Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Potential Third Jersey Colors

Here's another item to file under unconfirmed third jersey rumors. I received an email from a reader who I assume works in a sporting goods store. He tells me he has an account with Reebok and that the company has apparently listed the colors for this season's new third jerseys — no actual designs or logos, though.

I don't have any specific reason for not trusting it, but I get a lot of crazy emails. So like I always say, take it for what it is. Listed below are the "body colors" for this fall's new alternate sweaters.

"special" orange
sky blue
Maple Leafs:

That's the list as it's been presented to me. I don't know if it's a complete list or how accurate it is. Really only time will tell us that for sure. In the meantime, it's just a little more speculation to add to the pile.

And for whatever it's worth, I'm psyched about a possible blue Lightning jersey!


Hockey Week said...

huh, i guess the pens ARE getting the winter classic 3rd jersey. how some lists contradict each other baffles me, but i guess that's the fun of this all.

that would also add to the rumors that the leafs are getting the 3rd jersey they had pre-rbk back. i wonder if it'll have the hemline stripes or if they'll remove them like the home and away.
the other rumor would be a white Stars jersey with DALLAS on the front.
one more, the sabres are probably getting the 70s jersey with the current colors due to copyrights (how you can copyright a color baffles me). i wonder if they'll keep the original logo with it for the same reasons

I assume the lightning will just have a blue version of their home jersey.

my big questions are what the Kings and Canucks are doing...

Damme said...

Why can't people respect the teams and not tell about these kind of things to everyone. Ruins the suprise. (not blaming Chris, im blaming the guy who sent these)

Although I think almost everyone knew about these colors. We've seen the Bruins' jersey and on the right panel there's rumors about these jerseys and they have the same colors as this post. I'm not suprised by any of these colors, but the style of the jerseys will be a mystery.

I hope the Leafs will have a vintage jersey too.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, these little leaks of information produces genuine, grassroots interest for the pending season. It may not necessarily be a surprise, but it is still sustained interest, something the NHL always need a little more of.

As for the Leafs, I'm really hoping for a comeback of their old NHL 75th Anniversary vintage sweaters - the oldschool leafs without the shoulder yolk, more or less.

Anonymous said...

Can I direct a question to Chris? Chris - how come the NHL cannot figure out that dynamic colors help build team identity?

Whether you're a fan or not...in the NBA, people can ID the Celtics' green...the Knicks' blue and orange. The Lakers' purple, etc.

Even casual NFL viewers can instinctively point out a Packer uniform or a Cowboys uniform.

I say the MLB and the NHL, for some reason, are obsessed with two colors - Blue and Red. It makes things pretty bland.

Seriously...how many teams have a blue, red or black uniform? All? Even the ones who have interesting bits of color like the Wild and Kings are stuck in red and black uniforms.

It seems like the NHL, especially with the dumbing down of the uniforms, is dependent solely on the classic logos as a way of IDing with a team. People talk about the Red Wings and Hawks' crests...

Why can't the Sens go with that gold uniform? What's wrong with a team from the northern wilderness going with forest green?

Must everything be so bland?

Simon Lester Bailey said...

I really am intrested as to why the Canucks would have a 3rd jersey that was royal blue, when there home jersey is royal blue. I thought a black jersey would suit them (with the johnny canuck logo).

awildermode said...

oh really, they are going with BLACK??? huge surprise. typical default setting for thirds.

kings and bruins...your home jerseys are already black, DUH!

glad to see that flyers are (potentially) going with "special" orange. surprised to see dallas go with white, instead of green.

if nhl wants to be more marketable (especially in tv markets), they need to have more distinct colours/uniforms to promote it. instead, every other game is "the team in black vs. the team in white"

Mark said...

Aren't the Hurricanes supposed to be getting black third jerseys? I'm pretty sure they've been confirmed as getting third jerseys, which almost everyone speculates to be black, on previous sheets.

Leafers LP said...

I really hope the Leafs don't use the old third. I lovedd it, but it's time for something new. It pissed me off that the Devils kept their same jerseys, so hopefully the Leafs smarten up or else they're gonna be wasting people's time by going to the ACC tomorrow to find out. If in fact the announcements are jerseys related.

