Friday, July 11, 2008

Poll: Huskies vs Sea Dogs

Saint John

This one's for the championship! The winner of this poll gets bragging rights as the best logo in the QMJHL. Place your vote and leave a comment about how you came to your decision. Tell all your friends to drop in and vote! The more voices heard, the more accurate the results!

Poll opening date
Fri Jul 11
Poll closing date
Wed Jul 16


Maltexo said...

Weird. Both of these are inferior to the Oceanique, imho. Still, guess that's the point of a poll, right?

Mykl and Kevin said...

theres no question the huskies are the best, left, the oceanic was my favorite, but huskies is 2

Bob said...

Looks like the Huskies are running away with this one.

Sukhraj said...

how did the sea dogs even make it this far..their logo doesnt even look good.

Mike Pho3niX said...

The Sea Dogs look like it was made in a 2nd Grade art class.

Huskies looks way better.

Anonymous said...

Yea the finals was really last round between the huskies and oceanic (my favorites) because both the sea dogs and titan were bad and they only won because the logos they were against were even more terrible.

bruinbxr5791 said...

Are you going to make a banner for the winner, since they technically won their league's tournament here at Icethetics?

Jason said...

How did the Sea Dogs get this far? How did they win a round, actually?

Nathan said...

huskies are going to kick ass, sea dogs were made in a second grade class, it looks like for real.
are you going to move the banners from nhltol and tohl?

Nathan said...

This entire league has really weak logos. These two crappy finalist logos really show it.
I honestly can't tell which I like better. I would like the huskies a lot better if it were just the husky itself, but the circle behind completely ruins it.
And the seadogs is done well for what it is, but its a fricken seal. Not much you can do with that.
I think I will just let everyone else decide which is less crappy.

Nathan said...

And this is not the same nathan as the first one.

Bryan said...

Huskies. Sea Dogs was probably my least favourite in QMJHL. I still think Gatineau should have won, but o well, make things easier for Swift Current(who will probably lose to London anyway).

Michael said...

Why did the Sea Dogs make it this far (and I voted for them)? Because silver, black, & blue are a really trendy color combination.

Kevin said...

Pretty sad when people don't like the finalists they need to poke fun of the team that makes the finals. The votes are in and the top 2 made it to the top like em or not the votes are the fairest way to do it

The Sea Dog logo didn't even get 1 bye throughout the entire thing it may not be the flashiest but Sea Dogs are like the Harbour Seals which they call Sea Dogs and they are popular in Saint John.

Made in 2nd grade art class comments sound more like a sore loser comment to me!

The favorites rise to the top everytime!

Nathan said...

ah we meet again nathan, i know you have bad taste ing logos then. huskies rock, but your right this league has crappy logos, except for the huskies of course

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