Thursday, August 14, 2008

Arena Artists Confirm Pens Third?

This isn't what I'd call concrete evidence, but it's interesting. The Pittsburgh Penguins have launched a new web site with the groundbreaking of their new arena. It includes artist renderings of what the interiors and exteriors will look like.

A couple of those photos show the arena shop where jerseys are visible. The following image shows the exterior of the shop with a powder blue jersey (the alleged new third) visible on a mannequin in the window. Are the artists telling us something?

However, one reader pointed out to me that in an image showing the interior of the store, you can see a white version of the Winter Classic sweater.

My assumption is that it's a vintage jersey available for sale but not meant for use in games — like the pink one you see above it.

It's not like the Penguins have been hush-hush about the idea of a Winter Classic-style third jersey for this season. It'll almost certainly happen.


VHL 94 Development Team said...

Not likely. If you look closely at the players in the first picture, you can tell they are photos. I've seen them before. Fleury and Crosby from the winter classic.

The winter classic patch is also still on the power blue jersey, so it could also just be them selling the winter classic jerseys.

VHL 94 Development Team said...

Another thing, the "mannequins" look a lot more like pop-ups than actual mannequins.

Arenacale said...

Every time I see these big new arenas with the open space and the glass facades and all that, it makes me wish that they would actually move Boston City Hall to the waterfront and use the current plaza for a new Garden...rather than the warehouse looking thing they built a decade ago.

Of course, I'd also prefer it if the Garden wasn't over a train station so that they could hold a monster truck show in there (a 5 ton truck dropping out of the sky from 20ft. is not condusive to the safety of the people waiting for the Commuter Rail).

Anonymous said...

man, this is the biggest stretch ever. this is, wow. jumping the shark.

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