Friday, July 11, 2008

Sweaters In NHL 09

Got a few emails today about a new promotional video EA Sports has released for NHL 09.

Evidently, there's some question as to whether a green jersey seen in the video is a leak. You can see the screenshot below but to me it looks like a regular Minnesota North Stars sweater.

Now I personally have never played any of these video games so correct me if I'm wrong, but do they not often include vintage uniforms for use in the game?

My assumption is that this is merely a "vintage alternate" available for the Dallas Stars in the game. Let me know if I don't have this right because I don't want to be misleading people. Just hoped I could clear up some confusion.

In any event, for what it's worth we actually got our first look at the new Rbk EDGE jerseys as a whole last year via an NHL 08 leak. I'm guessing it's possible the same thing could happen with third jerseys this year. We'll just wait and see. And if you guys find anything, feel free to email me and I'll spread the word.


Anonymous said...

I have been playing these games for years and typically the vintage jerseys haven't been included in the EA Sports games. Hopefully this will change this year because I love some of the vintage sweaters.

Also, I hope the AHL arenas are in the game, but that is probably not going to happen.


Ric said...

They had a number of alternates in NHL 2004, which was the last EA NHL game I've played. The Avs had a Rockies throwback, the Devils had their red and green vintages, and the Thrashers had the flaming "A" throwback to the days of the Atlanta Flames. I'm lucky it's backwards compatible on my 360, because I think I'm going to play a couple of games in waiting for NHL09.

enrico16 said...

I think this picture shows a vintage jersey alternate for the simple fact that you can make out "ccm" on the hem.


Arenacale said...

NHL 08 has vintage jerseys, organized by franchise, so the Coyotes have Jets alternates, the Avs have Nordiques alternates, etc. The exception is the Hurricanes...for some licensing reason there is no Whalers alternate, which is depressing (something about the city owns the trademark...but I've never seen an answer with real proof). So yes, that's probably a North Stars jersey.

I'm hoping for the AHL arenas myself as well. DCU Center for the win! I doubt I'll get the PC version again, though, it's based on the PS2 edition and not the next-gen console ones.

C v J said...

totally a vintage - NHL '08 has TONS of vintage jerseys in it [or atleast they do for the four teams i play; caps, 'nucks, leafs and avs]

my money's on it being a throwback north stars jersey for DAL. also notice the goalie is #35, likely mr.turco

also, as enrico noticed, it says CCM on the trim. here's hoping we see sneaks of these 3rd unis soon.

the shawn said...

the EA franchise has had alternates and vintage jerseys for years now. i think 03 was the first year, when the games actually started becoming good.

Paul said...

The fact that the back hem of the jersey says "CCM" leads me to believe it is 100% vintage.

Anonymous said...

Well, that goalie is not Niklas Backstrom, because he's #32 and wears vaughns, whereas this goalie is #35 and wears Rbks. In addition it's not Josh Harding, who is #29, and wears TPS. Therefore, it is likely not minnesota.
The EA NHL series hasn't done throwbacks for a while, so I'm assuming it's either a european team, or more likely, a team invented by the developers to display the create-a-team feature.

Lyndon said...

Alxmackay said:
"The EA NHL series hasn't done throwbacks for a while,"

would NHL 07 count as "a while", Alxmackay?

Anonymous said...

On XBOX 360, they do not have vintage jerseys, maybe PS2 or others have them.

Also, the goalie in that picture is Marty Turco or the Dallas Stars... formerly the Minnesota North Stars as the jerseys portray.( in response to alxmackay)

Mike said...

North Stars jersey. The goalie is #35 and is wearing gold RBK pads, just like Marty Turco. Even this helmet is the colors as Turco's home helmet. As a local Stars fan I would recognize him in any jersey.

They might be showing a vintage jersey to prevent a sneak peek of a new jersey.

Lyndon said...

mike is right, it's definitely a north stars throwback on turco's character.

here's another screenshot of the same section of the video:

Jerm Deeks said...

Next Genereation versions of NHL 08 did not have vintage jerseys. This is because the previous generation versions of NHL 08 were essentially just NHL 07 with new rosters (which in turn was just NHL 06, which in turn is why EA sucks).

Since it seems likely that EA wouldn't use an PS2 version of their new game to market it, this is presumably from a next-generation game, which means that this picture shows that the game either has added vintage jerseys or this is a leak.

However, that last paragraph being said, that seems like a very poor quality shot, it really doesn't look PS3 quality, but that's just my opinion.

Wozniak said...

since no one has said it yet....That Sabres logo was the worst thing i have ever seen!

the ones with the current logo coming out of the sword are ok. the first one is wierd, as is the third. the middle ones ok, but the guy who did the "blue and gold" project did one like that...but better.

Zach said...

Thats Marty Turco in a vintage jersey, its his gold pads & his #35on his back.

Jason said...

Florida is shown in their pre-Edge jerseys, too:

Anonymous said...

my mistake I misread the post. I thought that minnesota was implied as opposed to dallas.

yes then it is certainly possible this is a 3rd jersey or a throwback.

Anonymous said...

oooh. These don't match the old north star jerseys. They are very similar, but not identical. This jersey has one stripe, and the north stars jersey has two.

however, it is very interesting to note the lack of a name on the back of turco's jersey. This is rarely seen in alternates, but fairly common in vintage jerseys.

finally, this jersey says CCM on the bottom. All the old north star jerseys are made by CCM, which points to a throwback.

aside from the odd striping pattern, it seems to be a vintage jersey.

feel free to correct me.

martin said...

If my memory is good, EA Sports was including the vintage jersey in the game before the ''next-gen'' version.

Niner said...

To AlxMackay:

The old Northstars jerseys had three different versions. The original 1967-68 design had a single wide white stripe with thin yellow trim across the waist and sleeves on the green jerseys.

Around 1976-77, they changed to two narrower white stripes with thin yellow trim on the waist and sleeves.

Their final design (before moving to Dallas) added black trim on the logo and included yellow, black and white stripes of equal width on the waist and shoulders.

Do a Google image search and you'll find examples of all three.


ben said...

this is only a vintage jersey. the producers of the game said they were adding some old jerseys into the game this year.

also, theres no number on the back, just like the old north stars jersey from the 60s

Hockey Week said...

yeah, that's definitely which the North Stars wore from 1968-1975.

for all questions regarding old nhl jerseys,
plain and simple, there is no better database in existence for this thing

look at the stretching of the jerseys towards the bottom, how terrible is that?

and i highly doubt they have the white version from those years, that's one of the great things about 2k sports, they have TONS of old jerseys, almost all of them correct (unlike EA)

Doogie2K said...

The 2K series has had vintage alternates out the wazoo since at least 2004. There's actually like a wall and a half of them in the "trophy room" you can unlock, which comes out to something like 50, all sets of home + away (where such beasts exist).

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