Wednesday, July 30, 2008

NEW Third Jersey Logos!

We're one step closer to getting to see what this season's crop of new third jersey's actually has to offer. I've gotten a hold of a handful of logos/crests to be featured on the new sweaters. I'm not naming my source for that person's privacy so don't bother asking. Let's dive in.

Thrashers We know Atlanta's jersey will be maroon with the team name arched above the player's jersey number on the front. What you see above is supposedly how the text will look.

Bruins Boston will wear the shoulder logo from their home sweaters on the crest of their new black third jerseys. Nothing really new there but I'm displaying all the graphics I got anyway.

Sabres Buffalo will be wearing a vintage style sweater with the logo they donned for their first quarter century. This version of the logo appears to incorporate a lot of silver around the edges.

Coyotes One of the clubs that will be wearing an entirely new logo on their third jersey is Phoenix. Above is the leaping coyote we've been hearing rumors about.

Penguins This is another example of a logo we've seen before. Pittsburgh will be promoting last year's Winter Classic sweater design to third jersey this season. And that logo will stay on the front.

Sharks One of my wishes came true. I like the sound of a black jersey for San Jose but I was really hoping they'd go with the full-body shark logo and it turns out they will. This is one of the sweaters I'm looking forward to most.

Lightning Now for my team. I always call them the Bolts but I'm not sure how I feel about Tampa Bay wearing that nickname across the front of their sweaters. However, I am psyched about the blue sweaters! Above is what the text will supposedly look like on the uniforms.

Maple Leafs Toronto is nothing new. They're going with the 35-point vintage leaf logo. It'll be on a white jersey just like the ones they wore prior to the Rbk EDGE era.

As with anything, keep in mind that while I trust this source, I'm always wary about passing rumor off as fact. I believe these to be legitimate images but anything is possible. Take it for what it is and enjoy it!

The Kings, Senators and Blues are the teams with new logos/crests that we have yet to see. I'm told there was a note with these other logos that read "TBD" for them.

That leaves seven of the 18 new third jerseys unaccounted for in this post. Three will be wearing their regular primary logos (Hurricanes, Blackhawks and Flyers). Three will wear vintage logos (Oilers, Islanders and Canucks). And Dallas will have an inverted version of their black home sweaters — white with the word DALLAS in green text above the player's sweater number.

And that's that. Hope you guys are as excited about this news as I am!

(By the way, I apologize for the watermarking but I'm pretty sure I'm the only one with these graphics and I want to try to track who, if anyone, picks them up for posting elsewhere. By the way, I have no problem with anyone doing that. Just link back and keep the graphic intact.)

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