Saturday, October 11, 2008

IceHL Northeast: Runoff Poll

I was tallying up the ratings to determine the names for the IceHL's Northeast Division teams when something strange happened. Two names on the Toronto page tied for the top rating. So how do we solve that?

There's a new poll the IceHL section of the pollbar. Choose between the Hamilton Steelcats and Toronto Tritons for the name of that team. It will be open until Wednesday. Shortly, I'll post the other names for this division.

By the way, in the event this poll ends in an exact tie... I don't know. I may just have to flip a coin. Happy voting!


Dare said...

I dunno, Steelcats reminds me of the Tigercats combined with the one thing that Hamilton is known for.

But then, Tritons is yet another alliteration. Decisions, decisions.

Chris said...

the only question that needs to be asked: how can you have a hockey league without a team in toronto? who is everyone else going to hate?

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