Friday, October 10, 2008

IceHL: Pacific Deadline

Just reminding everyone that this weekend is the deadline for logo submissions for the IceHL's Pacific Division. Get your artwork in by Sunday at the latest if you want it considered in the voting process!

Freak Out Friday XLIII

Another short edition of Freak Out Friday is upon us. We'll dive right in, starting with the St. Louis Blues. Here's an interesting alternate jersey.

And what has the Detroit Red Wings' jersey been missing all these years? Wings?

I don't really get this one but someone obviously put at least 10 minutes into making it.

And finally, our buddy Dave Delisle from last time is back with more. What do all of these jerseys have in common?

Keep all your odd artwork coming so Freak Out Friday can continue!

NHL Third Jersey Schedule

A handful of teams have released schedules for when they'll be wearing their third jersey throughout the season. Others, I suppose, want to keep it a surprise — like the Maple Leafs.

From the information that's been released, I'm putting together a master third jersey schedule. Here's what we've got so far.

Click to enlarge. Abbreviations: Deb - Debut for third jersey; O6 - Worn against Original Six team; 1st - Worn in first game of the season; Fin - Worn in finale game of the season; Rd - Worn in a road game.

At some point, I'll make this spreadsheet available via Google Docs. For now, have a look. See how many times your favorite team shows up either wearing a third jersey for facing a team that is.

Carolina, Edmonton and Atlanta dominate the list because they are the only three teams that have released complete schedules (that I know of).

By the way, I've read the comments and emails. I know you guys are longing for concept art but it's been pretty nuts around here with all the third jersey news. I haven't quite had time for it. But fret not, I'll have a treat for you later today. It's Friday!