Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jackets Also Without Alternate

The news just keeps coming. The Columbus Blue Jackets have become the third team to confirm they will not wear a third jersey this season. Eric Smith at HockeyBuzz interviewed Jackets Marketing VP Marc Gregory.

Smith: A lot of interest in regards to a 3rd jersey. Any plans for this?

Gregory: Not for this season. Last year was the first year for the new crest or the old 3rd jersey crest and we really want to leave time to have it build this identity. We have had several changes to the jersey in the past with different shoulder patches and really just wanted to give the current design time for the fans get comfortable with. Doing a 3rd jersey this early wasn’t something that we had planned. A 3rd jersey is on the radar but no time table has been set for a release.

So I'll keep an eye out for the possibility of a Blue Jackets alternate jersey in the future.


Resist The Machine. said...

If they do pursue a 3rd jersey, they should strongly look at the logo under Option #1 for the Columbus Brigade.

Apparently, I'm trigger happy with "at" in the wrong locations.

sam said...

woohoo, Chris, 5 posts in 1 day so far and the day is not even half over, not bad for taking time off.

Chris said...

woohoo, Chris, 5 posts in 1 day so far and the day is not even half over, not bad for taking time off.

I never said I was taking time off from the news. Just the concept art. And get ready... there's going to be at least a sixth post later today.

Shaggy said...

Columbus did announce a patch to commemorate the death of Owner John H. McConnel... check the Jackets website.

Hockey Week said...

anyone have any ideas on what columbus WOULD do for an alternate? they have a very versatile jersey design, but would the BLUE jackets wear red?

Would it be something completely different?

a new 3rd jersey logo (again)?

minor tweak to the jersey? (white jersey with white shoulder stripe?)

their original jersey? their original 3rd jersey?

what are your thoughts guys? what do you think the organization would do?

personally, i'd love to see an adapted Cleveland Barons jersey (change the black to blue and change "cleveland" in the logo to "columbus") but i don't think we'd ever see it, so i didn't include it in the above.

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