Monday, September 29, 2008

Brief IceHL Update

Believe it or not we're now seven weeks into the process of creating our fictional hockey league — the IceHL. Just wanted to keep everyone up to date on where we are. The name nominations are now complete and we're starting the name ratings for our third division. You'll find links in the pollbar, off to the left, to rate the names available for the North Division. Next week will be the Northeast.

Logo submissions have started to trickle in since the final names were announced for the Pacific Division last week. Remember, the deadline is still two weeks away but I thought I'd point out that the only team I haven't received a single submission for is the Portland Pioneers. So if you're still contemplating which team to design for, that would be a good one.

Submissions begin this week for Central Division logos with the final names having been revealed yesterday. For each division, you'll have three weeks to get your logos created and sent in.

As always, any questions will be answered by email.

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