Thursday, August 14, 2008

Taking A Break

Hey guys. By now you may have noticed a couple of things. First, I closed down the comments on the Rouge poll. And second, I didn't post a Wallpaper Wednesday. Briefly, here's why. I've decided to take a break from Icethetics.

I know, it seems like things are going well here and while they are, I'm the sort of person who tends to have a dozen different projects up in the air all at once. Some of those other projects are starting to beg more of my time and I'm willing to give it. This blog has always been a hobby for me — something fun to fill the empty hours.

But that's not all. Lately, with everything that's been going on here it's started to feel more like work. All the logo tournaments, third jersey news and the IHA Project to name a few. Those of you following the IHA will probably assume some of this has to do with the never-ending complaints surrounding the project. You aren't entirely wrong there. When you guys fill the comments with whining and complaining, you just make it less fun — for me and everyone else. (If you don't like it, why do you feel you have to say so? Find another web site to visit.)

Anyway, when a hobby starts to become more of a hassle, it's time to get a new hobby, isn't it?

I'm not abandoning Icethetics. Don't worry. I'll still keep you up to date on any news that comes my way. I'm going to see the IHA Project through to the end — bitter or not. I'll keep comments open but I won't be reading or responding to them for obvious reasons. If anyone would like to address me directly, you have my email.

You should also expect less concept art posts and the days where I'd write three or four posts are probably behind us for a while. I'm sure this won't last long. I just need to get pumped about the site again. I'm not right now and that stinks.

Here's what you can expect. New polls will continue to get posted. The Rebranding the NHL series will not be interrupted. Any concept art I get that I really like will probably be posted quickly but not as much as usual.

As far as the Icethetics-based fantasy league that's been discussed, I'll wait to decide whether to move forward with that. The poll looks good. I've moved it below the Center Ice polls, by the way. About 70% of the almost 1,500 voters want to do it, but I'm going to see how things progress with the IHA before I make a decision. I don't want a rehash of this mess.

Sorry to be such a downer (and to have written such a long post about nothing) but I figure it's better to keep you guys in the loop than give the appearance that I'm ignoring the blog. Let's try to enjoy what's left of the summer!


Anonymous said...

You deserve any break you want to take. You take time out of your life for our pleasure. I just wanted to say Thank You for everything, you do a GREAT job.

Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog since pretty close to day one, and I often have to step back and remind myself of everything you put into this blog and all of the time you spend to keep us coming back. This truly is an amazing site, and you've done a great job. Have a great break, thanks for everything you've done for us thus far. We'll be looking forward to the 4 post days sometime in the future! :)

Silver said...

Just wanted to let you know that despite peoples complaints, mine included, your doing an amzing job and we all appreciate it. Sorry for giving you a hard time on anything.

bruinbxr5791 said...

It's ok Chris, you deserve a break. You fill up your time trying to provide us some entertainment and you deserve a break. I will definitely be looking forward to seeing news and new tournaments from you soon. And to all of those IHA Haters, I think it's a great, fun project that will NEVER come true. So stop whining about a pretend thing and just enjoy seeing the great logos people come up with.

Ms. Conduct said...

Yep, the time you've put into this is amazing. I've sure appreciated and enjoyed the heck out of it. Enjoy the break and your other pursuits. :)

Anonymous said...

Chris, in 8th grade we were allowed to buy ice cream at the end of lunch, I always bought it for 3 friends of mine, and one day I stopped. Everyone was pissed at me even though i had been giving free ice cream to them for a month.

Anyway Icethetics is my home for third jersey news so please at least keep that going.

nogoodbye said...

Chris, you definately deserve a break. The majority of us will agree. You put so much time and effort into this. I wish I had half the time and effort to something like this. I appreciate everything you do here a ton. Icethetics is by far my favourite site on the 'net (it's even better than the porn) Take a break and relax. Thanks for everything you do here!

HockeyLister said...

Chris, Icethetics is great and judging by the comments everyone seems to be pretty happy with what you have done here. Awesome work! The info and rumours provided have been a lot of fun.

Warrior19 said...

its funny, this morning i was thinking of how much time and effort this blog has become for chris. its a fantastic site and chris deserves all the credit in the world. great job and take all the time you need.

Hockey Week said...

