Monday, September 29, 2008

Learn To Make Your Own Jerseys

And no I'm not referring to concept art here. I mean actual jerseys that you can touch and, well, wear!

If you're bored, a Brit with a proclivity for thriftiness and a blog on NHL Connect at has devised a technique for creating homemade hockey sweaters. He outlines it here.

So if you're unhappy with your team's present jersey offerings, stop griping and make your own. Seriously, your imagination is the only limit.

I realize this post is about five months old so my apologies for coming late to the party. But I thought many of you might appreciate it. Kudos to Ninh on coming up with the idea!


silentnoise1780 said...

Man, Team GB should buy that design off him. It absolutely destroys that beer league-looking thing they're currently using.

This would be something to do for fans of NHL teams like Buffalo (get that concept design done up that EVERYONE loved), Ottawa (do that updated side-view logo)... hell, Vancouver too (even if all you do is knock off the "VANCOUVER" lettering), or the Isles with some of the concept logos we've seen on here over the summer

Masik said...

That's pretty awesome if you can actually pull it all together like he did and make such a product.

Washington said...

Thanks Chris for the cool post. This would definitely be useful for any reader interested on making a real jersey based on the concepts on this site.

Axis said...

that is a pretty kewl gb logo.

OC said...

How do you go about getting the actually jerseys in the different colors? I saw that he had a yellow version of the sabres and an orange version of the flyers.

OC said...
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