Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ducks PR Confirms No Third

Not that this is going to come as a huge surprise to anyone, but the Anaheim Ducks will not be among the handful of teams wearing third jerseys this season. It was confirmed today on the team's official web site by PR man Adam Brady in his blog.

...there hasn't been anything official about this yet, but there is talk that several NHL teams will be adopting third jerseys for the 2008-09 season. I can tell you with 100 percent confidence that the Ducks will not be one of them. However, several clubs will apparently be following the Ducks' (and several other teams') lead by adding black jerseys, including the Kings (though they already have black jerseys), Bruins, Hurricanes, Sharks, Blackhawks, Senators and Coyotes.

Somebody's been reading Icethetics.

And in an effort to perhaps remind us why sometimes third jerseys are a bad idea, he shared the worst two in history.

But to that I have to add that I love that Kings logo and I actually own that horrible Ducks jersey. No shame here.

So you can now officially include the Ducks along with the Capitals on the list of teams that will under no circumstances wear anything but their home and away sweaters this year.


Anonymous said...

and isnt that guy in the ducks jersey just making the best face ever too!

Dandy said...

Its a shame they made Gretzky wear that jersey.

Baller Blog said...

Why do you own that jersey?? I'm a huge Ducks fan and I would have burned that jersey by now had I ever owned it.

Scotty said...

Ugly jerseys however i like the king logo on the Gretzky pic I think if you picked the right color scheme and just put that in the middle it could look very good!

Hockey Week said...

Baller, are you kidding? i love that jersey. it's so godawful and i'm proud to say that i own one and wear it proudly.

then again, i'm a jersey collector who wears a jersey every day, and loves ugly jerseys...

Brian C said...

Maybe the Anaheim organization wants more time to create something that can surpass the logo passing as a wordmark.

Susan said...

I find it strange that Brady mentioned the Kings had already been wearing black jerseys, but didn't mention that about the Bruins, who've been wearing black jerseys for about the last 60 years.

Daniel said...

In a way, I kinda miss those wacky mid-90s third jerseys. They were ridiculous, but that was the whole point. They were SUPPOSED to be ridiculous. I think we hold third jerseys to too high of a standard now. Leave that kind of heat for the regular jerseys. Third jerseys should be an avenue for team designers to just have fun.

Ksy92003 said...

"However, several clubs will apparently be following the Ducks' (and several other teams') lead by adding black jerseys, including the Kings (though they already have black jerseys), Bruins, Hurricanes, Sharks, Blackhawks, Senators and Coyotes."

I can't believe the Ducks are taking credit for what other teams are doing. The Bruins have always had a black jersey. The Kings had a black jersey ever since the late '80s. The Sharks have had a black jersey as long as the Ducks have, the Blackhawks always had a black jersey, the Senators had always had black jerseys, and the Coyotes had a black jersey since they moved from Winnipeg to the new color scheme.

The Ducks' PR is saying all these teams are following the Ducks with the black jerseys, and then lists seven teams that are doing just that. The Hurricanes are the only one of those teams that haven't had a black jersey ever. All the other six teams had worn black jerseys before the Ducks did. So what the hell is this guy saying? He's trying to take credit for everything everybody else is doing, when they had done it well before the Ducks did. Ridiculous.

Hockey Week said...

i concur. it's possible they're referring to having a black 3rd jersey before them, which is also untrue. technically speaking, Pittsburgh had the first black third jersey, the first year the modern 3rd jersey existed (1995-96). anaheim had the green wildwing.

Chicago had the second black third, in 1996-97. Anaheim was without a third jersey.

washington had the next black third, truly being the first team to introduce a black jersey when black wasn't one of their primary colors, in 1998-99. Philly introduced their black jersey. Dallas also added one, but idk if it's more green than black. anaheim had a green and a white jersey added (the shoulder-stripe heavy jerseys).

Calgary adds the black with the horsehead, 1999-2000

penguins add a new black third jersey 2000-01

san jose adds their black third, 2001-02

ottawa adds black in 2002-03

it would not be until 2003-04 that the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim would create their black third jersey. they are by no means the first to add black.

Boston and Dallas would introduce black thirds that same year.

the writer of that article obviously has no knowledge of hockey jersey history, and should really do some research before spewing out such nonsense

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