Amen guys. anything i'd say about that would only echo what has already been said, so i'll save you all the time. the site is awesome, we all love it for a reason, and i hope it continues for a long, long time.

take a break, you deserve it. when you come back, i'm sure all of us will still be here.

ever since the early days of the Tournament of Logos, i wondered if the content might dry up. thankfully, that isn't happening. maybe just to keep yourself from burning out, switch to a one-post-a-day format (after your break, of course) like other blogs like Uniwatchblog (which led me to the NHLTOL in the first place). that has to be easier on you, Chris.

people might complain, but it's only because they love the site and want to share their opinion on what could make it better, otherwise they wouldn't care enough to post, right?

i know you're probably not reading this, but just in case you are, we're all behind you and will continue to support Icethetics.

Pav said...

Definately Saw This Coming, I mean he's only human.

Andrew Harkins said...

I know how it feels when something you are passionate about starts to change into something else and it becomes less fun. If you are reading these comments, I would suggest staying away from Icethetics completely during your break. It will help you refresh and become passionate again. Thanks for all you've done so far and have a great break and we'll see you when you're ready.

Liquidfire3240 said...

Long time reader, Icethetics is in my primary bookmark bar even. But ive never commented.
While the negative comments will always be around, Id guess for about every 1 bad comment, theres atleast 5 guys or gals like me that definitely respect you, but feel like a comment saying "great article chris", would just be too odd.
So just remember all the silent comments we think to ourselves when we read, we all appreciate your time and excellent work, and we shall be waiting when you return :)

Sephiroth said...

Take a rest, enjoy the life, you truly did an amazing job here.

Keith said...

Haven't read the above comments so if this has been said before, I'll echo the sentiment:

You have too much going on at the same time here at icethetics. Between the Center Ice Poll, IHA voting, and new IHA division names/colors, there was way too much to handle. Not just as the owner of the site but also from a reader standpoint.

Hopefully a break will let you get a breather but also allow you to refocus the site so that it doesn't consume as much time as it obviously has.

Resist The Machine. said...

You deserve your Rest and Relaxation for all the work and headaches put into this blog. Like other fans, I hope to see restart soon, but enjoy your time away from here. Thanks Chris.

Glovesave29 said...

I have been an outsider looking in here...never posted, but always looked forward to whatever you added that day. Thanks for everything, and get those batteries recharged!

P.O. said...

looking forward to your comeback... wallpaper wednesday is one of my favorite parts of my week... i still use the ty conklin pens wallpaper from a few months ago as my background... good luck with whatever you do in the meantime

Jason New Era said...

Definately gonna keep contributing to the IHA. I enjoy these polls and tournaments, I think you should take a break.

Maybe at least until some of these other projects are finished. How many things are going on right now?

I hope you move forward with the Icethetics version of the IHA. I really want to participate, I would say hold off till the other things are done.

Center Ice, IHA, Third jerseys, Wallpapers, freak out fridays, that's a lot for someone to deal with.

Enjoy the time off. :-)

charlie.aikenhead said...

Chris, I check your blog every day but dont post that gotta keep it alive and dont let the hurtbags who post bad stuff get you down. You're doin a great job

_ said...

icethetics is the first site i open in the morning.
enjoy the well-deserved break !

Vortican said...

Thanks for creating such an interesting blog. I've been reading for a long time, but the IHA project was the the thing that finally managed to break through my general laziness to both contribute and comment. From a design standpoint, it was alot of fun coming up with different concepts and especially seeing what everyone else created.
Sorry it became such a hassle, but thanks anyways!

Charles said...

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the great site! I have really enjoyed all your hard work and dedication. I hope you will continue some Freak Out Fridays, that is one of my favorites. Take off as much time as you need, (Just come back when the NHL season starts.) Good luck to your Lighting, it may be a long season. And I have to agree with you a hobby should not feel like a job. Thanks again for everything and enjoy some time off.

Anonymous said...

I visit your site every day. I think if you get back to basics of LOGOS, you'll enjoy the hobby again. I don't think there's any reason why a logo site needs to be updated all day long like it's or something. Why not create a forum/message board for people to hang out, look at logos, discuss design and then you can do the important updates. My favorite parts of the site are of course the updated logos/uniforms of the nhl, the rebranding designs and that's pretty much it. Basics. Add a forum to satisfy us logo/design nerds until you do important updates. Just my 2 cents.

Kevin said...

Hey Chris, love the site. Just wanted to say that my favorite part of the site is the concepts posts, so I hope whenever you get back into full time posting the concepts continue to be added. Thanks!

go sens go said...

If ur reading this Chris, i advise you to not make ANY posts for about a week, and see how you feel, if it takes longer, go ahead and take more time off... you deserve it Chris

Matt said...

