Monday, October 20, 2008

IceHL: Central Preview

Over the weekend, logo submissions for the Central Division ended. Again, we've got another impressive set overall. However, this batch is much smaller. This time, only 23 eligible logo sets were submitted in total. And just like last week I'm going to give you a sneak peek at all of them.

Below are the primary logos from each set. When the ratings begin, you will see the entire set of logos in full detail along with the artist's credit.

CHICAGO HITMEN (5 eligible logos)

DETROIT MOTORHEADS (5 eligible logos)

MILWAUKEE LAGERS (4 eligible logos)

MINNESOTA MAMMOTHS (4 eligible logos)

ST. LOUIS ARCHERS (5 eligible logos)

The Motorheads and Hitmen certainly have a running theme. I was a little disappointed by the drop off in submissions for this division. I hope we can get the numbers back up for the next one.

If you do not see your logo here, one of two things happened. Either your submission was ineligible based on one or more of the reasons I outlined when I began taking submissions — or your email failed to get to me. I will entertain questions via email.


Anonymous said...

Some cool looking entries in there, but... need... bigger... pics... ugh! Haha

a snowballs chance said...

here's my take:

# 1 for hitmen
# 2 for motorheads
# 4 for lagers
# 5 for mammoths
# 2 for archers

Anonymous said...

1 for Chicago
5 for Detroit
4 for Milwaukee
1 for Minnesota
3 for St. Louis

roccot said...

I think those of you that need to see the logos bigger are missing the point a bit. If the logo isn't legible at this size then it wouldn't make a very good logo for merchandising. And considering one of the main reason teams have logos is to sell stuff the logo should be able to be made at any size as well as only in one colour.

Anonymous said...

What!?!? nobody used the arch of St. Louis in any of that cities designs and that is the only reason that name was picked for this city.

Anonymous said...

...well except for the second one that is, but that's still not how I envisioned it being incorporated into a logo for that city.

Anonymous said...


Check #2 of the Archers' set. There's a very subtle Gateway Arch reference in the logo.

Vlad said...

Yo, what's up with Mammoths #2? It's basically Colorado Mammoths with the colors reversed.

Anonymous said...


Since it's not an EXACT DUPLICATE, it stays.

If you don't want it to be the logo, don't vote for it.

Vlad said...

Detroit 3 and St.Louis 5 are the most original. They are not the OBVIOUS solution, but they're easy to connect with the name.

Ogre said...

Hitmen 2 is gorgeous.

Leafers LP said...

I like the:

1st for Chicago
5th for Detroit
None for Milwaukee
None for Minnesota
2nd for St. Louis

Overall, a bit of a disappointment. What's with all the hockey stick logos? They're my least favourite. Any logo that incorporates anything hockey, including a player, seems minor league, or even kids leagues.

Moosehabs said...

Chicago - 3
Detroit - 5
Milwaukee - 3
Minnesota - 2
St. Louis - 3

Anonymous said...

Chicago #4 (without "Hitmen" at the bottom)
Detroit #...?
Milwaukee #4
Minnesota #5 (without Mammoths at the bottom)
St. Louis #3 (4 would make a great secondary if adapted a little!)

Anonymous said...

i like the last chicago one and i think the st. louis first one might look cool, i can't tell though

Devin said...

I'm suprised that none of the Motorhead logos had a connection to the band of the same name. Motorhead (the band) has a sweet mascot/logo, and it would look killer on a jersey.

Robb said...

Chicago - 3
Detroit - None of them I'm afraid
Milwaukee - 2
Minnesota - 5, I guess. 2 is the best logo, but being such an obvious ripoff of the Colorado Mammoth, I won't vote for it. (It's not exact, but if it were used in real life it'd be plagiarism)
Archers - 2, easily the best logo out of all the teams.

Anonymous said...

personally i like the 2nd mammoths logo it is a clean simple logo and easily identifiable unlike the rest which are too detailed. its not a complete rip off considering that branding a team called the mammoths the only easily recognizable feature of a mammoth is the tusks and all he did was to incorporate that into an M. Also the NLL is not very popular especially since it isn't televised. Just my two cents for what it's worth which isn't much

Vlad said...

Ok here's my constructive criticism of the Archers group.

1 is a great drawing, and I really like that the blue/gold reminds me of the Blues and Rams. But... it's too detailed to be viewed at this size. Plus, the colors are not contrasted enough for my taste.

2 makes great use of the arch as the background. But... once I got past the gut reaction, it started to fall apart logically. Indian arrowheads didn't have a metal knock at the bottom; and modern arrowheads aren't shaped like that.

3 would make a nice shoulder patch. As a main logo, it just doesn't tell me enough about the team. Symbolically, it's pointing down, which is bad.

4 is very dynamic. It feels like the archer could let loose at the enemy at any moment. I would like it better if the torso wasn't cut off for no reason. Plus, the colors distract instead of inform.

5 What I like: it's original but easy to recognize; good balance of dynamic angles and natural curves. What I don't like: the legs should be thicker.

canisusjon said...

Maybe its just me, but at this size Chicago #1 looks like a clown. Lines down the middle of each eye, white paint around the mouth.

roccot said...


I thought that as well, a very angry clown mind you. A little Alice Cooper mobster.

My guess would be a Sigma design...

Ty said...

when do we do voting on this?

!!OILERS!! said...

What happened to the Mammoths logo??

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