Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sanford Picks Mask Finalists

A few weeks ago the Vancouver Canucks held a competition on behalf of Curtis Sanford to design his new mask. They received over 300 designs from fans and artists and now the finalists have been posted on their official web site.

You can see galleries of Sanford's Top 10 favorites and the staff's Top 40. Some of them are amazingly well done. Others not so much. Go see for yourself.


Jason said...

I don't see a gallery of his favourites there. They did get some good submissions, though.

sh0ez said...

Link to Sanford's Top 10. (Caution, it may resize your window)

My favorite of the ten is the last one. So when it opens, just click the left arrow once. It's the one by 'Darcy.' The oozing one.

canucklehead said...

He should bring back one of the oldies; that'd be hilarious.

bpc89 said...

I like the 6th 8th and 10th mask in Sanford's top 10.

silentnoise1780 said...

The last one (Darcy) is wicked. Would love to see that happen.

Other faves are the drawings by Brian (#1) and Kirk (#6). #8 (Nicholls) could be pretty cool too... Jack's submission (#4) is similar, but the teeth are a little to much.

Dandy said...

There are some really creative ideas there! The kids ones are so much fun. I have heard that mask designs have to be approved by the league.

Can anyone confirm this? Or is it only if a mask offends someone? Are there rules, like no nudity, no scary demons or anything like that?

ogre39666 said...

As far as I know goalies can put whatever they want on their masks except for profanity or nudity. So unless its a new rule - although, with the way Bettman's been targeting goalies... - they don't have to be approved.

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