Sunday, August 31, 2008

Third Jersey Interpretations

A few weeks ago, the folks over at posted their interpretations of Howard Berger's descriptions of this year's new crop of third jerseys. I realized I hadn't written anything up about it yet.

These images are by no means official nor have they been created with any information beyond what Berger wrote — as far as I know. But I at least thought they made for an interesting discussion. Here are a few of the speculative designs.

For a complete look at what they've come up with, check out their web site. They have all 18 jerseys plus a couple of bonuses divided into two parts. Click for Part 1 and Part 2.

Remember, this is all speculation and nothing official has been confirmed yet. And for what it's worth, I understand NHL 09 is coming out soon and may feature the new third jerseys. If they do and someone can provide screenshots, I'd be happy to post them. But for official release dates, stay tuned to the Countdowns element in the sidebar.


cptjeff said...

I like that blues design. Pretty sharp if you ask me.

Dallas is ugly as hell, I can't stand that look.

Senators is god-awful as well, Hurricanes actually looks pretty good.

Most of them actually look pretty good IMO.

carpandean said...

Top row: good;
bottom row: bad.

Can't believe I am saying this, but I really like the 'Canes third the best of those six.

Glovesave29 said...

Ugh - all of them are horrible. NHL needs to contact Ghettofarmboy...his designs are FAR superior to these monstrocities.

Ksy92003 said...

For those who dislike the Stars' jersey here, I have to say that the jersey looks pretty good in person. I haven't seen the white "DALLAS" jersey in person, but when I was in New York earlier in the month, my hotel was on 47th and Broadway. The NHL Powered by Reebok is on 47th and 6th, the same block. I went there a couple times, and they had a whole collection of all the current jerseys (see

I have never liked the Stars' current home jersey from seeing it on TV or on the internet. However, looking at the jersey two feet in front of me, I have to say that it actually looks pretty awesome in person.

THE ©aniac said...

The hurricanes jersey is the best except for the stars on the bottom.
I don't get the reverse diaganol on the sens logo and I for one can't see tampa bay with the diaganol letters.
The blues and kings are good and its interesting dallas is using a white jersey as their third.

cptjeff said...

I should clarify that when I say most of them I mean the set as a whole- basically everything but what's on that bottom row.

That sens could actually look decent if it were much larger letters that ran into each other on a gold background though, depending on what RBK rendered as "gold".

arrowcat11 said...

Dallas looks more like a Football jersey than a Hockey jersey. The whole RBK EDGE crap has got to go

Charlie @ Sabres Not Slugs said...

The Sabres are definitely going to have front ties and front numbers.

cptjeff said...

front numbers? On that jersey? For shame...

And arrowcat, it's not the RBK edge design that's causing the problems. It's idiot designers from the teams. Look at the Devils.

And I was thinking basketball jersey with sleeves, but Football is similar too.

arrowcat11 said...

cptjeff, I like the Basketball comparison! IMO it's not solely the idiot designers fault. The downfall of the classic hockey jersey started when the RBK EDGE was introduced. As much as I hate the Rangers(lifelong Pens fan since '81) the Rangers wordmark looks to crowded on the Edge jersey. Detroit is one of the best jerseys in the NHL but with that rounded white bottom it looks like something you put on a infant(onezie snaps on the front and back....LOL)

Woody said...

If these are even close to the actual, they're horrible. The Sens and Bolts "jersey's" are by far the best of the six idea's. The Blues is too plane, the Canes is horrid as well as the Kings, and the Stars is the worst of all.

Anonymous said...

Really? People like that Canes jersey? Get the stars off it. Seriously. You're the Hurricanes. What do Hurricanes have to do with STARS?

Anonymous said...

thrashers: get rid of the huge white stripes, scale them back or outline them...wish it had more of the navy blue or the tarheal blue on it.

boston: i miss the old alternate bear logo, but i think it works well.

buffalo: who didn't see that design coming?!

carolina: it'd be better w.o the stars

chicago: again?! CMON!

dallas: PLZ fire whom ever designs your jersesys! it sucks...get rid of the wordmark, get a new cooler alternate logo

edmonton/NYI/Philly/pitt: vinatage! nice!

phoenix: cool new logo, jersey design is ok, not too sure why there's only one shoulder patch but ok.

la: see "dallas" FIRE YOUR JERSEY PPL!! were they trying to go vinatge 90's?! if they were...EPIC FAIL!

ottawa: upstroke?! you have several cool alternate logos and shoulder patches...and you chose SENS?

san jose: worked well the last time around, why not again. i like the shark logo on that jersey

STL: too much white...i woulda made a black jersey similar to their current RBK Edge set, but with something similar to that logo.

Tampa: like the color, i REALLY like their current home/road set...with taht color as an Alt. and in their current style i think that would work well. however, you put the nickname of your teams nickname on a jersey...FAIL!

vancouver: duh! who honestly didnt think they were gonna go back to the stick in rink logo. i think it's too similar to their current jerseys, shoulda used the johnny canuck logo somehow, but hey! no ones perfect!! lol

greyraven8 said...

Coyotes, Buffalo, and Boston look very good.

As to the teams just plastering your name, 'nickname' or city across your jersey, fire your designer or ship him back to the minors.

The least Dallas could have done is use and interesting font (like the 'old west' style one used on the brown Dallas jerseys posted on Icethetics).

Rick M. said...

- Boston
- Buffalo
- Chicago
- Edmonton
- Philadelphia
- Phoenix
- Pittsburgh
- San Jose

- Atlanta
- Carolina
- Dallas (only because it matches the home jersey - I don't actually like the design.)
- Islanders
- Los Angeles
- St. Louis
- Vancouver

- Ottawa
- Tampa Bay

bw said...

I refuse to read the sens name from bottom up/left to right, and instead choose to read from top down. So whenever they wear these jerseys i will refer to them as the Ottawa S(uper)N(intendo)E(ntertainment)S(ystems).
Come on. Doesn't Jarkko Ruutu sound like he could be a video game villain?

Anonymous said...

as a stars fan i am ashamed that my team cannot come up with anything better then DALLAS on the front. even though these are only speculation lets be real im sure thats gonna be the final design.

as for the other jerseys i like the canes one alot

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