Drew said...

I am deeply concerned that there is no mention of a Hurricanes 3rd jersey.

Anonymous said...

awildermode -- you made a similar point to mine...why is every game red vs. white or black vs. white.

it's so incredibly DRAB.



pick your adjective of choice.

The only teams that'll be different will be

Philly (orange)

Atlanta (pale blue)

Colorado (burgundy/ ice blue)

Phoenix (brick red - ooooooh )

San Jose (teal)


Resist The Machine. said...


do you follow the MLS? they are totally obsessed with blue and red too!

Resist The Machine. said...

@ Chris,

i like the new lines behind the logo sets

T said...

If I remember correctly (not an easy thing for me) the reason the NHL changed which sweater the teams wore at home and on the road was to keep the road team from traveling with two sets of unis if they wanted to wear their thirds. Now with the 'Leafs and Stars getting white thirds, doesn't that make that decision meaningless?

Anonymous said...

Hurricanes=Black Jersey w/ alt. logo on front=AMAZING.

Bob said...

What does "special" orange mean?

Ksy92003 said...

As a Kings fan, I can live without another black jersey, unless it's a monochromatic color scheme with black, silver, and white, like during the Gretzky-era. It all depends on what they throw on the front.

As for the others on this list: the Blackhawks are probably gonna go to the alternate that they've always had, the Stars are likely to go with a white version of their current home, and the Sabres are likely to go with their old jersey/logo that everybody loves.

Now, one of my favorite jerseys of all time (I'm sure some disagree with me) is the old Lightning third jersey.. the one with the waves on the bottom? I thought that looked killer. But for a team who has only worn a primary color other than black or white a handful of times in their franchise history, I would love the Lightning to go to a navy blue/royal blue primary on their jersey. We see a lot of dark blue (Columbus, St. Louis, Nashville, NY Islanders, Florida) and Toronto's solid blue, but I'd love to see a navy blue jersey on the backs of players.

Ksy92003 said...

By "navy blue", I mean like a kind of blend between the dark blue of Columbus, St. Louis, et cetera and the solid blue of Toronto and NY Rangers.

awildermode said...

Bulldogx2010 said...

Hurricanes=Black Jersey w/ alt. logo on front=AMAZING.

Any Team=Black Jersey=LACK OF DESIGN EFFORT.

Andre said...

Hi HowsMikesDriving.

You have echoed EXACTLY the same thing that I have said for several years now. It's frustrating when a majority of people in the hockey media and those who work in retail outlets consider different colour schemes that aren't red, white, and blue or black and red, to be gaudy and tacky which is absolute garbage. I said this several times before and I will say it again. If people can accept the purple and gold of the NBA LA Lakers and the NFL Minnesota Vikings, then what the heck is wrong with the LA Kings' vintage purple and gold? It was unique and distinctive. Just as classy and original as the Red Wings red and white or the Sabres vintage blue, white, and gold. As a long-time Vancouver Canucks fan and as much as I love the blue and green of our current uniforms, I LOVED the colours of our early 1980s uniforms. If the Canucks had kept the classic Stick 'n Rink crest and not have the gaudy V-design, those beautiful home yellow unis would have looked even better. A nice shade of home yellow is very complimentary to road black. Remember in the 80s when the Minnesota North Stars would play in say, Chicago? Irish kelly green vs white? LA Kings at Buffalo? Royal purple vs Sabres' vintage white? Quebec Nordiques at Vancouver? Nordiques' French powder blue vs Canucks home yellow(forget the V)?
Now, too many teams are wearing black and navy blue and there are too many colours on one uniform that a club cannot figure out what it's true colours are! It's bad enough that too many of the new NHL arenas look the same on TV. Why do NHL uniforms also have to look the same? Having colour is part of entertainment and part of having team identity. And I hope the Canucks wear green as their third sweater colour with Johnny Canuck.

Anonymous said...

too much black... I did like the Senators old black jerseys though. probably better than the red (which aren't bad)

assuming they haven't been revealed already, I'm thinking they'd be black with the "O" flag on the front.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Kings' are not black but purple. either one is good with me

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh's baby blue = best 3rd jerseys next season.

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