Monday, October 13, 2008

Hurricanes Third With Third

That's really as far as I plan to count. I'm sure it's getting annoying. The Carolina Hurricanes' third jersey made its debut on the ice tonight — as scheduled.

However its coming out party was crashed by the Detroit Red Wings. But I'm not your source for game scores, so here are some pictures instead.

They look good. Wouldn't want them going black full time though. That's Lightning turf.

If my schedule is accurate, we won't see any third jerseys on the ice for two weeks. But keep in mind that this schedule isn't comprehensive. Plenty of teams are keeping their schedule to themselves. I'll of course keep my eyes peeled in the meantime.


luongokilza32 said...

I saw parts of the game on TV. They just look really odd with black and not red.

Anonymous said...

I was there and I have to say my only complaint were the numbers. I was up in the 335 section and I saw a player hit someone and I was yelling YEAAA SUTTER(16) when in fact it was Ruutu(15). Its hard to tell the numbers apart from the stands and its mostly because of the white around the numbers. Otherwise I love the new look, My girlfriend already bought me one of the jerseys.

demondg1 said...

Those things look like crap. Enough with the black across the NHL already.

Lance said...

To much black imo. Looks weird

Ogre said...

Most new NHL jerseys look terrible on the rack and pretty good on the players. These are the exact opposite.

Jason said...

Not bad. Better than I expected. I like their regular set better, though.

Also, is it just me or does Cam Ward's new mask look to be inspired by Felix Potvin's?

Jason said...

Oh yeah, those black patches on the shoulders are really useless.

T.J. Leibowitz said...

I love all of the people complaining about the black sweaters. It's an alternate, what the hell do you want them to do?

Alternates aren't supposed to be the same color as the primary sweaters are- especially when you have an unused color in the color palette.

It'd be one thing if, say, Montreal came out with a black sweater tomorrow- that I'd be pissed off about- but the Hurricanes are black, red, and white. They decided to make create an ALTERNATE uniform. As in 'not the same as the primary'. So the 'Canes used their ALTERNATE logo, and a color that they already use but isn't the main color in either Carolina primary.

Teams like Philadelphia and San Jose have every right to introduce a black alternate, as well, because they've been using black throughout their existence.

Mike said...

There are too many black uniforms in the NHL !!

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