Monday, September 1, 2008

New Sabres Logo On Merchandise

The guys over at 3rd Man In allegedly stumbled across some Buffalo Sabres merchandise today with the new third jersey logo on it.

They snapped a couple of pics. Here's one of them.

credit: 3rd Man In

To see the other one, check out their blog. By the way, these are not pictures of the jerseys, obviously. I think they said they were t-shirts.

I have no reason to doubt the veracity of these pictures. Notice the silver outline around all of the elements of the logo. That's really the only thing that makes it "new." Otherwise it's just the old logo from the Sabres' early days.

So it's not conclusive evidence, but one more reason to believe that 18 days from now, this is the logo we'll be seeing on the Sabres' new third jersey.

Making Over The Sharks

One of my favorite regulars has a new logo redesign. You've seen him give new looks to teams like the Red Wings, Devils, Predators, Senators, Flyers, Coyotes, and most recently the Panthers. Now he's taken a shot at the San Jose Sharks — who just unveiled a new look last season.

As you can see, it makes use of the Shark in the triangle. Here are a couple of secondary logo designs.

And even a couple of jerseys.

It's great work as always if you ask me. Feel free to post your opinions on these designs below.

IHA Final Art: Atlantic

It's been six weeks since we began the IHA project here at Icethetics. And through all its ups and downs we've ended up with some fantastic logos, showing off the stunning talents of many artists. It's been a phenomenal exercise is graphic design and we're going to start wrapping it up this week with the unveiling of the logo sets for each team.

We'll start the week the same way we started the project — with the Atlantic Division. Below are the logos you selected for the IHA. On the left is the team's primary logo. To the right is the secondary and the wordmark is beneath it. Under the graphic is the designer's credit.


Sigma Kappa



To all the winning designers: If you would like your credit changed or a link added, please don't hesitate to let me know. Since you aren't being compensated monetarily for your hard work, the least I can do is offer a link to your web site, blog or online portfolio — just in case certain eyes are looking. You never know.

However, if you would like to remain anonymous, that's fine too.

Tomorrow I'll unveil the final logo designs for the West Division.

No IHA Polls This Week

Since the Central Division was just posted last week, you still have one more week to submit your logo designs. That means there will be no polls posted for the IHA this week.

Instead, I'll use this week to get everyone caught up on the logo winners. Technically you've already seen the winners for the Atlantic Division, but you're getting them again today just for the sake of simplicity. Tomorrow you'll get the West. Wednesday will be the Northeast. Thursday the Pacific. And on Friday you'll see who won in the Great Lakes.

I'm doing it this way because unfortunately, once a poll closes the images associated with it seem to disappear into cyberspace.