Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Logos For Windy City & Big D

You know I had another Sabres concept logo to post today but considering the reaction in the comments to yesterday's post, I think I'll hold off.

Instead, I've got concept logos for other teams out west. Well, I don't know, Chicago's west of something, right? We're starting with the Blackhawks and you know I'm always up for a good 'Hawks logo. Take in this one.

Here's how it looks on a jersey.

It's really quite something. It might be a little too intricate to make a good hockey logo, but then you could say that about the current Blackhawks logo. Anyway I enjoyed it and I figured you guys might too.

But moving on now to Dallas. I have a few Stars concept designs.

And on a jersey, it may look something like this.

These designs are of a lesser quality, but you get the idea.

And finally, one more logo from the same artist as above — I think an alternate incarnation of the tertiary from that logo set.

I know I didn't have much to say today but it was another one of those long days. Started work at 3:30 AM. Finished at 5 PM. Not exactly my idea of fun, but I'll live. Enjoy your night. Wallpapers tomorrow!

UPDATE (7/15 2:15 AM): As has been mentioned in the comments, the Stars logo above is actually the logo of the Texas Stars, a new AHL franchise set to begin play in 2009 as a Dallas affiliate — and not original concept art.