Wednesday, August 27, 2008

'Canes To Debut Third Against Wings

An email that went out to Carolina Hurricanes season ticket holders today confirms the team's new third jersey will make its game debut on October 13 against the Detroit Red Wings.

Monday, October 13 vs. Detroit - The 'Canes will take on the reigning Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings in the Wings first return to the RBC Center since January 2005. While it already promises to be a thrilling match-up, the 'Canes will also be debuting their new alternate/3rd jersey on the ice!

That's as far as the email goes. It doesn't describe what the jersey will look like or make mention of the fact that the team has already said the sweater will first be unveiled at Caniac Carnival on September 21.

Thanks to Scott for the tip.

By the way, I fixed an error in the sidebar regarding Carolina's third jersey. The consensus of the rumors we've been hearing is that the secondary logo with the storm flag will be on the front of the sweater — not the primary logo like I had up there. The only difference I'm anticipating is that the triangle behind the flag will be white instead of black.

Poll Problems

Quick note. I've been looking into a problem with the polls. Apparently folks using Internet Explorer are not seeing the formatting of the polls on the blog properly. This includes colors, sizing, layout and most notably, the all-important vote button. I'm looking into a solution for this.

As a temporary fix, you can still vote by making a selection like normal and then clicking the grey box next to the View Results link. Not all of the polls in the pollbar are being affected. It's a weird problem. I'm working on it.

UPDATE (12:27 PM): Polls are back to normal now. The problem was the section with the results from previous pollls. I thought it'd be nice feature to have but I guess it was adversely affecting IE. So it's gone now. Anyway, problem solved. (But now the star ratings for each post seem to be gone. Working on it.)

Blue Jackets Honor Founder With Logo

The Columbus Blue Jackets have unveiled a new logo to be used this season to honor the memory of their founder John H. McConnell. It was announced on the team's official web site yesterday.

The link to the story about the new logo wasn't working for me, but this is it if you want to give it a shot.

IHA Poll: Detroit Legions

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