Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bruins Confirm Alternates

It seems like over this past week the news leaking about next season's third jerseys just will not stop. And I don't see anyone here complaining about that. As far as news tonight, we've got newspaper journalists confirming alternates for the Bruins and Hurricanes.

Fluto Shinzawa of The Boston Globe wrote in the Bruins Blog last week that the Bruins will in fact have a third jersey for the new season — something we've all kind of known for quite some time now. Shinzawa also wrote, "The final design has not been released, but it will most likely feature the retro bear, on the shoulders of the current uniforms, on the chest."

Below you can see a sample of the new sweater in action. During a game last season, NESN broadcast video of a player skating around in it — it's not actually Patrice Bergeron.

The full video was originally posted on YouTube but has since been removed — whether by the person who uploaded it or by YouTube, I don't know.

And this is just a followup to yesterday's post. News & Observer writer Luke DeCock said in his blog there was "a good chance" the Hurricanes would have a new alternate sweater this season. A similar story was published in today's paper. You can read an excerpt from the article below.

The Hurricanes will unveil a third, alternate jersey this season and hope to have it ready to reveal at the Caniac Carnival on Sept. 21, Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford said.

Rutherford declined to comment on the design, but team officials have talked for years about a black jersey with the team's secondary, waving-flag logo on the chest.

The team planned to unveil the new design last season, but the debut was pushed back a year because of the introduction of the NHL's new "uniform system" from Reebok.

The Hurricanes are one of three NHL teams not to use a third jersey at some point, with the Red Wings and New Jersey Devils the others.

If you want to send in tips regarding this season's new crop of third jerseys, email me at

Leafs Confirm Third?

This is a followup to a story I posted on Wednesday about a jersey that turned up on the Maple Leafs' official web site recently.

According to a reader who emailed me, that is going to be the Leafs' new third jersey this season. The following is the email sequence that was forwarded to me:

Whats the deal with this? thats not the Leafs jersey! Is it being altered to fix what was broken last year? Please tell me it's true!!!

Thank you for your email,
The jersey in the link you have provided is the new Maple Leafs third jersey.
Thanks for being a fan!

Names have been removed for privacy reasons. I have no other corroboration this information so take it for what it is — I'm sounding like a broken record, I know. But I don't want to pass stuff off as factual before I know it to be so.

The thing is, the majority of rumors swirling suggest a vintage white sweater as next season's alternate. That could just be excited fans promulgating wishful thinking... or not. But if the above does turn out to be true, we saw the Toronto Maple Leafs' third jersey 11 months ago. Here's another look at it.

If anymore support for this surfaces, I'll let you guys know.