name as opposed to that of a City or State (ie. Lake Erie Monsters and Quad City Flames of the AHL), I would like to suggest for the Anchorage team: Arctic Blast

And similar to the original naming of the Anahiem franchise, The Immortals of Olympia (I am guessing The Gods would be too politically incorect).

admin said...

I'd like to see Chris make an official statement on it.

Can the team name Gods be used for the Olympia franchise. In the name's defense Devils and Angels and Demons are used so Gods is just a step up there.

Would anyone be offended by the name Gods?

King Aardvark said...

(with tongue in cheek):

Anchorage Anchors
Caw-lee-for-nee-ya Schwarzeneggers
Oregon Oregano
Washington Monuments
Vancouver Weed

jos said...

Seattle Sockeyes
California Kodiaks

.bob. said...

My apologies if I've violated one of the restrictions (I'm not that versed in team names) or if I copied someone else's idea (I don't have time to read everything posted already.

Alaska Alpines/Alps (refers to those majestic Arctic mountain ranges

Los Angeles Action (refers to busy city and movie industry in Hollywood (i.e. "Lights, Cameras, ACTION!"), also indirectly to earthquakes)

Portland Parkers (reference to Portland as the "greenest city of America")

Seattle Soarers (reference to famed aviation industry, indirectly to Space Needle and coffee industry (the energy boost))

Vancouver Visionaries (refers to Vancouver as an area of leading explorers/visionaries and also today as one of Canada's leading cities)

kevin4peace said...

Anchorage Sealions/ Walruses- There are sealions (seals) in Alaska

Los Angeles Lawn Chairs- lol sorry, that just made me laugh

Los Angeles Heatwave- Its hot there :P

Portland Power- Kewl

Seattle Speed- Also kewl

Vancouver Vessels- Vessel= ship/ boat

James said...

Anchorage Alaskans
Los Angeles Icers
Portland Ports
Seattle Boomers
Vancouver Totems

Connor said...

1. Anchorage Grizzlys
2. Los Angeles Stars
3. Portland Beavers
4. Seattle Gold Rush
5. Vancouver Olympians/Killers/Pines

Connor said...

Ya i like the Vancouver Totems

Emis said...

Portland Thorns. Portland has been known as "The City of Roses" with many rose gardens. And there is no rose without a thorn :)

admin said...

I like the concept behind the hame Vancouver Totems but is there a different name we could use so we get the same style of logo but with a fiercer name?

Vancouver Natives
Vancouver Shamans
Vancouver Mystics

Canis said...

LOL, how bout Vancouver Wooden Poles?

admin said...

0_o Wooden Poles? That's naughty.

Vancouver Magic Sticks?

Anonymous said...

Vancouver Captains (City named about Captain Vancouver)

Oregon Spirits (Oregon has the most ghost towns in the USA)

Los Angeles or Long Beach Riptide (for their beach history and surf history)

Seattle Skirmish (small battle throughout Seattle's history, plus it sounds good)

Ancourage or Alaska Bowheads (The state whale, plus it would make for a great logo)

mwchad said...

The Los Angeles RipTide are a Major League Lacrosse team. Sorry

S.D. said...

Apologies if any of these have been posted; I was reading through people's ideas but there were just too many!

* Anchorage Pilots (since air travel is so common in Alaska)
* Anchorage Malamutes (after the sled dog)
* Anchorage Caribou (local wildlife)

* Portland Parrots (no reason...just like the sound of it)
* Portland Thunderbirds (after the mythological bird...this could also work for Vancouver, and only the WHL team keeps it from working for Seattle)
* Portland Chinook (the name of an indigenous nation, a type of salmon, and a wind)

* Seattle Slayers (an oblique reference to Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew)
* Seattle Robots (for the high-tech companies in the area)

* Vancouver Ravens (for the place the Raven holds in the mythology of the Tlingit and other could use this name for Portland and Seattle, too)
* Vancouver Lumberjacks (lumber was a major part of the town's economy early on)

No names for LA...couldn't come up with anything good.

Mike said...

The Vancouver Ravens was a lacrosse team for a few years, so probably should be disqualified. I've also seen a couple submissions for Thunderbirds. There is both a Seattle Thunderbirds, and a UBC (university) Thunderbirds.

I can't believe I've read 187 comments, and haven't seen LA Riot submitted.

Anonymous said...

Alaska Frontier
California Stars
Vancouver Explorers
Oregon Timbermen
Seattle Emeralds

admin said...

LA Riot

Anonymous said...

My bad mwchad, that was actually the only major sport league I did not check. haha..

Make it...

Los Angeles or Long Beach Surf or Swell...

I know its close to riptide, but the logo for the riptide is a shark fin. I would try and make it some cool looking wave or something.

Griesmonkey said...

Update to my comment 9/7 3:04 am

Anchorage Axemen since Anchorage Axe Murderers may be a bit extreme

Bryan said...

So, this is a submission for the LA area team even though it doesn't use one of the specified locations:

Santa Monica Muscle

Rationale: Based off of the relatively famous Muscle Beach in Venice, CA (near Santa Monica. A better name might be Venice Muscle, but Venice isn't immediately recognizable as LA area). Santa Monica is right next to the city of Los Angeles and is still in LA county (unlike Anaheim).

Garrett said...

Alaska Frontier
Alaska Polar Stars
Alaska Kodiaks (species of bear)

Los Angeles Highwaymen (tons of interstate highways)

Portland Orcas
Portland Pumas

Seattle Cascade

Vancouver Villains
British Columbia Brutes

DanielC said...

Alaska Wolves
Vancouver Truckers
Vancouver Longshoremen
Vancouver Dockers
Portland Roses

Prouse said...

Washington Olympia

Prouse said...

Alaska Icequakes

Kyle said...

Seattle Squall
1. a sudden, violent gust of wind, often accompanied by rain, snow, or sleet.

Cameron said...

-Alaksa Icequakes (9.8 magnitude Good Friday Earthquake with a twist), Alaksa 67's (Year U.S. bought Alaska from Russia), Alaska 49ers
-Los Angeles Frieghtors (largest port in United States)
- Portland LumberJacks (large logging history), Portland Clearing (before being named, Porland was called "the clearing")
- Washington Olympia (Mount Olymus very close to Washington)
- Vancouver Elements (motto "by sea, land, air), B.C. Bobcats (found throughout the province), B.C. Grizzles, B.C. Monarchs (British Columbia named after Britian, which has a monarchy), B.C. Stellers or Jays (after the provinces official bird)

Anonymous said...

Alaska Huskies (The Iditarod "Husky Sled Race" is held anually in Alaska).
Portland Riptide (Portland is right by the coast and the name just, works)
Seattle Ravens (totem pole logo similar to the Seahawks)
Los Angeles or California Quakes (Commonly known for earthquakes and the San Andreas' Fault)
Vancouver Grizzlies (Bring the Grizzlies back to where they belong)

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