Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Oilers Jersey Coming Today

The Edmonton Oilers will be unveiling their new third jersey today at 10 AM — noon here in the east. And they haven't been shy about letting folks know about it.

It's all over their web site.

They would also like to remind you to return to their site at 10 for the unveiling, which I'm guessing they will stream live. I'll have pictures up as soon as possible.

No Live Chat for this one. We'll do that tomorrow at 11:30 AM in anticipation of the unveiling of the Atlanta Thrashers third jersey. I don't know the specific time for that, but I'm assuming it'll be in the morning or early afternoon.

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Bryan said...

I have to say im disapointed with the Edge design of the Vintage. I am definately going and getting a real Vintage jersey now. The collar just looks out of place. Love the return of the colours. Classic is Back! just fix the collar!

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