Friday, July 18, 2008

Third Jerseys For 'Canes, Sabres, Oilers

Long day. I've been awake for too many hours now but I've just gotten so many emails I'd feel bad about going to bed before updating you guys on the news of the day.

The biggest news — what I got the most emails about today — the Hurricanes have confirmed a third jersey for this season according to a report from The News & Observer's Luke DeCock. He wrote the following in his blog today:

When the Hurricanes take on the Red Wings in the second home game of the season, there's a good chance only one team will be in red.

The Canes hope to unveil their new, NHL-approved alternate jerseys — expected to be black with the team's secondary, waving-flag logo on the chest — at the Caniac Carnival in September and could wear them on the ice as early as Oct. 13 against Detroit.

“We wouldn’t wear it Opening Night,” Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford said. “Our jerseys as they are now are really nice jerseys in red and they’re really popular. … It could be (Detroit). It won’t be Opening Night, but after that sooner rather than later, probably. We haven’t made that decision.”

A little research on the Hurricanes' official web site turns up a date for the Caniac Carnival — September 21. That's going in the countdowns.

By the way, DeCock even cites a graphic found on NHLToL. You can read the full post at Lord Stanley's Blog. For what it's worth, he says 18 teams could have new third jerseys this year.

The other third jersey news for today comes by way of WGR 550 Sports Radio out of Buffalo.

The Sabres will indeed have a third jersey for the new season — to be unveiled to fans on September 20. The following was posted on their web site:

Sabres managing partner Larry Quinn ... announced that the Sabres will unveil their 3rd alternate jersey at an open practice to the fans on Saturday, September 20th. Fans will have to wait until then to see the new-look uniforms.

Another radio station has third jersey news. Dan Tencer of Alberta's 630 CHED reports on his blog that "the team will unveil a new 3rd jersey for the 2008-09 season, likely with an announcement in August."

It's not very informative as far as the design of the jersey, but it's one more source confirming that an alternate sweater will exist for the Oil.

The reason I'm more apt to trust this information is that they're coming from reputable media sources and not random personal blogs (like this one). So as with anything, take it for what it is.

By the way, the next time I'll be able to update the site will likely be tomorrow night. If any news surfaces, I'll get it posted then.


Josh said...

This brings back the memories of last year when you did this for the RBK home and away. Great Job!

HockeyLister said...

Why Buffalo has to make their jersey a secret is a mystery. It is simple, just go with the vintage jersey and choose either the white one or the blue one. Lets just hope they do not put the numbers on the front of the jersey, which they probably will.

Brian C said...

Maybe the Sabres organization will surprise us with a new modernized version of the jersey...but i wouldnt give our hopes up.

Drew Celestino said...

Don't blow the third jersey Quinn. You already screwed the pooch on the primaries. Don't screw up the vintage third.

Brian C said...

well Drew, we Sabres fans know how Quinn does he's possibly gonna screw it up...quinn brought back the classic vintage to please the people who hated the slug. chances are were not gonna see that anymore.

Drew Celestino said...

I can't stand the guy. He literally angers me. The sound of his voice sends me into a semi-rage. And to think this schlub has control over our waterfront as well as our hockey team... Ugh...

Jamie said...

I was listening to a segment on 630 CHED with Dan Tencer and Patrick Laforge (Oilers higher-up) and they were discussing the Oilers new 3rd jersey. Laforge did confirm the creation of a 3rd jersey and spoke about many prototypes (no details) that were created. When Laforge was asked if the new 3rd jersey would have a retro look, he simply laughed. Laforge seem to imply that the 3rd jerseys would be retro. Hope this helps.

Sabre11 said...

Sabres already have the number on their classic jersey's they year before Reebok took over

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