Chris, Keep up the great work. This site is a daily check in. I am always hoping to see the headline "Sens finally improve jersey's". I love seeing what people that have artistic talent can do on this site and hope you enjoy the R&R. Just do it the way us Canadian's do, grab some beer, turn off the communication and chill out. Keep up the great work.

ogre39666 said...

Hey Chris,
I felt something like this coming and have felt sorry for you having to deal with all the complaining over the last few weeks. Take as much time as you need, you definitely deserve it. I can't imagine the amount of time you put into this fantastic site.

To fellow readers/commenters,
I think we should all take a step back and think about the way Chris has been such a gracious host always asking for input and dedicating his time; we are definitely spoiled by him. No matter why we come to Icethetics, whether it be for the rumors, the rebrandings, the polls, or even an audience for your artwork, this is a truly special place and I think we all need to realize that and help keep it that way by not constantly complaining or giving Chris a hard time about petty stuff but most importantly, keep it fun for everyone.

Anonymous said...

You can't take a little criticism? Grow up, brother. Sometimes, the things you do will not be well received, take the advice, learn from it, and move on. Telling people to "Find another website to visit" isn't helping your cause. You sound like the kid who gets a game of streetball together, then when he doesn't win, takes his ball and goes home.

Not everything you do is gonna be a home run. Not everyone is going to universally love everything you do here. Closing down threads, erasing posts, taking "breaks" are things children do when someone doesn't like the picture they drew.

Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Chris, Icethetics is the first site I open when I get home from work hoping to see some great new concepts. I'm glad to have found this site last summer and have visited it everyday since. Hope you continue it for as long as it's still fun. Hopefully the break isn't too long ;).


You're a fucking idiot.

Mike said...

Oops, I posted taking a break stuff in the Ottawa forum....Here's the thing. People who contribute and vote and comment want icethetics. Arwyaien speaks word for word how I feel!

Josh said...

Ive been visiting your site since about mid-June 07. You've done a lot of great things, keeping us up to date on the new jerseys coming out, while at the same time giving us some concept art. You deserve a break cuz youve earned it.

@ dreadnaught-81: why don't you grow up

ben said...

Great job Chris! Enjoy your break, you deserve it.

Ksy92003 said...

I first found this website from the rumors of the 2008-09 third jerseys in a Google search. I've seen so many great designs from all those who have submitted them.

Chris, the information that you have provided here is stuff that I'd have no way of knowing how to find it. I wouldn't know where to go to find the newest updates, and I'm really thankful that you have helped us by keeping us in the loop. It's kept me very interested in the NHL during the offseason, and as far as I'm concerned, you can take a year-long vacation if you want. Thank you, so much.

Soble said...

From Dreadnaught-81's live journal dated October 15th, 2005:
"Drunk as shit.

Sorry E.

Feel good though... rockin' out to some metal at 122am....
That's the way to live...

I am so fucking great. No one knows but me. But it's cool. I like being the underdog in everything. Just makes my success that much sweeter..."

Sounds like he never grew up. Unfortunately it's ignorant people like this that ruin all the good things in life.

Thanks for everything, Chris.

Anonymous said...

hey dreadnaught.. go fuck yourself and find a site where you belong like

ever since the bruins were the first ones to reveil their new jerseys last summer ive been on your site almost every day looking for some summer hockey news and i have found something every day to get lost in. I love hockey and i live hockey and during the summer is not an interesting enough site to be on for more than a minute. this site brings fun revielings and tournaments and i was a huge fan of the best logo in the nhl it was like watching the playoffs. dont't stop what your doing cause if you stop then i have nothing to look forward to and don't let the other assholes like dreadnaught get to you because they spend their time finding every little thing wrong about something instead of enjoying and appreciating the effort and time somebody puts into something for the pure enjoyment of other hockey fans. hope you read this and feel free to comment back

Anonymous said...

I've been following this site since the beginning of last summer. The jersey news, logo tourneys, concepts, it makes it seem like the season never ended. Which I need. I hate summer because there's no hockey, but this site gives me something.
Take a break for sure, if it's not fun anymore then its not worth it.

As for that dumb-fuck dreadnaught, you are why we Flyers fans HATE Devils fans more than anyone. You don't just hate on Philly and the division, in your little profile you have "Canada sucks." How can you be a hockey fan and say that? You're a douchebag.
Also from your profile:
"If I were an animal, I'd be a: Cat, b/c your a fucking pussy.

Anyways, out of the thousands of people that live and breathe this site, it sucks that there is about 1% of assholes who screw it up. I hope those people realize how annoying they are. Hope to see you back soon.

Connell25 said...

