Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I got an interesting email linking me to the International Ice Hockey Federation's web site. Apparently Reebok has now taken their shtick overseas.

There are jerseys in the Rbk EDGE style for the 14 teams in the Champions Hockey League — not quite sure what that's about. (I guess I could've read up.)

I have a passing interest in that one only because they Lightning are playing them in an exhibition game before hitting the ice in Prague against the Rangers for the season opener. I believe they are called Slovan Bratislava. (That was a copy/paste.)

Thanks to Paul for the info.


Ogre said...

You know, the only thing I really dislike about the edge is the way it fits larger hockey fans (Like myself.)

And by Large, I mean fat, obese, chubby, or any other word for thick people.

I mean, I fit a 2X. Usually. Even if they made the RBK edge jerseys in a 3X, I don't know if I'd really want to get another. The composition doesn't lend itself as well.

The best part about the old sweaters were that they were just that, SWEATERS. If anything else, let's sell older style sweaters to the fans. It keeps them warmer in their seats, and it'll let fatties like me show team pride without wearing a sweatshirt.

Pav said...

They are called HC Slovan....i am from Bratislava..

Jason said...

Looks like a Conan O'Brien-style "If They Mated" between Pittsburgh and Washington along with those lovely half-stripes and piping.

Pawscal said...

that league got some ugly jersey beurkk

Mike Phoenix said...

At first glance i thought it was a new USA Jersey. I think it looks nice.

@ Ogre I know how you feel man. I wont buy a Edge Jersey I know im not going to be comfortable in it. I was thinking of making my own line of hockey Sweaters and its not a jersey Its really a sweater It gets cold in a arena when your not all reved up and your team is loseing. ( I.E. The Leafs )

Damme said...

Champions league is a tournament where the two best teams of European hockey leagues' compete against each other. Finland, Slovakia, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and Czech-Republic are in it.

The winner of the tournament will play against a NHL team in the Victoria Cup, but this year Metallurg Magnitorsk will play in it against Rangers, because they were the European champions this year.

Fred said...

@ Damme
The Champions Hockey League is a tournament where the best teams of europe face off to determine the best european club team. The teams that win their countries championship.

For more information see


Ogre said...

I would buy a sweater if there were a line. Some of the new designs look awesome.

cptjeff said...

Meh. The half stripes don't really work with the same color top sleeve. Personally I think it worked for the panthers and the old style bruins because the other half contrasted. These are like the oilers jerseys- the sleeves look unfinished and flat out stupid.

Piping isn't so bad on this one, but it can ruin a good look.

I like the logo though, and the color is certainly non-objectionable enough.

I like the Edge cut- even though I don't have the money for one yet (I'm hoping to get a Huricanes Third sometime) They fit like normal shirts- at least the replicas. Authentics are the only ones sized to fit over pads, so it's better looking to wear around.

And talking to people who have worn them at pickup and such, they're much better to play in.

cptjeff said...

On the other hand, look at SC Bern. Beauty.

Logo isn't good or bad, but that jersey is amazing.
And Mountfield Ceske Budejovice doesn't look bad either.

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