Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rebranding The Stars, Revisited

I've got new artwork from Matt today and an update on his next rebrand.

Two weeks ago he added the Dallas Stars to his Rebranding the NHL series. One major factor in his design was dropping one of the primary colors — green. He even explained why but that doesn't mean green wouldn't have looked good on the uniforms.

Here's a different take on the uniforms of his latest rebrand.

The St. Louis Blues are next on Matt's list. He's planning to have it done soon and has offered up a few tidbits about what to expect from it. He calls the new primary logo a "tasteful, vintage style" modernization of the Blue Note the club has worn for more than 40 years. He is, however, working on two additional original logos so you will get something new.

I know I'm looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.


Earth blog said...

Nice outfit!

Hockey Week said...

i think the green adds a lot, especially in that 3rd. as a hockey traditionalist, i hate the 3rd, but there is something oddly cool about it.

it looks arena-football, an abomination to the hockey jersey...but that's what RBK is doing lately. you've captured their style very well.

it's a good concept, i like the green, but i can't wait for that more "traditional" blues rebrand

FlyingV4Life said...

The alternates are nice..,but dont really like the home and away.

Dave180 said...

I personally don't believe it looks 'arena-football-esque', I like it a lot, a little change and a little innovation never hurt anyone.

The barbed wire striping in my opinion is very cool, its something unseen, sort of like the striping on the bottom of the canes uniforms.

How boring would the NHL look if every team had the same striping pattern on every jersey.

It. Would. Suck.

John said...

I thought the last ones that Matt did were great, but these really impressed me. Maybe the team should leave the green. The gold and forest green combination give a very nice southwestern feel to the uniforms- something that wasn't lost with the yellow and black scheme- but it just seems to be more pronounced here.

Leafers LP said...

Hopefully Matt listened to my suggestions for the Blues a tad. :)

Hockey Week said...

it's an "i hate it but i can't look away" kind of thing. considering the striping pattern, it DOES look like arena football. that's not an insult, i just think it is similar in design elements: the underarm vertical stripes, where the black switches to green, the gold sleeve stripe...i can imagine those elements over football pads very easily.

as for traditionalism, it's very easy to explain using this interview with Todd McFarlane (owner of TMP, which makes those great SportsPicks hockey figures, part owner of the edmonton oilers, and designer of the oil's 3rd jersey, which he discusses here). he says that a hockey jersey has stripes on the sleeves, and a stripe on the bottom (hemline), and you go from there. if you angle them, double them, tweak them, move them, whatever, that's fine, but that's what DEFINES a hockey jersey. same striping? never. i was freaking out over RBK's proposed "templates" for the same reasons. but i think you noticed before the edge jerseys, with the exception of buffalo, every team was different, and most of the teams were very classy.

anyone with a brain will tell you that montreal, tampa bay, new jersey, phoenix, columbus, detroit, and chicago all have very different jerseys. but all of them are traditional, classy, and wonderful. not boring at all.

perhaps i'm rambling, but that's traditionalism to me. that 3rd jersey is extremely untraditional. does that make it bad? in my eyes, it does as a hockey jersey, but that's just my opinion, and it is by no means the only opinion.

like the green, that 3rd jersey bothers me...i think i'm going to settle on hideously beautiful, which, believe it or not, is not a bad thing.

Hockey Week said...

i meant to say "i like the green"
that got lost.

and the interview with Todd McFarlane is here
i forgot to link it. i think the readership here would actually enjoy watching it, considering what he's discussing. take a look

Dandy said...

I like these better with the added green. Its a nice concept and logo.

However I do not care for the barbed wire striping. I agree with posts about traditional hockey jerseys having simple stripes and that's it. I don't care for Carolina's storm striping or even worse... Phoenix's old tribal striping. I know the tradition they were trying to get at but it wasn't a hockey jersey.

Certain things just work for hockey and in this case the barbed wire cheapens the overall nice appeal of the concept.

Dave180 said...

Hockey Week,

I also agree with your response about the underarm striping, I'm not too much a fan of the pattern on the third jersey, and I do feel like that is very Arena Football like.

The two primaries are what I'm actually quite fond of, now I'll go out and say that I truly HATE my Sabres jerseys in every single aspect, as the striping and logo is just horrible.

I like changing things up a little bit here and there, its always refreshing to the eyes.

Scott said...

For the home jersey, I don't think that the fill of the star should be as close to the green in the background of the jersey. Perhaps a darker green or more of that gold that looks so great. Definitely an improvement. I've hated the Dallas logo ever since they moved from Minnesota

Flying Sioux said...

Perfection! Thanks for adding the green back into the design; all three jerseys look fabulous!

Andrea said...

Wow.. Home and Road are great!

Darrell Sharpe said...

I really like these, but i think i actually liked the black and gold ones better.

Vortican said...

Nice! I really like the barbed wire striping and the old west style lettering. It adds something uniquely Dallas/Texas to the design!

separrett2 said...

I really like the Stars rebrand and can't wait to see what he has planned for the Blues

carpandean said...

I definitely like the green. It gives it more character than just black and gold.

The third jersey is similar to Buffalo's primary in terms of the horn shaped white striping under the arms. In fact, if you changed the colors to blue and gold, and swapped the logo, it would be fine for a non-traditional Buffalo jersey (of which, we have too many already.) In general, I don't mind a wild third jersey if your primary jerseys are traditional looking. I'd actually like to see Buffalo go back to the throw backs (the Winter Classic jersey for whites and their upcoming third for their darks), then make their current home jersey into their third.

DaneykoIsGod said...

Matt's Stars rebrand ranks up there with his Senators work as his absolute finest. These look fantastic! I especially liked his rethinking of the whole team name from North Stars to Lone Stars. It's perfect.

And I don't see what all the fuss is about the barbed wire. From a distance, it just looks like a slightly altered stripe. Sure, it's a little gimicky, but it fits and it looks great. It's not like the Mighty Duck jumping through the ice or anything.

Great work, Matt.

Lyndon said...

speaking of the "barbed wire".

if you look close enough, it's actually the bottom two points of the traditional stars logo- just more filled in.
look close and you can see the slight slant.

Jerrod said...

Lone Stars?

That's like being the Lone Rangers....not exactly lone are they.


Ian said...

Hoping to have the blues done soon....two months ago.

Mykl said...

i liked the first version a lot better

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