Hey Chris,

I can't help but agree with the rest of the fans on here. I check this site BEFORE I check the hockey news,, and the flyers site for my hockey fix. Take some time off and just post what you want to. Don't let the bastards get you down.

Mike Phoenix said...

LOL "You sound like the kid who gets a game of streetball together, then when he doesn't win, takes his ball and goes home."

LOL i have to laugh becasue it only sounds like the game is over where else is the kid going to go? And Chris never said he was telling people to find another site. I guess you didnt really read what he said just the title thats says " Taking a Break". I know someone need to grow up and its not chris. I think its you Dread-not!

Leafers LP said...

I can't even explain how much I love this site and everything you do on here. Although I may disagree with some decisions, will that stop me from being addicted to the stuff you post on here? No way. I visit here before any other site everyday, and I check it 5 times a day in case of any updates.

Everyone needs a break, and although this will be a tough pill to swallow for some, including me, I'll just have to remember all of those 4-post days, when you chose to give us those extras.

"People" like dread-naught or whatever his name was, are those that are never tought how to respect others and how to adress them in certain situations, or heck, even manners. How idiotic does one have to be to say "Canada Sucks" while they love hockey.

The only reason I'm not offended by that is I'm aware he's living at home in his mom's basement in New Jersey, single, and he hasn't been taken to a hospital yet for a doctor to take a look at that growth in his ear.

Apparently a car's not in their budget.

Anyway, if it weren't for that bit about dread-not, this comment would've made your heart melt.

Keep it up Chris,

Anonymous said...

Wow, what classy individuals. What lovely language you all use. My goodness. And for those messaging my dead LJ account, nice touch. Also doing it anonymously, that's real brave of you.

I am getting that growth on my ear looked at though, so thanks for your concern.

Leafers LP said...

Why don't you go run a blog, huh? Apparently you're very classy, know your manners and acting all tough. Hey, I got an idea. Why don't you SCREW OFF.

Concerns, are you kidding? Well, at least you can admit you've got some problem.

Think you're all high and mighty, yet you have to go and attack a guy because he's going to take a bit of time off of running HIS blog? And apparently you know a thing or two about balls, I'm suprised you don't got any.

You wanna talk to Chris directly about this, then go email him, tough stuff.

Anonymous said...

I didn't attack anyone. You're attacking me, which makes you look foolish.

And i do talk to Chris via e-mail, and have even contributed to the blog with several concepts. You seem to think a little criticism is an attack, which it is not. Perhaps you are just to ignorant, Mr. Leafers, to understand that. I feel sorry for you.

roccot said...

and people are wondering why Chris needs a break. Who'd want to be the teacher of this 5th grade sideshow!?

Hockey Week said...

i'm appalled that this comment thread is getting out of hand. I'm just waiting for the blog to disappear because Chris has gotten sick of all this.

it's obvious there are many of us who love the blog, who check it regularly, and who vote often. unfortunately, there's a few nuts out there who take the enjoyment out of this. For them, we all apologize, and wish there was a way we could shut them up. until then, take a look at the guys defending you, and know that you have something great here.

canucklehead said...

Actually, dreadnaught, you did attack Chris when you told him to grow up and said he was acting like a kid. While you may think it's criticism, it's not because it was harsh and neither constructive nor helpful. You're simply being a boor.

The fact is he's doing something to create a little bit of enjoyment (for free) for like minded individuals, on his own time, without pay. What you don't seem to get is that he doesn't have to take any criticism if he doesn't want to, nor should he. As everything he has done is completely open and free, he has no obligation to you or anybody.

If you don't like it, I suggest that you do everybody a favour and go away.

Chris, your efforts are much appreciated. I check out the site quite a bit and have always enjoyed the posts. Look forward to when you get back.

go sens go said...

Hey, everyone that loves Chris' work... come on down to my website and leave a comment!

Anonymous said...

To say that someone is free of criticism because they do something open in the public is absurd. Matt has done his Rebranding the NHL, and been criticized on a few of them. Is that wrong? No, it is not. There is a line between attack and critisim, and i did not cross that line. All of you, however, have crossed it time and time again, while using rather foul language. That doesn't make you look right, it makes you look rather dim-witted.

Not to mention all of you are internet tough-guys, and not a single one of you would have the balls to say those things to my face, so i take your attacks with a grain of salt.

Anonymous said...

hey njdreadnaught give us your number....i have no problem saying it to your say that just proves your a lil girl because chris does so much work and he wants a break i nor anyone else sees a big deal in that......i think you should do us all a favor and go away your the only one on these comments that had anything bad to please just go away and stop reading this blog you are a disgrace to hockey fans of all ages

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