Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Alternates From A Fan

In combing through my inbox I came across a set of third jersey designs one reader sent in recently. There's 18 in all but I'm going to start with six — my favorites of the bunch.

An obvious win for a Hurricanes alternate sweater would be this one.

Though it steals a page out of L.A.'s book with the locator on the front of the sweater, it's not a bad look. Speaking of the Kings...

...how about a purple jersey with the Gretzky-era logo? One of my favorite logos has to be the new alternate unveiled by the Canucks last summer. I'm dying to see it on a uniform.

As far as that jersey goes though, sort of reminds me of the Whalers. But I do like the green. A lot!

Of the few things we have confirmation of regarding next year's third jerseys, is that the Blues will use a new logo that incorporates the Gateway Arch. Here's another concept with that in mind.

It may not be a new logo but it does include the arch.

I know many of you are opposed to black third jerseys, but I think they work for teams that actually have color in their regular home sweaters — the Sharks and Coyotes, for example.

I love that shield logo too. And here's a unique take on Phoenix's logo.

I'll have more from this artist in the future. In the meantime, stick around. I'll be posting information about the brand new International Hockey Association logo project a little later this evening.


Leafers LP said...

Whoever made these sure has a good eye for jerseys. Those Hurricanes, Kings and Sharks designs are the best I've seen (except for where it says Carolina). Can't wait to see the rest.

T said...

I've never been a fan of the shield logo for the Sharks. Makes them look like a soccer team. I've also haven't been a fan of the orange, but on this jersey it's not too bad.

Anonymous said...

I think the 'Canes one is perfect, even with the locator "Carolina." Sure, its a Kings concept, but I personally love the jersey.

Darryl said...

why do they all have a shoulder yolk? it looks good sometimes, but not on every third jersey

The Kyle said...

Best Carolina jersey I've ver seen, I really like it. I use to like the purple jersey for the Kings when I was younger, but I'm now I'm thinking black is the way to go for them. Never want to see the Canucks in green, end of story. The Blues jersey is nice but it would look better if that logo didn't have the white background. Don't like the Coyote and SHarks jerseys though.

Simon Lester Bailey said...

That canucks jersey is pure class... I hope the real 3rd will look like that :)

Troz32 said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm pretty happy with these designs myself, though I really hope St. Louis will be able to come up with something better for their new logo than I did.

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