Thursday, September 18, 2008

THN Down To 8 Logos

I was all set to write an "Around The ECHL" post today to round out the week. But I honestly couldn't find anything. Either I'm really out of touch with the ECHL or there just isn't anything relevant out there to report on. Except for one thing.

Remember when The Hockey News kicked off their knockoff of NHLToL? Apparently they're down to their final 8 logos this week — the Elite 8, if you must.

Yeah, they even have a clever little graphic to go with it. We can let this serve as our ECHL news for the day. The Florida Everblades (my local team) and the Ontario Reign — ironically, they're from California — are in this special group. The Everblades beat out the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Reign topped the Minnesota Wild, shockingly. It's worth checking out the rest of the bracket.

It sort of makes me want to do something similar to see if we'd end up with the same results here. Based on past experience, I highly doubt it. That means it's time for a poll. Off to the right there you cast your vote. Should we try a multi-league logo tournament similar to but not exactly like what THN did or would that just be a waste of time?

Poll's open until Saturday at noon. I'm curious to see what everyone says.

UPDATE (2:17 PM): NHL Jeff brought up a good point with his comments. A few ECHL teams have unveiled new logos, albeit not recently, but still worth mentioning.

The South Carolina Stingrays have a new logo incredibly better than its predecessor. Easily one of my favorite new logos. It was unveiled by the team back in June.

It also has a couple of nice secondary logos to go with it, plus a new 15th anniversary logo. I'll go into all of these in more depth in the Season Preview in a couple weeks.

The Charlotte Checkers introduced a new primary logo — again, a huge improvement over what came before it. This logo is an anomaly because from what I've been reading it was introduced midway through last season — meaning the Checkers actually changed horses midstream.

They, like the Stingrays, also had a 15th anniversary logo. And again, I'll talk more about all of this in the Season Preview.

And then of course there's the Ontario Reign — the reincarnation of the Texas Wildcatters who were unable to stay in Beaumont. This logo is one of the final 8 in the THN tournament discussed above. It's a good logo, but better than the Wild? Really?

And while I'm on the ECHL, I might as well mention a couple of things I found interesting. The Columbia Inferno have suspended operations this year because of arena issues but will supposedly return next year. And the Toledo Walleye will also begin play then — they're the former Toledo Storm which ceased operations when the city decided to build a new arena.

It's all very confusing and strange. Stop playing for a year, then come back. Constant relocating. I think this is why I've never been able to get into minor league hockey.


Eduardo said...

chris...are you saying we do a whooole entire new tournament of logos for every team in every league? or are you just talking about doing a tourney for the teams that already won the previous ones done?

Chris said...

Haven't thought that far ahead yet but for sure we'd redo all the past tournaments. There are a lot of new readers now. Who knows how the past results might change?

NHL Jeff said...

My South Carolina Stnigrays got a new, classy looking logo, which I love. Below is a lonk to the logo and secondary logos (P.S. the jersey will feature the primary without the lettering, which I much prefer):

Burzum said...

I like those Stingray logos!!

Chris said...

My South Carolina Stnigrays got a new, classy looking logo, which I love.

True, could've mentioned that but I figured it was old news since they unveiled them so long ago. Checkers, for that matter, got a new logo too. I'll make some updates to the post.

Mike Phoenix said...

Chris i say you do a logo tourny for the world? thats a big task but i think we should to show THN that the orginal creater of the idea will not be out done. Take the KHL The Swedish Even Internationl hockey logos, Like Canada and the US. even the Auzie hockey leauge. but just take the TOP brass Leagues.
The CHL is top in canada ONL is top in ontario. Only i think the AHL is a exception as being the #2 Leauge in NOrth amarica NHL is top here Russin KHL. you know what i mean right.? I think it would be Wild and fun. to see all the logo from around the world. like Team Canada Vs Mosccow Dynamo or somthing.

Anonymous said...

Can we please do an NCAA hockey logo tournament in the same style of the way we did the canadian major junior leagues (like first tournaments for each division and then one to find the overall winner). NCAA Hockey is nearly at the same level of hockey as the canadian major junior leagues, so they deserve a tourney too.

Plus I think we should redo every logo tourney not done on Icethetics (except the CHL ones) because they were all done when the dea of icethetics was revealed.

Anonymous said...

...and also the USHL logo tourney, it's the USA's major junior league basically.

roccot said...

They must only have one design company for the ECHL. They are all basically the same. At least they picked a good company to do them.

cartello said...

European logos tournament. They have some nice ones too, when I think of Jokerit, Ässät, Espoo Blues, Brynäs IF, HC Lugano, etc. etc.

Warrior19 said...

wondering what chris thinks of that und fighting sioux logo, i love it. similar to the blackhawks but also a great modern element to it. i think its between that and the habs logos. i agree with the ncaa tourney also, that could be the next tournament

Paul said...

The Habs will always win any logo competition they're involved in, even though their logo is goofy and uninspiring. It's "classic" because it's ancient, that's all there is to it.

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