Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rumors & Possible Leaks

Leafs fans, just when you thought all was quiet on the jersey front after this morning's announcement, something strange has happened. In the Game Master section of the team's official site is the following graphic.

That's confusing. For sure it's not what the Toronto Maple Leafs' jersey looked like last season. It had different striping and no laced collar. Thing is, it looks and awful lot like one of those concepts I posted back in the early days of NHLToL. In fact, see for yourself! It's a dead ringer!

In fact, that jersey I posted last August was one fan's recoloring of a Rbk EDGE Bruins jersey. How did that exact image make it on the Leafs' official site?! That's my question. Weird. Are the Leafs considering a jersey alteration already?

I'll keep you posted on whatever I find out. Thanks to Tyler for pointing this out to me.

And as we near the new season, I'm getting more and more emails from people who say they've seen or spoken with someone who's seen new alternate sweater designs. I can't speak to the veracity of the claims, but I'm happy to post them nevertheless. So here's what's been going around recently:

black with primary and secondary logos swapped like previous rumors
royal blue and orange vintage style
black with SENS written across the chest
black, no further details
similar in style to Minnesota's home sweaters
Maple Leafs
white vintage style with laced collar, like 2006-07 alternates

One source is reporting that 17 teams will have alternates for 2008-09. Previous rumors said 18.

And finally, the Canadiens will apparently have three different jerseys throughout the season to commemorate their centennial. I'm assuming this means three in addition to the regular home/road uniforms.

That's it for now. Should I hear anything else, you'll be able to read it here. By the way, I plan on migrating the big rumors post from NHLToL to Icethetics soon just so you don't have to leave this blog to see it. I'll wait for a slow news day so it doesn't bump everything that I've posted recently.


Bill said...

Best News all Day = ryan O'Byrne getting a 3 year deal

Second Best = Habs having "Vintage" centennial jerseys :D

poro27 said...

LOL that's hilarious! i would be all for a jersey change.. maybe not that one but more striping is welcomed

Reik said...

Lace = YEY!
Bottom striping = YEY!
Arm striping = Too thick! It's not that bad, but theyre just a bit too thick imo.

I hope this is true, cause the current one could be better.

Overall: Love it<3

C v J said...

for the habs, i hope it means a throwback to the rocket richard home jerseys...

that buds sweater isn't bad either.... like chris mentioned though, too bad it's plucked straight from the archives of this site... lazy lazy work from the folks at the leafs website

Damme said...

Maybe this was a another design, but they chose the current one. When people started to complain about the lack of stripes of the current jersey they decided to change it to this.

I like this and I hope this will be the new jersey.

Ben said...

that jersey has been there for half a year now... i coulda sworn you already reported on that... well I guess not, oh well. now you have.

bruinbxr5791 said...

you know, i was overlooking the big rumors post and i think that the gold sens thing would be interesting. they could pull it off and make it work or it could turn out really, really bad.

Leafers LP said...

I don't think it's a change-up, but rather the third jersey. What makes everyone think it is a new home jersey anyways?

Paul said...

What is interesting is the image from the site says:

"A Winner Each Game
Official Leafs Jersey"

All the while the jersey in the picture has the jock tag on the front which would make it a replica. I smell something fishy. ;)

Leafers LP said...

If you haven't noticed Paul, all the pictures of the Edge jerseys have those tags:

Every single one.

Mr. Negative said...

It's pretty sad, the Leafs have had this graphic on the site before when a jersey was involved as a prize. I don't recall if this was mentioned on this site before or not (I'll assume it wasn't) but I recall seeing it early in the season last year.
I'm really not sure why they use this pic, I mean can't they just snap a photo of their actual jersey now?

Paul said...

Yes, Leafers LP, all the pictures of the replica jerseys have those tags, not the authentics:

Every single one.

Connor said...

i like the idea for the blues to look like the wild.

Matthew said...

black with SENS written across the chest"

Oh god DAMMIT, Dallas. You're making the NHL look more and more like the NBA every season.

charlie.aikenhead said...

i bet what happeneed was the web designer google imaged "leafs jersey" and put in the first one that came up. Try it out, its actually the first one.

Paul said...

charlie.aikenhead, you're right. Which means whoever the Leafs web designer is is a complete idiot because he has no idea about the subject matter he's working on. Even non-Leaf hockey fans could look at that for all of 5 seconds and know it's not their jersey.

Jason said...

The Leafs using a picture of a concept from this site instead of a picture of their actual jersey is both awesome and really sad.

Ksy92003 said...

@ Matthew

At least Ottawa's not going the Vancouver/Los Angeles route. Although I will say that "SENS" is 10x as bad as "DALLAS". Either use "Ottawa" or use "Senators", but don't use an abbreviation, please.

@ Chris

Not only does it look similar to what you posted last August, but the picture actually looks exactly the same, as if one were taken from the other. The shadows look exactly the same and everything.

charlie.aikenhead said...

yeah it's the exact same telling you the website designer screwed the pooch and grabbed it off google images

Jerm Deeks said...

I actually really like Dallas' home jerseys, so I'm happy to hear my Sens will be wearing essentially the same thing. However, just because I call them the "Sens" doesn't mean I would actually want that on a jersey....

And seriously, too weird to see one of "our" images on an run website...

Mike Phoenix said...

Makes you wonder what else they have been taking or looking to take off here. that they could rip off some ones work like that. Im not impressed. and that may stop me from posting anymore NHL bebrand stuff.

Bill said...

I wonder if the NHL will allow the habs to wear their White Sweaters at home for the centennial? that would make me happy :)

Gil said...

I hope the leafs pay you.

Josh said...

You should want to post rebrands; if they get copied you can file a suit and MLSE would want to settle out of court = big dollars... plus your design would get used which would be awesomeness.

konceptmann said...

hey chris i was at the fan announcement thing yesterdae. and i was talknig to the guy eho worked at the shop in the acc. he said there infact is a 3rd jeresy and it is basically the old alternate jeresy just in a RBK edge form. however the guy said he had personally not seen it.

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