Sunday, August 17, 2008

Official: Sabres To Unveil Thirds

This was posted on the Buffalo Sabres' official web site on Thursday but I figured it was worth mentioning. The Sabres have officially announced their intentions to unveil a vintage style third jersey at a team event on September 20. The following was pulled directly from their site.

When the Sabres hit the ice for their first full practice of the season, fans will get their first look at the team’s new third jersey that will make its debut during the 2008-09 NHL season. The jersey features a modernization of the team’s vintage design elements, while incorporating the latest in sports uniform technology. Fans will be able to pre-order the new jersey at a kiosk in the Sabres Store.

Nothing really new but it's another official statement from the team. We've already had that date in the countdown for a while. If any of you attend the event next month and take pictures, I'd be more than happy to post them for everyone here to see.


Drew Celestino said...

"The jersey features a modernization of the team’s vintage design elements, while incorporating the latest in sports uniform technology"

So, by "technology" you mean the material that was universally ditched by the league last year? Or the diaper effect hem that the Rangers had to take action against? Or the tight fit that had teams ordering their jerseys oversized to compensate?

Vintage style FTW. Thank you for that. But stop trying to sell people on the weaksauce Edge nonsense.

silentnoise1780 said...

Noooo doubt.

After seeing how many skate blades went through the fabric last year, and players having to change gloves after each period because their hands were swimming from the sleeves just directing water down their arms, I was really hoping for some kind of "update" for the league's jerseys.

RJP221 said...

"Buffalo Sabres
The Sabres will bring back their original road jersey — the blue design with the round "cross-sword" logo on the front, and the three gold stripes on the arms and the bottom of the jersey. It’s the uniform the Sabres’ first GM/coach, George (Punch) Imlach, requested; a design similar to that which Imlach's Maple Leafs had from the 1967 playoffs through 1969-70. And, it’s the jersey Buffalo wore during road games from the beginning of the franchise in 1970-71 to the end of the 1995-96 season. Beginning in 1996-97, the Sabres switched to a black, red and white uniform, and completely redesigned their logo. Another redesign occurred prior to the 2006-07 campaign, with the team returning to its blue and gold color scheme."

Looks like Howard Berger was wrong.

Jason said...

What part of that description sounds wrong to you, RJP?

Mike Phoenix said...

LOL i dont know but do you see that Bufaslug with the Old sabers crossing on that page. What if? Im scared for them if that a hint. Dam if it is they shold be called the Bufflao slug slayers then.

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